How I would make the DCEU

Hello interweb, Nate here!  So, the DCEU has been kinda sucking hasn’t it?  I mean, Man of Steel sucked, Batman V Superman – while I like it as a guilty pleasure – is plagued with sloppy writing, and Suicide Squad most see as the worst of the DCEU movies.  So this year Justice League and Wonder Woman is coming out.  Justice League will probably suck, and I’m really hoping Wonder Woman is at least a good movie if not a great one.  But one criticism the franchise has been facing over and over again is that they’re rushing the movies out too quickly to catch up to Marvel.  Hell, they’ve announced a Nightwing movie when The Batman is still having development issues at the moment!  So I was wondering if  was in charge of this whole project, how would I run it?  So here’s my idea! When reading this, keep in mind that I’m starting from a clean slate.  Meaning I’m pretending Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, and Suicide Squad never happened!

Also keep in mind I’m just focusing on the story aspect at the moment.  Not thinking about cast, directors, writers, etc.


Phase 1: Justice League

#1 – The Batman

Just as an FYI: I’m using “The Batman” as a working title since that is the current title of the upcoming movie

The main criticism with the DCEU is that they rushed to the Justice League, so with my version we’re slowing down a bit to establish these characters.  Now we’re starting out with a Batman movie for two reasons: 1. He’s my favorite superhero, 2. He’s the most popular and therefore should be the best place to jumpstart this universe.  So while I’d like this to be a Batman origin story, we already have Batman (1989) and Batman Begins as well as several cartoons and reboots at this point so audiences are getting sick of hearing the same story over and over again.  So if we’re skipping the origin story (or maybe just glossing over it in a flashback), we just need to establish Batman as a character as well as this version of Gotham city.

If we’re expecting this to become another trilogy than that gives us more room for future movies.  This movie should establish Dick Grayson as Robin, Alfred, Commissioner Gordan, Harvey Bullock, and optional characters may include Selena Kyle and Harvey Dent (the later for if we want Two-Face to appear in a movie down the road).  While I have a really good idea for what I want for The Batman 2-3, The Batman is actually a more difficult film for me to come up with a story for if we’re avoiding the origin story.  So maybe a Mr. Freeze movie!  This was attempted in Batman and Robin but we all know how that turned out.  But Mr. Freeze is one of my favorite Batman villains and if you’ve seen him in Batman: The Animated Series then you’d know that if done well he can be quite tragic as a main villain.  While Mr. Freeze will be the main villain, I want this Batman to be a Batman that while having most of his crime fighting adventures ahead of him have at least been at it for a bit so a few cameos from his other villains would be nice (especially for big Batman fans to point them all out).

Robin also needs to have a prevalent role in the movie if we want him established for a Teen Titans movie (spoilers…) or a future Nightwing movie (more spoilers… …).  Now the Batman and Robin dynamic is one that isn’t really used much in movies because it either fails (like in Batman and Robin) or is used to poke fun of the Batman mythos (Lego Batman).  The Dark Knight trilogy lacked a Robin in it because Christofer Nolan was going for a darker Batman story and a kid sidekick would’ve messed that up.  But if a writer actually understands their dynamic than Robin could work.  Robin makes jokes during battle and treats crime fighting as a game because he’s a kid and Batman takes advantage of this because it distracts the villains long enough for Batman to do his thing.  Having Robin by his side also makes crime fighting easier on Batman since it lightens him up a tad (even if he doesn’t show it).  If used correctly, this could be done quite well!

Side note: Dick should probably be a bit older than 12 so he’s ready to become Nightwing in the next movie.  Because based on how the future movies are going to turn out, I doubt that such a large time jump would make sense.

Final notes: Robin needs to have a prevalent role in this movie, at least reveal that Batman and the Joker has an established history for my idea for The Batman 2, show off some of Batman’s detective skills, and make sure his fight scenes are very Batman-like with strategy and more BVS and less The Dark Knight Rises.


#2 – Superman

Similar to Batman, most people don’t want to see another Superman origin story so we’re going to skip that.  This movie should be somewhere between the Christopher Reeve’s Superman movies and the Henry Cavill Superman movies.  You can go for realism to a certain extent but Superman is suppose to be a character of hope, not a character of…ya know, I don’t even now what he is in the DCEU.  So add some happiness and cheer into the movie, even if it has a more realistic feel to it.  Lois Lane, Perry White, Jimmy, and the Daily Planet are all staples for this trilogy.  I’d also like Lex Luthor to at the very least be present throughout the movies even if he’s not the main villain but for my planned villains of the next two movies that might be a tad difficult so he might only appear in this one.

