Top 10 Favourite Ben 10 Aliens

Hello interweb, Nate here!  If you weren’t aware of this, yesterday I uploaded my top 10 least favorite aliens from the Ben 10 franchise.  I decided to go with my least favorite first mainly just because I felt like ranting a bit so it just made sense to use my least favorites list before my favorite.  It’s kind of based on that logic that if you love something enough you’re a bit harsher to the thing’s faults.  Or maybe that’s just me.  I really love this franchise, but over the decade of its existence, it’s had a few stinky moments.  Aliens that frustrate me, retcons that makes no sense, etc.  However, today we are not here to rant.  Today, we’re looking at the best of the best.  The greatest aliens that this series has produced!  Let’s get started!

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  • I’m only taking aliens from the original series continuity
    • This includes: Ben 10 (2005), Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, and Ben 10: Omniverse
  • No ultimate aliens or fusions allowed
  • Ranking these from the best, to worst
  • Be aware, these are my personal favorites
    • How I judge an alien is usually based on the following: Their designs, their powers and abilities, and how well they compare to the rest of the omnitrix’s aliens.  Another thing that may influence how much I like an alien could be how they were used in the show.


#10 – Upgrade

Upgrade is a unique alien, even among the omnitrix.  Mainly because he’s not a naturally evolved alien like the others.  A long ass time ago, a race of hyper intelligent aliens called the Galvans (the same species as Grey Matter or Azmuth if you’re familiar with the show.  If you’re not familiar with the show…they’re 5 inch tall aliens known to be the smartest being in the galaxy) created a race of cybernetic aliens made out of liquid metal.  That’s right, Upgrade’s entire body is made out of liquid metal and he’s basically more machine than he is a living organism.  That’s pretty cool.  Hell, I’ve always kinda thought it would be cool if his DNA was made out of a binary code (i.e. 0010110110) like a computer rather than how actual DNA works.

Because he’s basically a living machine made out of liquid metal, he can morph is body over machinery, take control of them, and “upgrade” them into more advanced weapons.  He can turn your old broken down minivan into a super advanced weaponized vehicle in seconds.  That’s pretty awesome.


#9 – Four Arms

In the original 2005 series, Four Arms was Ben’s strongest alien (well, until Way Big showed up in the movie…).  He was 12 feet tall with four super strong arms.  Some of the fights in the original series involving Four Arms was quite brutal actually.  Now, Ben would later go on to gain other aliens with super strength; some arguably stronger  than Four Arms.  Rath, Humungousaur, Way Big, Armodrillo, etc.  But Four Arms was the OG tank of the group and his fights were some of the most badass in the series.


#8 – Ditto

For the record, I prefer is original design over his Omniverse design but I couldn’t find a good quality image.

Anyhoo, I mentioned Ditto in my previous list when discussing Echo Echo.  Ditto debuted in the episode “Divided We Stand” and made quite the debut.  His whole shtick is that he can split into clones, kinda like a cell going through mitosis.  Each clone thinks independently of each other so it’s fun to watch them interact with each other.  Granted, this alien has since been overshadowed due to Echo Echo (as I ranted about in the last post), but I don’t care.  Ditto was unique in his own right and he still holds a place in my heart.

Also, for the record, his Omniverse version was kind of disappointing.  In the original series, his clones split apart from each other similar to that of a cell.  In Omniverse, there’s a green flash and a new Ditto clone appears.  Just, not as visually interesting anymore.


#7 – Big Chill

Big Chill is just a really cool alien.   He can fly, turn intangible, and can freeze things.  He mostly freeze things by shooting them with an ice breath (kind of like Superman) but he can also phase through solid matter and leave a freezing trace of ice in the process.  I don’t know, I don’t really have a lot to say about this alien besides how cool his design and powers are.

Also, what the f*** was up with his Omniverse design!?  Like, is he suppose to be a hunchback or something?  Why is he so top heavy!?!?!


#6 – Spidermonkey

There exists an actual species of monkeys in our real world called the spider monkey (two words).  So the fact that they took this real world monkey and made it a literal animal is pretty cool.  Spidermonkey’s powers are basically like that of Spider-man.  He has super strength, enhance reflexes, flexibility, can stick on walls, and can shoot webbing out of the tip of his tail.  Plus, he has six limbs.  Real monkeys have four and spiders have eight, so I guess they just took the average.  Also, and maybe I’m just some weirdo here, but I find this alien really cute.  I don’t know, fluffy blue monkey.  Kinda cute?  Maybe?


#5 – Alien X

Alien X is Ben’s most powerful alien; and no, that’s not up for debate.  Alien X is a Celestialsapien, a race of aliens with omnipotent powers.  They can warp reality and the universe any way they want almost without limit.  Almost.  They’re biggest weakness is that inside the minds of every Celestialsapien (including Alien X), there are multiple personalities constantly arguing over what their next course of action is.  Celestialsapiens cannot perform any action, no matter how small, unless all their personalities agree on a specific course of action.  This means that Celestialsapiens can potentially do nothing for hundreds of years because their personalities cannot agree with each other on what to do.

Now granted, that weakness is a major draw back and is the primary reason Ben rarely ever uses this alien.  However, the power of omnipotence/reality warping has always sorta of fascinated me.  If you had literally omnipotent power and could warp reality to your whim, what would you do with it?  Even if that power was temporary.

