Ben 10 Vs The Justice League (1V1)

Hello interweb, Nate here.  No, I’m not dead!  But this blog basically is.  So screw it.  idk if anyone honestly cares about this blog anymore sense I post so infrequently now.  I mean, I didn’t even post an Endgame review when the movie came out despite seeing it opening weekend.  If 5 people comment below saying they want an Endgame review, I’ll make it.  Otherwise, I’m just posting now for my own amusement. Anyways, onto the topic at hand…a few weeks ago the YouTube channel Death Battle posted a battle between Ben 10 and Green Lantern.  As both a Ben 10 fan and a DC fan, I had major issues with the battle but quite frankly the YouTuber Kuro the Artist already mentioned literally all of my issues in his analysis, so if you care enough to see the issues with that battle just watch Kuro’s video.  However, this did get me to thinking.  In my opinion, Ben would definitely win a battle against Hal Jordan, but what about the rest of the league?  Now, that’s where this post comes in.  I do have a few caveats though.  So, here are the rules…


For Ben…

  • I am only using Ben prime for these battles, which means the only shows I’m counting as canon for these battles includes Ben 10 (2006), Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, and Ben 10: Omniverse.  This includes all the aliens Ben unlocked in these four shows.  Any comic books or reboots do not count.
    • Also, only using aliens and features used by teenage Ben.  Ben 10K will not be considered.
  • Fusions and ultimate aliens are not being considered due to fusions being a think reserved for Ben 10K and ultimates being a temporary feature used by Ben during the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien portion of his timeline and have not been used by Ben before or since that third installation of the series
  • For the fun of these 1V1’s, I am banning the use of Alien X.  This is because, in my opinion, Ben having access to Alien X is an instant win for Ben himself.  At his full control, Alien X is basically an alien god that can Thanos the Justice League out of existence if he wanted to.
    • For people who are DC fans and not Ben 10 fans, yes that is my honest opinion.  Being a fan of both franchises, Alien X is much more powerful then any of the main seven leaguers EASILY
  • However, Ben does have access to the master control, which allows him to add four main features to the Omnitrix:
    1. Ben has access to every alien within the Omnitrix database
      • This technically adds up to over 1 million aliens at Ben’s disposal, but he’s only used a little over 50 throughout the show so obviously I’m only using transformations that are confirmed canon with zero speculation
    2. Ben’s transformations are thought-base, not dial base.  Meaning all he has to do is think of an alien and he transforms into that alien.
    3. Ben has no time limit on his Omnitrix, so he can remain alien for as long as he wants.
    4. Ben can switch between alien forms without turning back to human
  • Also, not allowing Ben to scan Superman or Martian Manhunter.  Yes, technically he could, but that would be lame.

For the Justice League…

  • I’m primarily focusing on the primary seven Leaguers:
    1. Superman
    2. Batman
    3. Wonder Woman
    4. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
    5. Martian Manhunter
    6. Aquaman
    7. The Flash (Barry Allen)
  • Using the canon from the main line of comics (at the time of this writing, pre-N52 and Rebirth).  Discounting any movies, animations, elseworld stories, or any other canon you can think of.  This gives us established characters with strengths and weaknesses rather than a bizarre amalgam of multiple versions of the same character resulting in cherry-picked stats and weaknesses.

For the battle…

  • No preparations are allowed here.  These characters are randomly encountering each other before fighting for…some reason.  (Idk, get creative!)
    • This means that neither parties know the other’s strengths or weaknesses and are completely unfamiliar with each other’s powers, weapons, and skill sets
  • Only weapons and abilities typical of the character are allowed.  Nothing that was used for temporary purposes or achieved by outside sources.
  • And finally, this will be the most unique rule of them all.  One of my biggest issues with these vs battles on the internet is that half the time I can see a definitive winner easily, and other times it’s seems pretty situational.  For example, if you’ve seen Death Battle’s Wonder Woman Vs Rogue battle, Rogue won because Wonder Woman touched her skin allowing Rogue to absorb Wonder Woman’s strength.  Now, DB justified this by saying that Wonder Woman is a trained warrior and it would be instinctive for her to fight in that manner.  But again, this is situational.  What if Wonder Woman simply used her lasso to tie rogue up and strangle her to death?  Because of this, I’m not judging these battles by a “Who will win” scenario but a “whose more likely to win”.  I’ll be using a 5 star rating system for the likely hood of Ben winning the battle.  The rankings go as follow:
    1. Ben will most likely lose, I see very little chance of him winning
    2. Ben will probably lose, I see some chance of him winning but not much
    3. 50/50, this battle could easily go either way
    4. Ben will probably win, I can see Ben losing but it’s not the most likely outcome
    5. Ben will most likely win, I see very little reason why Ben wouldn’t win

So, with all that bullsh*t out of the way, let’s have ourselves some death battles!!!!!!!