Remember how in Spectacular Spider-man, Oscorp was responsible for most of Spider-man’s rogues gallery?  Well, what if in this movie Normal Osborn’s hatred towards Superman causes him to pay people to create superhumans to fight Superman with the final battle may be Lex getting into his suit and fighting Superman himself with possible reappearance of the minor villains.  I’m thinking he could create Parasite, Livewire, and Metallo.  And since Metallo and Lex’s suit both are powered by kryptonite, he could be inspired to make kryptonite-powered armor by Metallo.

Final notes: The main villain is Lex Luthor so the other villains don’t need to have much focus or depth, similar to Batman this Superman has been in a few fights but is still fairly new.


#3 – Wonder Woman

Okay, I don’t know much about Wonder Woman since she’s a character I don’t read as much as other DC characters.  So her trilogy might be harder for me to plan out than Batman and Superman.  Luckily, I’m not writing entire scripts or outlines, just concepts and ideas!  Unlike the previous two, this can and should be an origin story.  Maybe expect it to be similar to her animated movie with Ares as the villain?  Strength wise, I’m not even sure how high Ares is ranked on her rogues gallery so this might be a bad idea.  The animated movie was meant to be a stand-alone thing so they could’ve gone with her strongest villain for that, if this is a trilogy then using the strongest villain as the first villain is a bad idea.  That’s like if Avengers had Thanos as the villain instead of Loki.  But yeah, I’m not going to be too useful in the Wonder Woman trilogy department so this is pretty much it.

Final Notes: Please don’t shove too much feminism and “woman power” into it (some is fine, but too much and it’s patronizing at best and propaganda at worst)


#4 – Flash: Rogues Revolution

Incase you were wondering, yes I did grab that subtitle from Volume 2 of the New 52 The Flash comics.  Now, the Flash is kind of an interesting character because there are things I want and things that I think should be in it.  My favorite Flash is Wally West but if I want Wally in a Teen Titans movie then this Flash has to be Barry Allen.  Which to be fair is the Flash that probably should be in the film from a continuity perspective.  But while I have read Batman comics that featured Robin as the sidekick and thus I know how their dynamic is played out and I can see how Robin would fit in a Batman movie, I never read a comic where the Flash and Kid Flash is used in the story so I’m not sure how their dynamic ever worked.  Because of this, I want Wally West as Kid Flash to play a role in the film so he’s well established for a future Teen Titans movie, but I don’t know how to incorporate him.

As for how the story should play out, Barry Allen is a cop so this might play out a bit more like a cop movie featuring superheroes.  I’m thinking the villains of the movie should just simply be the rogues since they’re often tied together in stories anyways.  Captain Cold could act as the de-facto leader and have other characters like Mirror Master, Mister Twister, Captain Boomerang, Trickster, Heat Wave, and Pied Piper.  I’m thinking maybe we can establish that the Flash has been out as a superhero for a while now and been locking up these villains left and right.  So the Rogues are sick of Flash constantly throwing them in jail and plan a team effort to take him out.  But thanks to help from Kid Flash, the Flash is able to defeat and lock them all up!


#5 – Green Lantern: Hal Jordan

This movie I honestly think should be similar to the 2011 Green Lantern movie and Green Lantern: First Flight.  Hal Jordan is the main character and thus far the only human Green Lantern.  He’s been assigned to Sinestro in order to learn how to be a Green Lantern but Sinestro has more cruel ways of doing things than the Guardians would allow.  However, the Manhunters is present within the galaxy and the Guardians need more recruits to defeat them.  Throughout the film, hints that Sinestro has ulterior motives should be placed and Hal develops his strength and power so he becomes the greatest Green Lantern and helps them defeat the Manhunters.  True, one movie is a short amount of time to become the best Green Lantern but if Doctor Strange can defeat several more experienced magic users in his first movie than why the hell not?  In the end, Hal should return to Earth in preparations for Justice League and Sinestro should not only be kicked out of the Green Lantern corps but must find the yellow ring and become the first Yellow Lantern to set up future movies.