Now unfortunately, Omniverse made a few decisions with this alien that I didn’t exactly appreciate.  For one, the entire species got this weird retcon between Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Ben 10: Omniverse that I wasn’t a fan of.  Secondly, Ben managed to argue with the two other personalities inside Alien X and convinced them to give Ben full control over Alien X.  That’s right, Ben has access to an alien with god-like abilities with no drawback or repercussions.  That should essentially end all conflict in the show and it’s bugged me since it occurred.  What’s preventing Ben from becoming Alien X every episode and just wrapping up the conflict in a few seconds?  Whatever, who cares?  Alien X is still Ben’s most powerful alien and a fascinating one to explore.


#4 – Feedback

Holy crap, an Omniverse alien made it this far on my top 10 list?  Yes, yes he did.  Now, if you’re unfamiliar with the franchise, I should explain a few things to you.  Ben 10: Omniverse is the most controversial of the Ben 10 franchise.  The animation became more simple and colorful, the show became slightly more comedic (not Teen Titans Go! levels of “comedy”, but still), and the aliens got weird.  Basically, if the show got the chance to either due a serious moment or tell a joke, it often decided to go with the joke.  However, I kind of liked Omniverse.  Sure, it’s probably my least favorite of the series and frustrated me the most with all it’s numerous retcons and weird aliens, but the show did some things really well with the franchise and brought the show in places it’s never been before.

Now, there were two aliens from Omniverse that I really liked.  Gravattack, and Feedback.  Feedback’s design just looks really cool to me and I actually think I could see it with the original series aliens.  It fits into the show that good.  His abilities involve absorbing energy and shooting it back.  That seems like a basic ability, but I actually think Feedback may be one of Ben’s strongest aliens.  Not nearly Alien X level strength, but he was actually able to absorb a big bang.  Yes, a f***ing big bang.  Like, that thing that started the universe.  (Long story short, they went back in time to the beginning of the universe and that’s where he was able to contain it).  In case you aren’t aware, the big bang held ALL THE MATTER AND ENERGY IN THE UNIVERSE before the universe actually formed.  So he actually has an original design and he’s definitely stronger than Chromastone (who has demonstrated to have a limit in how much energy he can hold).


#3 – Way Big

This picture doesn’t really do a good job at demonstrating why this alien is so cool.  The reason being is that Way Big is a few hundred feet tall.  Easily, Ben’s biggest alien (unless Alien X decides to grow larger – which I believe he became the size of a planet in one episode – but he doesn’t count).  Way Big debuted in the first animated movie Ben 10: Secrets of the Omnitrix where Azmuth unlocked him in order for Ben to defeat Vilgax; Ben’s at the time strongest villain.  And yes, seeing Way Big’s debut as a kid and seeing Ben turn into a several hundred foot tall alien blue my mind.  He’s like a kaiju or something.  I’ve always just been curious on what Way Big’s planet is like.  I mean, wouldn’t it be cool if Way Big was actually small compared to the rest of the aliens on his planet?  His planet could have the largest aliens in the universe or something!


#2 – Diamondhead

Diamondhead is an alien made out of living crystals.  Not only does this make him a tank, but he can also manipulate crystals as well as his body.  He can shoot crystal shards, turn his arms into crystal swards, create crystal constructs from underground, etc.  I don’t really know what else to say about this guy.  He’s got a cool concept and awesome powers!  My only real question is how does living crystals work?  I don’t get it.  Does he still need to breathe?  Does he eat?  I’m just curious.


#1 – XLR8

XLR8 has always been my favorite alien and remains to be my favorite alien.  Super speed is one of my favorite powers, and an alien with such a cool design that uses this power is pretty awesome.  That black and blue color scheme, those claws, the visor.  XLR8 can run so fast, that time itself seemingly stops.  He can run up walls, across water, and even can create a tornado strong enough to knock over a To’kustar (Way Big’s species).  What else do you want?


  1. I think, out of Ben’s many aliens, my favorite is Diamondhead. I always liked him in the original series, and after the Alien Force episode, “Vengeance Of Vilgax”, he shot up quite a bit in my estimation.

      1. Season 3 was an odd one. Seasons 1 and 2 told a pretty complete story, but with Season 3 it felt like the writers were trying to think of something for Ben, Gwen and Kevin to do and the end result was a very loose arc with Vilgax, several zany trips and multiple episodes of petty bickering.

      2. Yep, saving the world went straight to Ben’s head. And from what I remember, Ben’s newly inflated ego didn’t start to die down until the second half of Ultimate Alien’s first season, when Kevin went evil.

      3. Something I appreciated about that era of Ben 10 is that the writers trusted that fans of the original show had grown up some and could handle the show tackling loftier subjects. The aforementioned arc of Kevin going insane was one of the more disturbing runs in the show, and even some of the one-off episodes had some bite to them – like Jennifer Nocturne contracting Stockholm syndrome, or Charmcaster’s brief thing with Darkstar. The steady shift in tone felt right, since the protagonists were leaving childhood behind and slowly approaching adulthood. I think Ben, Gwen and Kevin’s friendship chemistry might have at it’s best in that show as well.

  2. I’m really sorry to ruin your fantasy about Way Big but To’kustars actually don’t have a planet, they are instead born in cosmic storms,which is still pretty awesome when you think about it.

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