Clark Kent.  Kal-el.  The Man of Steel. Superman has gone by multiple names since his creation, kinda like a big blue alien Santa! Arguably the first superhero in all of fiction, without the big blue boyscout, Ben probably would never have existed. But can the original superhero beat the newer Ben 10?  Well, Superman has two primary weaknesses: magic and, more famously, Kryptonite.  Now Ben does have Anodite DNA, which is a race of aliens made out of actual magical energy.  They are literally made of magic.  However, while Ben may have these magical genes in him, he does not posses the “spark” like his cousin, Gwen.  Now one possible future counterpart, Ben 10K introduced in the Ultimate Alien series, has used some magic in the past which (being a possible future) does confirm that Ben has the capability of using magic himself.  HOWEVER, teenage Ben has yet to perform these feats as of Omniverse meaning that this is irrelevant to the current battle.\

Now what about Kryptonite?  You may think this would be irrelevant since Ben doesn’t have any access to the alien element.  HOWEVER, Ben does posses an alien known as Gutrot (seen to the right), who’s basically a walking chemical factory.  Gutrot has the ability to combine chemicals together to create different substances (such as laughing gas or pheromones) and release them from his body.  Because of this, I have reason to believe that Ben does have the ability to create synthetic Kryptonite gas using Gutrot to weaken Superman and give him the edge.  The issue here is that Ben is only just meeting Superman for the first time and thus is unaware of Superman’s weakness to Kryptonite.  Meaning that he would have to learn of Superman’s weakness mid-battle in order to take advantage of this, which is quite low.  The only possible way I can see Ben even remotely coming to this strategy would be to utilize Grey Matter or Brainstorm to analyze Superman for his weakness, but this isn’t typically Ben’s fighting style and thus would also be unlikely.

This means we ultimately have a battle of brute force vs brute force.  Ben could use Way Big (left) in this battle, but this poses two issues.  Let’s go over the most obvious: Way Big is, well, too big.  He poses as two large of a target for Superman and would most likely be taken down somewhat easily.  A punch to the inner knee or Superman simply pushing one of Ben’s legs would result in him toppling over.  The second issue comes with pure strength.  Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but Way Big’s largest feat of strength was lifting the High Breed’s interstellar jump gate which was confirmed to be heavier then the moon.  (Yes, that’s right.  Way Big did the equivalent of lifting up a moon.  Thanos got nothin on this guy!).  However, do I even need to say that Superman has accomplished much higher lifting feats?  After Way Big would be Atomix (right), who is confirmed by the writers to be stronger then Way Big as Ben’s second strongest character.  The only issue with this claim?  His feats in the show really haven’t shown us EXACTLY how strong Atomix is.  We know he’s stronger then Way Big due to writer’s confirmation, and we know he’s stronger then all of the Ultimate Aliens in the show (barring, possibly, Ultimate Way Big) including Ultimate Humungosaur, and Ultimate Humungosaur is already a continental level character.  It should be noted that Atomix was shown to be weaker then Malgax (a fusion of Malware and Vilgax).

Overall, I give the chance of Ben winning a 1.5/5.  Superman’s weaknesses, while infamous in real life, wouldn’t be easy for Ben to figure out mid-battle.  Plus while we know just how powerful Superman is, this is confirmed more powerful then Way Big simply by comparing feats.  Atomix is just too tricky to figure out due to his lack of feats in the show.  I’d say Atomix is Ben’s best bet at an alien that can go toe-to-toe with Superman, but without more data it’s hard to determine just how likely it is that Superman would lose.  Which is why this is 1.5 and not just 1 or 2, as Atomix’s strength is really the unknown variable that could make or break this fight.

Superman’s powers come from the radiation of Earth’s yellow sun, meaning that Feedback could possibly absorb the energy from Superman like an energy vampire.  Kinda like the Superman villain Parasite.  The biggest issue I see with this is that Superman’s speed and strength would most likely prevent this from happening.  Toepick could win by his fear hax, but again Superman would probably not let that happen.  Also, I promise that my other competitors won’t get this page-length essay.