This Green Lantern trilogy should play out like a space drama similar to Star Wars or Star Trek.  The Manhunters I chose as generic villains for the Green Lanterns to fight as Hal and Sinestro is given time to develop as characters.  Future movies will incorporate more Human Green Lanterns but Hal is all we need for the first outing.


#6 – Aquaman

Okay, I have little to say about this Aquaman series since I’ve never read his comics and his only villain I know of is Black Manta.  So I’m just going to go on record saying Aquaman should get his own movie, I just don’t know how it should play out.  This will also be the last Aquaman movie since I really don’t care for him all that much and we need room for other movies.



#7 – Justice League

My roster for the Justice League goes as follows: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter.  Similar to Thanos, Darkseid is my plan for the third Justice League movie.  So we can’t really make an adaptation of Justice League: War unless we want this Darkseid to be the Darth Vader of the DCEU (did that make sense to anyone besides me?).  So I thought about taking a page from Bruce Timm and base my Justice League movie off of the first episode of the animated series episode “Secret Origins”.  This can allow us to properly introduce Martian Manhunter along with the villains of the movie: the white martians!  This is a simple enough story for an alien invasion that forces the Justice League to form and fight back against the aliens.  The tone of the movie should also be similar to the Bruce Timm cartoons so it takes itself seriously but not so seriously that it’s not allowed to insert a joke here or there.

Final Notes: Make sure all the characters interact with each other and become at the very least friends by the end of the movie (by the end of the entire series, they should practically be a family).


Phase 2

#8 – Teen Titans: Rise of Trigon

The MCU had the Guardians of the Galaxy as part of their movies but the Green Lanterns are our space guys!  So instead, we’re going to have the Teen Titans!  The cast for the first movie should consist of Dick Grayson as Robin and later Nightwing, Wally West as Kid Flash, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, Cyborg, and Starfire.  Maybe Wonder Girl but that might be an odd choice in this movie considering Wonder Girl’s complicated origins.

My idea for this story is similar to the first issues if Marv Wolfman’s New Teen Titans run in which Raven gathers all the members of the Teen Titans and reunites the team (since in the comics there was a Teen Titans before this story) to face Trigon.  In this story, things will be a tad different since Raven will probably form the team from scratch and some of the characters (like Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire) will have to be established into this film.  It’s not impossible, but it might be tricky to get three-dimensional characters out of these guys and have time for a nice villains battle.  Raven not so much since her complex relationship to her father will serve the story naturally, but we’ll also need the other characters to be established and form bonds with each other.  I also want this to be the time where Robin becomes Nightwing and start his famous relationship with Starfire.

Final notes: If we can have a brief scene where Superman gives Dick the name “Nightwing” like in the comics that would be awesome!


#9 – The Batman: Under the Red Hood

The Batman: Under the Red Hood is my the DCEU’s version of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  The main character loses a close ally prior to the story, said ally comes back as a villain/anti-hero, and the main character goes through an emotional rollercoaster dealing with his long-lost ally now his enemy.  This is one of my favorite Batman comic book stories in general and the animated feature it adapted into was done quite well.  Since Teen Titans made Dick Nightwing and the Joker should’ve already been established somewhat in the first movie, this could be a point-by-point adaptation if the story line with very few changes here and there.  Jason’s time as Robin can be shown in flashbacks so audiences can understand the difference between Jason and Dick.

As much as I’d like to turn all the key points of Batman’s history into movies, that would be basically impossible so some things in the comics won’t be in the films.  I’m not even sure if Damian can appear in this universe unless a 4th film is made.


#10 – Superman: Brainiac

As you can guess by the title, Brainiac is the villain of the second Superman movie!  Brainiac would be kind of like Ultron as he’s a robot but instead of the Justice League, Superman is the only one who takes care of him.  I don’t even think I have that much else to say!  Brainiac’s the villain of the second movie!  Boom!  Done!  Move on!


#11 – Wonder Woman 2

Now between the DC trinity, Wonder Woman deserves a trilogy more than anyone!  Batman and Superman have had several movies and Wonder Woman is just getting one!  It’s not even because she’s a woman!  (Because that’s a dumb reason), it’s because she’s one-third of the DC trinity but doesn’t get the respect she deserves!  Although as much as I don’t like to boil the reason behind things down to gender (because 9 out of 10 times, when the supposed reason for a specific action is gender-based it actually isn’t) but in WW’s case I kind of think it is.  So while I have no idea how a Wonder Woman trilogy should be made, I think it should be made!


