My Opinion On The Teased MCU Phase 5 Movies

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So when Phase 4 of the MCU was announced during Comic Con, Kevin Feige also dropped some Phase 5 films that are currently in development.  My guess is that Marvel basically just wants to reassure us that yes the movies that we expect sequels for are, indeed, getting sequels and yes the movies they just recently got the rights to are, indeed, getting movies.  That’s my guess anyways, but I wanted to discuss some of these movies.  Because there are no particular order for these movies yet, I’ll talk about them in no particular order.Well, except for Blade…



Blade is such a random movie to announce and give it’s own logo to?  I just find this announcement hilarious, honestly!  Who the hell was sitting at Marvel Studios and thinking to themselves “Ya know what the MCU is really missing?  Vampires!  We really need to hit that Vampire demographic!”  Like, f***ing what?  Are they gonna announce Ghost Rider next?  Cause, why not?  Haha!  But in all honesty, I really don’t know why Blade of all people got their logo out if he’s not even in Phase 4.  Or why they even felt the need to do a Blade movie?  Idk, not many thoughts on this one yet, but I just find the announcement so random.


Fantastic Four

Ok, so between X-Men and Fantastic Four, the Fantastic Four is one of those teams that I honestly just don’t give a s*** about.  They’re so boring compared to the rest of the Marvel universe!  I guess they are Marvel’s first family, so they deserve some love, but I really couldn’t care less if they’re in the MCU or not.  Now, I am interested in seeing Galactus and Doctor Doom in the MCU!  But, that’s about it.


Captain Marvel 2

I haven’t reviewed Captain Marvel yet, but I did love the movie.  I even ranked it as the best of the “Good but not Great” Marvel films.  Which means I have high hopes for the sequel so we can hopefully get a Captain Marvel movie in the “Genuinely Great” category!  Now I see two ways of going about this.  One, since Captain Marvel took place in the 90’s, make Captain Marvel 2 take place sometime after 2012’s The Avengers.  That way, we can see what she’s been up to while our heroes on Earth has been doing their stuff.  I mean, in Endgame she was questioned why she was never on Earth helping them out and her response was essentially “Not every planet has the Avengers so I defend those planets”.  Ok, cool!  Show us defending one of those planets!  Although, considering what happened in Captain Marvel, maybe she won’t be defending a planet but a race.  I.E. The Skrulls.  Which, could be setting up for Avengers: Secret Invasion!


Black Panther 2

Ok, I loved Black Panther.  I loved Killmonger and his commentary on racial politics.  I loved Shuri and her smartass personality and cool gadgets.  I didn’t like T’Challa cause he was boring as shit.  So, there are two ways of making me interested in Black Panther 2: 1. Make Shuri Black Panther, which did happen in the comics!  2. Bring Killmonger back or make a villain that’s even remotely as interesting as Killmonger.  Cause quite frankly, a 2 hour movie with T’Challa as the protagonist and a sub par villain doesn’t sound pleasant to sit through.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

It’s the third installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy, of course I can’t wait for this thing!  Here’s where I’m confused though…at the end of Avengers: Endgame, Thor left with the GotG and it seemed obvious that he was gonna be in the next movie.  I for one thought this was due to the Thor trilogy was complete but Marvel wanted Thor to stick around a little longer.  But not that Thor 4 has been announced and GotG 3 comes out AFTER Thor 4…what happens between Endgame and GotG 3?  I mean, will the Guardians of the Galaxy appear in Thor: Love and Thunder?  It almost feels to me like Marvel intended Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 to be in Phase 4 and didn’t intend on making Thor: Love and Thunder, but at the last minute they’re changing their minds and switching things around.  Guess we’ll see how things go, but I am hoping Thor appears in the third movie cause that would be rad!



So Kevin Feige announced “Mutants”, not “X-Men”.  Which makes me curious if that means they intend on using mutants but not the X-Men specifically?  I would tread carefully there, as the X-Men name is so recognizable that I’m not sure if a “Mutants” movie would get as many butts in chairs!  But as the major X-Men fan I am, I’m SO EXCITED that they were at the very least confirmed to be on their way.  ]

Now, I actually was expecting the X-Men in the Phase 4 reveals because in a post-Thanos world, I would imagine that this is the perfect time for an X-Men movie.  Allow me to explain!  So, at this point, superheroes are well established in the MCU, so what really makes the X-Men different from the Avengers?  Even in the comics, this is a criticism they get a lot.  Granted, my argument for this has always been that it’s prejudice and prejudice never makes sense!  What’s the logic that it’s okay for white people to hate black people?  There isn’t one!  It’s just hate for the sake of hate!  The logic behind straight or cis people hating those who are gay or transgender?  Beyond religious bigotry, there really isn’t any logical reason!  People just hate.  However, if you don’t want to go that route, it is possible to make a semi-logical explanation in a post-Thanos MCU.  Think about it!  The world just experienced the worst genocide the galaxy has ever faced.  Now it’s true that everyone came back!  But seriously, if half the universe dissapeared for 5 years, that would be so traumatic!  The people of the MCU didn’t know they were ever coming back!  They believed their friends and family that died in the snap was gone forever!  I’d imagine this trauma would make depression and probably even suicide sky rocket!

So, picture you live in the MCU.  5 years ago, your most loved friends and family members just died!  You had to go through the grief of losing these people and struggling to move on.  Finally, they do!  Your friends and family come back!  It’s a miracle and you’re overjoyed!  But because of what happened, you might be on edge whenever you see super powered individuals on the news.  Hell, Captain America: Civil War was all about the Avengers dealing with all the damage they’ve caused.  So how would you feel when you learn about mutants and anybody can have superpowers!  This hatred of mutants, in the MCU, would be driven by the fear people have of a Thanos take 2!  Yes, most mutants can’t cause a Thanos level event from occurring, but you don’t know that!  And with powerful mutants like Storm or, worse, Magneto being a thing?  Pfft, fear causes hatred and hatred causes prejudice.  I honestly feel like a post-Thanos MCU is a perfect time for the X-Men and the amazing stories they can bring to the MCU.


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