The Caped Crusader himself, the Batman.  Now, Batman is arguably DC’s most popular character and it’s not hard to see why.  Dark, edgy, rich, colorful rogues gallery, an array of side characters arguably more interesting then him at this point.  However, every Batman fanboy will argue with you until your ears fall off that, despite being human, Batman can defeat anybody given enough prep time.  Well suck on this, Batfans, cause Batman don’t got no prep time in this showdown!  Granted, Batman is a brilliant tactician and have shown on multiple occasions that he can think on his feat and come up with strategies mid-battle in order to win.  So one could argue that he could come up with a winning strategy…but I highly doubt it.  Typically, Batman’s best bet would be to prevent Ben from accessing the Omnitrix by restraining his wrists.  First rule to Ben combat, never leave the arms free!  However, because Ben has the master control this is a non-issue and make this battle even harder for good ol’ Batsy here.  Now we shouldn’t treat Batman as a pushover either.  Batman has faced opponents much physically stronger then he is multiple times in the past with little issue, such as Bane or Killer Croc.  Plus, many of Batman’s villains have superpowers of their own similar to some of Ben’s aliens.  He’s dealt with characters like Scarecrow who’s similar to Toepick in terms of gimmick, Mr. Freeze whose similar to Articguana or Big Chill (however, Big Chill is probably MUCH stronger then both of these), and Poison Ivy whose similar to Wildvine or Swampfire.  So Ben shouldn’t walk into this fight being too cocky.  Even if he uses one of his “weaker” strength aliens, such as Rath or Four Arms, doesn’t necessarily mean Ben has an easy win.  However, if Ben finds Batman more tricky then he expected, he could go Way Big or Atomix and curb stomp him.  This is where the whole “what can happen vs what’s most likely to happen” gets tricky.  Ben could start off the fight as Atomix and burn Batman to a pulp, but that’s generally not Ben’s fighting style.  Ben only uses his most powerful transformations when absolutely necessary and such these aren’t his go-to transformations.  And if Ben isn’t too careful, Batman theoretically could take him our before Ben has a chance to even use his stronger forms.  I’m still going to give this a 4/5 as Ben is the most likely winner here, but there’s still plenty of ways for Batman to take Ben down.


Wonder Woman: Amazon, warrior, sometimes a goddess, always a hero!  Almost as strong as Superman and a much better fighter then Batman, Wonder Woman is no joke and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  The most noticeable thing about this battle that should be noted right away is the fact that Wonder Woman has no Kryptonite.  Meaning she essentially has no easily exploitable weaknesses.  This will most likely be Ben’s toughest competitor with not much room for a win on Ben’s part.  In fact, I’m just going to be blunt here and say I see very little reason why Ben WOULD win this fight.  Sure, Way Big is powerful but he’s too big of a target and Diana’s bracelets will be able to easily deflect his planet-destroying cosmic rays.  Atomix, and this is going to be frustrating since I have to repeat it, is a semi-unknown factor in this equation.  Regardless of how strong Atomix is, I still believe Wonder Woman has this fight since she is a trained Amazon warrior.  Don’t get me wrong, Ben is a skilled fighter and has had 6 years of training both in the field and through the Plumbers.  However, 6 years of training vs a couple hundred.  Maybe somebody like Echo Echo would help, but I’ll give this a 1/5.  I could be overestimating Wonder Woman’s strengths here, but with no easily exploitable weakness, strength on par with Superman, and years of training with literal Amazons…Ben, you really haven’t got a prayer.


Ugh, for the sake of this battle let’s pretend that Death Battle doesn’t exist and didn’t cover this first.  K?  K.

Hal Jordan is arguably the most powerful of the Green Lanterns.  Armed with the power ring, he can create solid light constructs as solid as his will allows.  And considering that he has defeated villains like Parallax, the embodiment of fear (also the embodiment of his biggest weakness), this is also a tough battle for Ben to face.  The easiest way I see Ben winning this battle is to use Feedback (left) and absorb all the energy in Hal’s ring and then firing it back through Hal’s face, winning easily.  Which, actually isn’t that unlikely to begin with.  Screw Alien X, this is Hal’s real challenge here.  Unlike Superman, Hal’s usage of energy constructs so so apparent that anybody paying attention will realize that that’s what his powers largely revolve around.  Even if Hal attempted to block Ben from absorbing the ring by constructing some sort of barrier, that barrier would still be made out of energy and thus will be useless to Feedback.  It’s kind of like fighting a black hole, regardless of the amount of power you throw at it, the black hole just sucks it up with little damage.  Now, granted, Feedback isn’t Ben’s only alien and may not even be Ben’s first alien of choice.  I think Hal could go toe-to-toe with many of Ben’s strongest aliens.  Way Big, Humungosaur, Gravattack.  But there’s still multiple ways for Ben to win as well.  And simply removing the Omnitrix, or Ben’s wrist, wouldn’t work since the Omnitrix prevents itself from being forcibly detached from Ben’s wrist.  I’m actually going to give this battle a 3/5.  The more I think of it, if Ben uses Feedback this fight’s pretty much his.  But I’m not even sure if Feedback would be Ben’s go-to alien right away, and that would give Hal time to win.