#12 – Green Lantern Corps

The second installation to the Green Lantern series!  I do want to emphasize “Corps” as while Hal probably should be the main character presented to keep things consistent, John Stewart and Guy Garnder should be in this film too.  Maybe Kyle Reyner and Simon Baz (and that new chick who I actually don’t know squat about) it’s not needed.  While Sinestro probably should appear somewhere in this film just so we know he’s still around, the main villain of this movie is Atrocitus!  This can allow us to explore more of the other corps out there and have a powerful villain to face!  (Also, if Dex-Starr shows up then this will instantly be my favorite movie ever!!!!  Ok, probably not but that would be cool!).


#13 – The Flash: Gorilla Warfare

Pretty straight forwards!  It’s a sequel to the first Flash movie but Gorilla Grodd is the main villain!  Also, Kid Flash is optional to appear in this film since he may be with the Teen Titans


#14 – Justice League Vs the Injustice League

Since we’re 14 movies in and plenty of villains are introduced by now, this is the perfect time to get all the villains together for a second appearance!  The Injustice League in the comics is a team often created by Lex Luthor to help take down the Justice League.  So here Lex Luthor can call upon villains like Joker, Captain Cold, Black Manta, Cheetah (if she appeared in a Wonder Woman movie), maybe Sinestro (if you can pull that off), etc.


#15 – Nightwing

Marvel didn’t end their phase 2 with Avengers: Age of Ultron but with Ant-Man, so I’m going to do something similar with a Nightwing spin-off movie.  Also, notice that it took me 15 movies to get to Nightwing.  Yeah, DC you need to chillax bud!  Anyways, a Nightwing could play out as a grittier Spider-man movie since Nightwing is kind of similar in certain respects.  He’s a young adult, he’s acrobatic, he jokes around a lot, etc.  I’ve never read a solo-Nightwing adventure so the only villain I can possibly think of for a Nightwing solo is Deathstroke.  That choice could be fine but that would mean he’d be established here and not in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (my second Teen Titans movie…damn, more spoilers…).  This could still work though so it’s not like Deathstroke can’t be introduced here and then later appear in Teen Titans: Judas Contract.


Phase 3

#16 – Death of Superman

So Marvel Phase 3 began with Captain America: Civil War and a lot of people theorized that Cap was going to die there like in the comics.  Earlier that year, Superman died in Batman V Superman which was his second film!  The problem with this scenario is Captain America has been established and well loved by fans by this point so if they killed Cap off it would’ve left an emotional impact.  Killing Superman off in his second outing within the DCEU meant that we didn’t develop any emotional attachment to him so his death was meaningless.  I’m fixing that in this universe as before this Superman should appear in Superman, Justice League, possibly Teen Titans: Rise of Trigon, Superman: Brainiac, and Justice League Vs The Injustice League.  So I gave my Superman 4-5 films so that audiences can become emotionally attached to him.  NOW if the third Superman movie is the Death of Superman (would probably be a loose adaptation), audiences will actually feel somewhat saddened by his departure!  Of course he’ll be back and audiences will know this, but for now this will be emotionally heartbreaking!


#17 – Batman: The Killing Joke

Yup!  I really wanted Batgirl to be in this universe and this was the only way I could think of to do it!  Now to make up for this I will give her a Birds of Prey movie later as Oracle (I keep spoiling my own list); but for now, this movie can accomplish several things at once.  It will give Batgirl a proper cinematic appearance and Joker can be the main villain of a movie!  This would be a somewhat loose adaptation since I also want Harley Quinn to be introduced in this movie (if possible) and Tim Drake will take over as Robin but otherwise most of the story can be kept in tact.


#18 – Wonder Woman 3

Cap of the Wonder Woman trilogy!


#19 – The Flash: Reverse

To cap of the Flash trilogy, Reverse Flash can be the villain!  Optional: kill Barry Allen so Wally becomes the next Flash


#20 – Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract is possibly the most famous Teen Titans story and I have never read it!  Although it was adapted (probably loosely) in the 2000’s cartoon and will be adapted into an animated movie soon (trailer’s already out).  Basically, Terra works for Deathstroke to get inside the Teen Titans and manipulate them and attempt to defeat them.


