Batman Vs Iron Man – Character Compare

Batman Vs Iron Man.  Source

Batman Vs Iron Man. Source


Hello interweb, Nate here.  So there’s nothing really new for me to tell you guys.  So lets just get right to the Character Compare, which is when we take to characters and simply compare them to see whose better.  Obviously, today is DC’s Batman vs Marvel’s Iron Man.  The rules are below, now lets compare.



There is a 50/50 chance that your favorite character is the better character. Just because won loses, doesn’t mean I dislike that one, just flawed by my own observations. The characters are chosen by me and in the future maybe my readers as well. These characters are usually going to share certain traits and may or may not come from different universes.



  • The winner is going to be the winner of three out of five categories: appearance, second identity, personality, powers and abilities, and the overall fame of the character
  • I will begin with some important background on each character
  • This is my personal opinion, if you disagree with my decision, comment below.
  • I am going to focus on the comic book version of the character but if there’s something from a show or movie that stands out I may consider it as well



Promotional art for Batman #608 (October 2002, second printing) Pencils by Jim Lee and inks by Scott Williams.  Source

Promotional art for Batman #608 (October 2002, second printing)
Pencils by Jim Lee and inks by Scott Williams. Source

OK, who doesn’t know the back story to Batman?  He witnessed the death of his parents when he was dead, this caused him to train his body to the peak of human perfection.  He then used the billions of dollars he inherited from his parents to buy a bat-themed suit and went to fight crime.  That’s basically all you really need to know about the Dark Knight and you probably knew all of that before I told you.

March 1.  Source

March 1. Source

Promotional art for The Invincible Iron Man vol. 5, #25 (second printing) (June 2010) by Salvador Larroca.  Source

Promotional art for The Invincible Iron Man vol. 5, #25 (second printing) (June 2010) by Salvador Larroca. Source

Tony Stark grew up with his billionaire parents which allowed him to pursue his fascination with machines and other mechanical things.  At the age of 15, Tony entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), or as I like to call it the We Don’t Accept Stupid People School of Technology, and  graduated at the age of 19.  However, he much rather spend his life of a reckless playboy rather than use his skill of technology.  He inherited Stark’s Industries (the company his parents owned) when his parents died of a car crash.  One day, Tony was working on some stuff in his landmines when a bomb blew up and got some metal near his heart.  He and another physicist created a magnet that was placed in the middle of his chest to keep the metal away from his heart.  He then created an armor which they called the March 1, which he used to escape and Iron Man was born.  He eventually created a new armor based of the March 1 and he uses that armor to this day.


Round 1: Appearance

Batman’s suit is built for intimidation.  While it has gone through changes over the years, it has always been black with bat ears on the mask and a black cape.  Iron Man’s most famous armor is red with some yellow mixed in there and a blue glow from the chest area.  Honestly, I’ve got to go with Batman on this one.  I mean, look at him.  If I was a bad guy, I would not want to bump into him in a dark ally.

Round 1: Batman


Round 2: Second Identity

Bruce Wayne keeps the fact that he’s Batman a secret.  Using his playboy lifestyle as a way to prevent people from believing he’s Batman.  But this isn’t the only difference between Bruce Wayne and Batman, Bruce Wayne also speaks with a deeper voice when in his batsuit an is a lot nicer out of it. The only thing really ruining this is that Bruce Wayne is a billionaire.  So shouldn’t people realize that only Bruce has the money to buy  all those batarangs, the suit, and all those other gadgets?

Tony Stark, on the other hand, doesn’t keep his identity a secret.  At first, he told people that Iron Man was his personal body, but then he was like “Screw it, I am Iron Man.”  Frankly, people probably would have figured it out anyways because Tony is a billionaire, he has the brain power to build a suit like that, and all someone needs to do is see that Tony and Iron Man is never in the same room despite the fact that Iron Man is his body guard.

So both of them are billionare who built their own suit and gadgets.  But while Bruce keeps himself and Batman separate, Tony has no problem with people knowing who he is.  This can be really cool, just picture knowing who your city protector really is.

Round 2: Iron Man


Round 3: Personality

Batman may come off as intimidating but he is real nice guy.  He really do care about the villains he face (to an extent) and want them to get better.  There was one time in the comics where I guy stole some medicine from a pharmacy and Batman didn’t chase after him.  When Robin asked why they weren’t going to stop him, Batman told him that that man had a sick mother and stole the medicine to help her.  If the police caught him, he wouldn’t have stopped them from taking him away, but he did see that there was good in the mans criminal act.

Iron Man, on the other hand, is kind of a jerk.  He’s really arrogant and has a huge ego.  While Batman is generally really kind, Iron Man isn’t.

Round 3: Batman


Round 4: Powers and Abilities

Batman and Iron Man are both something I like to call: pseudo-superheroes.  Pseudo-supehero is a term I made up to describe a person labeled as a superhero that doesn’t have any superpowers.  Guys like Batman, Iron Man, Green Arrow, Nightwing, and Robin are all superheroes that has not super  powers, thus they are pseudo-superheroes.

And sense their armor and gadgets aren’t powers nor abilities, what would they be without all there toys?  Bruce Wayne is still a great detective and a master of martial arts, while Tony Stark can only really build machines.  Honestly, I’ll have to give this to Batman because he doesn’t need any gadgets to take out bad guys.

Round 4: Batman


Round 5: Fame of the Character

Ok, this is going to be hard.  Iron Man is one of the most well known and popular Marvel Character, yet Batman is one of the most well known and popular DC character.  But I’m going to have to give this to Iron Man and I can sum the reason up in one word: movies.  The Iron Man trilogy and the Avengers movie helped with this characters popularity so much.  and that’s why…

Round 5: Iron Man



3 to 2, Batman wins.


End Thoughts/Announcements

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  1. This is literally like two years late but I’m a little shocked that you claim that Iron Man isn’t kind. He exposed his identity because a puppy was in danger of being hit by a car. He took a bullet for an employee (as Tony Stark, no suit) even though he had no idea what was going on. Bruce is kind, too, but to dismiss Iron Man’s kindness seems a little disingenuous.

    1. This is a very old post and the primary reason I haven’t done these character compares in a long time is I noticed a put too much bias into these. I don’t like Iron Man, I like Batman, so I kinda skewed the facts. Granted Tony Stark is a dick, but your right he does usually have a good heart.

  2. In 5. Fame of character, I think you are completely wrong. Since you said you are going to compare both of them from the comic book version (Rules, point 4) you should compare comics sale number, that would truly define who is more famous. And as per comics sale, I think Batman very popular than any other superhero, except Superman…

  3. this is complete utter trash!! Iron Man is overall WAY better than batman Bruce Wayne personally tweeted saying ” I wish I could be like my hero Tony Stark”

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