In a tradition Death Battle format, I would still give the victory to Ben due to Alien X and, again, Feedback.  However, in the format I’m presenting that leaves room for nuance, I can see it going either way.


Martian Manhunter, the most alien of the Justice League.  So Alien that, unlike Superman, he actually looks like an alien.  With super strength, speed, flight, intangibility, and shapeshifting, Ben really has a limited amount of options when facing this guy.  Now, Martian Manhunter’s biggest weakness is fire.  Batman said it best himself, “I have a $70,000 sliver of a radioactive meteor to stop the one from Metropolis. All I need for you is a penny for a box of matches.”  Well, guess what.  Ben has two boxes of matches: Swampfire (right) and Heatblast (left).  And technically Eye Guy since he’s also been known to shoot fire but he’s not as famous for it for obvious reasons.  Now having two fire aliens, this gives Ben a higher chance to accidentally stumble upon Manhunter’s biggest weakness.  Plus, these two aliens are some of Ben’s favorites!  However, because Ben would have no knowledge of Manhunter’s fire weakness, that does make it less likely for him to go straight into those, granted not improbable.  Characters like Rath, Humungosaur, Jetray, Four Arms, and Diamondhead are all more likely options that Manhunter would have little difficulty with discarding.  NRG and Atomix might give him an edge though since they are heat base aliens.  I’ll give this a 2/5, Ben has an easy win if he picks the right alien but first he kinda needs to pick the right alien.


I’m going to be transparent here, Aquaman is my least favorite Justice League member.  Granted, that is a popular opinion so I’m not saying that in fear of massive backlash, but it does mean I am HEAVILY biased towards Ben 10 (one of my favorite childhood heroes) and against Aquaman (one of the lamest).  I’m going to try and be as unbiased as possible here, but my bias will probably cloud how I see this battle so do be aware of that.

Despite his lame powers, Aquaman is no lightweight.  He is the king of Atlantis and thus needs to be a strong fighter in order to protect his kingdom.  He is a warrior, after all, and does have some degree of super strength.  And by some degree, I mean he is able to lift an entire building over his head.  (I was unable to steal the pic for some reason but this feat is listed here).  So, I’d say somebody like Four Arms or Humungosaur can go toe-to-toe and have a nice little tussle with him.  But if Ben wants to end the fight early, Way Big can just step on him.  Although, the likelier event is that he just uses Humungosaur.  Which would be a challenge but not impossible!  4/5.


Other then Wonder Woman, the Flash is another character I see little chance of Ben actually beating.  Be has speed aliens too, granted.  Most famous is XLR8, but XLR8 isn’t even Ben’s fastest.  That honor goes to Jetray, who can reach hyper space with very little effort.  However, hyper space is only 0.5% faster then the speed of light (lol “only”) and the Flash can go MULTIPLE TIMES the speed of light if he really wanted to.  This would make Jetray look very slow in comparison.  And with Barry’s infinite mass punch, I doubt Way Big or Atomix could even handle that sort of power.  And if they could, Barry can just suck them into the speed force.  In fact, the only way I can even remotely see Ben winning is if Ben uses Feedback and Barry tosses Ben into the speed force to trap him there.  Cause if Barry doesn’t toss Ben into the speed force, Barry would be WAY too fast for Feedback to even absorb the Flash’s energy from him.  Barry would HAVE to toss Ben into the speed force so Feedback could absorb the entire speed force inside of him and, well, if you’re a DC fan you probably know how insane that would be.  But how LIKELY is this too happen?  Very UNlikely.  Is it impossible for Ben to win?  I mean, no.  Flash is insanely fast, but he’s not physically that strong.  Catch him off guard and you could do some damage.  Plus Ben could slow him down with Goop as an oil-slick, Terraspin with his wind, or Gravattack with his gravity powers.  Hell, Big Chill could freeze Barry’s ass.  But Barry has ways out of each of these scenarios due to practice against villains with similar gimmicks.  I’m giving this a 1/5.  Yes Ben can win, but it’s VERY unlikely.


So, what do you guys think?  Below, I have multiple polls open with each character so you can vote your outcomes.  And if you have comments to add, feel free to drop them in the comments below!


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