#21 – Blue Beetle

This probably won’t get a sequel since there’s only one really good Blue Beetle story you can do with Jaime Reyes (the one I’m planning on using) but I just really want a Blue Beetle movie so I’m including it!  I’m not sure if previous Blue Beetles (Dan Garret and Ted Kord) will be mentioned in it or not but I never cared about them so meh.  The story basically goes that the Blue Beetle scarab finds it’s way to Jaime Reyes and attaches to him, turning him into the Blue Beetle.  This causes the aliens known as the Reach to discover Earth and attempt to invade it in secret.  Jaime will somehow defeat the Reach single handedly and I want Nightwing to possibly appear at the end of the movie being impressed that Jaime stopped an alien invasion by himself and ask him to join the Teen Titans.  Kind of like Nick Fury at the end of Iron Man!


#22 – Justice League: Darkseid Wars Pt 1

Now it should be obvious by now that I’ve been basing this formula of how to create a cinematic universe from the MCU, so since the MCU just got started with Phase 3 and haven’t announced Phase 4 yet I’m just going to wing the rest of this a bit.  So yeah, Darkseid will be the villain of the final Justice League movie and since I don’t know how Marvel plans on splitting the final Avengers film I can’t really copy them here.  I have the feeling Avengers: Infinity Wars Pt 1 will introduce Thanos, get the Avengers back together, and possibly have Thanos warn them that he’ll be back for a full fight so they have the rest of Phase 4 to prepare for the battle.  So I’m thinking a similar formula will be used here!  The Justice League will fight Darkseid and just barely defeats him by themselves, but Darkseid warns he’ll come back with an army!  So the next handful of movies will be preparing for his arrival.

Final Notes: I haven’t read Justice League: Darkseid Wars so I’m just basing this concept on the name alone


Phase 4

#23 – Green Arrow

I don’t really care much for Green Arrow but he might as well get his own movie since he’s popular enough and is a semi-large character.  This could also introduce Speedy/Red Arrow/Arsenal for Titans if you want.


#24 – Static Shock

Another movie I put in here for selfish reasons.  I just really like Static so a movie for him would be awesome!  Inclusions into Titans is optional


#25 – Titans

In the comics, the characters in the Teen Titans eventually aged so they were more so young adults than actual Teens and thus dropped the “Teen” in their team name.  Also by this point, they were practically a family and had very close relationships with each other.  For the last Teen Titans movie, The H.I.V.E. could be an interesting choice?  I don’t know, that seems kind of underwhelming but I can’t think of a good Teen Titans villain that tops Deathstroke and Trigon.


#26 – Captain Marvel

Yeah yeah, I know he’d be called Shazam but I prefer Captain Marvel.  He’d probably be useful in the final fight against Darkseid so I thought I should include him.


#27 – Birds of Prey Vs Gotham City Sirens

I thought this would be an interesting concept for a movie so why not?  Both are female-only teams only one’s superheroes and one’s villains/anti-heroes.  Plus, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn will get a chance for screen time!


#28 – The Batman: Court of Owls

Screw it, my movie universe!  Batman gets a fourth film!  And Damian is going to be Robin so Tim will move on to become Red Robin.  I liked the Court of Owls so I figured it would be a fun film idea!  Plus the animated movie Batman Vs Robin did a loose adaptation featuring Damian so a story could be made out of this!


#29 – Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Wars

Yet another major story I haven’t read is the Sinestro Corps Wars!  Figured such an epic Green Lantern story would be a useful send off for the trilogy!


#30 – Justice League: Darkseid Wars Pt 2

The final movie of my movie universe!  Every Hero introduced at war with Darkseid and his armies from Apokolips!  And a return of Superman to help when the fight!



#31 – Batman Beyond

A few decades in the future and we can get a Batman Beyond movie!  Don’t have many thoughts besides that!



  1. ok so i have 1 problem with this, basicially phase 2 is the same thing as phase 1 introducing very few new characters. only critiscism

  2. You stopped at phase 4 and said that’s it but a good cinematic universe doesn’t stop so I’d say have a phase 5 for me it would be: reign of the supermen, batman beyond (I don’t like it as an epilogue also it can introduce a justice league beyond series with the justice league unlimited), tower of babel, red hood and the outlaws, battle for the cowl, red robin film, nightwing and damian film

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