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Update – Whatcha guys wanna see?

Hello interweb.  I’m not dead, but this blog is getting there.  So, I wanna try (again) to start blogging regularly.  I’m not gonna give a consistent schedule cause everybody knows I won’t follow it.  But, I will be making some new posts.  So, I have a few ideas for me next post but I was wondering what you guys wanted to see.  The suggestions are below so vote for the ideas you like best (you can vote for more then one).

Power Scaling all of Ben’s Aliens

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So quite recently, a YouTuber by the moniker “Kuro the Artist” recently released a video in which he power scales all of Ben’s aliens from weakest to strongest.  If you haven’t seen the video, you can check it out here.  Being the mega Ben 10 fan I am, I had some issues with his scaling of these aliens.  So I figured I’d try it out for myself and list every single alien Ben has used from weakest to strongest.  Now, some of my list will be similar to Kuro’s but I will have deviations here and there.  I’m using similar rules as his video (No fusions or Ultimate forms nor any future aliens) as to keep these consistent.  I’m also using the same tiering system he uses since that’s honestly a really easy way for me to rank these aliens since I could just divide all these aliens among the different tiers and then organize them within each tier.  So, let’s start! (more…)

Top 10 Favourite Ben 10 Aliens

Hello interweb, Nate here!  If you weren’t aware of this, yesterday I uploaded my top 10 least favorite aliens from the Ben 10 franchise.  I decided to go with my least favorite first mainly just because I felt like ranting a bit so it just made sense to use my least favorites list before my favorite.  It’s kind of based on that logic that if you love something enough you’re a bit harsher to the thing’s faults.  Or maybe that’s just me.  I really love this franchise, but over the decade of its existence, it’s had a few stinky moments.  Aliens that frustrate me, retcons that makes no sense, etc.  However, today we are not here to rant.  Today, we’re looking at the best of the best.  The greatest aliens that this series has produced!  Let’s get started!

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My Top 10 WORST Ben 10 Aliens

Hello interweb, Nate here!  So this summer, I plan on reviewing every single Ben 10 series (and hopefully movie) from the original 2005 series to the reboot.  Ben 10 has been a special show to me that has had a huge effect on my childhood, so I wanted to spend some time on this blog showing how great the series is.  But unfortunately, with my college finals coming up, I don’t have a lot of time to work on these reviews yet.  So until then, I decided to make two top 10 lists back to back: my favorite and least favorite of the Ben 10 aliens.  As you can tell by the title of this article, you’re looking at my least favorite first.  The worst of the worst! (In my opinion).  My favorites will be uploaded later today.  With that said, let’s begin!

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My Opinion on the Ben 10 Reboot

ben-10-rebootHello interweb, Nate here!  So apparently Ben 10 is getting it’s first reboot and being the huge Ben 10 fan that I am I thought I would discuss my thoughts on this new series.  The series is suppose to begin airing in the fall next year however some sneak peaks have been released to the public that gives us a general feel for how the series is suppose to go. (more…)

Top 10 Favorite Animated Superhero Movies

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So DC and Marvel are no strangers to animation.  While I haven’t seen every one of these, I have seen quite a few that I’ve really enjoyed.  So today, I’m counting down the 10 I liked the best and the ones I would recommend to anyone.

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Top 10 Favorite Original Supervillains – NonComic Month

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So this is the second week of NonComic Month where I take a look at Superheroes that didn’t originate from the comics. Last week we looked at my top 10 favorite superheroes that did not start out in the comics, but of course where’s a superhero if you don’t have a villain for him to fight?  Where’s Superman without Lex Luthor?  Or Spider-man without Green Goblin?  Or Batman Without Joker?  Or Wonder Woman without…uh…Cheatah??? (Seriously, Wonder Woman needs better villains).  Anyhoo, here are my favorite supervillains that did not originate from the comics!

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Top 10 Favorite Original Superheroes – NonComic Month

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So today’s the first Monday of March, you know what that means!… (pause for effect) …  NonComic Month!  This is where I take all of March to focus on Superheroes that are outside the comic books.  Sure a few of these guys did get a comic book series after their debut, but they all debuted outside the comic.  Now when I first talked about NonComic Month, I gave a schedule for this month (that did say wasn’t set in stone yet) but I decided to change it slightly so the new schedule is below.  I’ll try my very best to not change this new schedule  But now on to the list!

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Top Favorite 5 Original Superhero Cartoons


Hello interweb, Nate here.  Yes, I said today I would review Civil War.  Unfortunately while I started the review, I don’t have time to finish it.  I take guitar lessons and yesterday I participated in a student concert where anyone who takes music lessons by the same music teachers shows of a song they learned to their family and friends (I did Skillet’s Hero with this video played behind me).  I also have my World History midterms today so I need to study for those.

So I figured since I haven’t posted anything major since before I left for Mexico I should probably make something for you guys to read.  And since I’ve already made My Top 10 Favorite Superhero Cartoons that are based of of comic books, why don’t I talk about those that aren’t based off of comic books.  After all, this blog’s called Superheroes Etc., not Marvel and DC Only.

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