My name is Nathan but most people call me Nate.  I love superheroes and have always been into them growing up.  I like making countdown lists and I like reviewing things like cartoons.  I am also a big reader, not just comic books.


If you have a request for a post, either comment on one of my posts or email me at sablikid626@gmail.com


  1. I just got done reading the Sentry comics (not when he is all weird and goes crazy) but the 2000-2001 mini series and it’s amazing! I think you should read it and give a review!

      1. I have Marvel Unlimited (which is AWESOME!) so I don’t know if you do or not but you totally should get it! I read ‘Sentry 2000-2001’ it was just a mini series but the words and thoughts behind the story line was amazing. Along with the five issue mini series was five more ‘spin -offs’ of characters in the story called: Sentry: Hulk, Sentry: X-men, Sentry: Fantastic Four, Sentry: Spider-man, and last Sentry: The Void. I don’t know how much you know about Sentry, but I knew how things turned out which was a bummer, but just put that out of your mind when you read this.


      2. Alrighty then, I’ll pick it up from my local library when I have the time. Personally, I actually don’t know much about the character so I’ll provably do a little research beforehand. I know that he is an extremely powerful Marvel character that people say is a Superman ripoff (although technically every superhero is a Superman tipoff) and that’s about it. He does seem like an interesting character, I just haven’t spent the time to learn about him.

      3. Do not learn about him before hand! It ruins the story arch. The character is even more awesome because you can tell that he is a Superman ripoff and how they twist him.

      4. Okay, thanks for the warning! It’ll probably be up in a month as I’ll need time to get this from the library and read this (longer if someone else already have it and I need to wait for it to come in), but I’ll definitely do it!

      5. Hi again, I recently went on to my library’s website to put it on hold but I don’t think my Library has a copy of the graphic novel. You said that you read it on Marvel Unlimited so I wanted to know if it was free or if it was a purchase? And if you need to pay for it than is there anywhere else that I can find it for as little as possible?

  2. I just thought it would be cool to see a review on it, but you don’t have to go to all this trouble. I started Marvel Unlimited on a deal they do at Christmas where you can read over 15,000 for a month for only 75 cents. I don’t think they have a deal like that going on right now. I don’t know of any other place you could get it, but Marvel just started a partnership with Amazon and Comixolggy a week ago, and you could check that out. I would give you my password and log in for my Marvel Unlimited account, but then it would be in your comments and everyone could see. Here is the newsletter for the new partnership (I don’t know if it will be on there or not, I didn’t check)


    1. Alright, thanks anyways. If I can get my hands in it then I’ll review it but I don’t feel comfortable knowing your username/password for a website, even if u do privately email it to me. If you have another comic in mind than I can review that instead!

      1. My sister’s favorite comic book series ever is Superior Spider-man. The plot of it sounds weird, but the art and writing and morals and certain situations and characters are absolutely superior to anything else I have read. The plot is where Doc Ock is in Peter Parker’s body and how he takes with great power must come great responsibility. The character growth (for all of the characters) is what really draws you into it. Superior Spider-man has his own series of about 31 comics and then a Superior Spider-man team up comic, but don’t feel like you have to read them all (but if you want awesomeness then do). I haven’t ever really talked to anyone (besides my sister) about comicbook so I just figured this would be cool and it is good to share awesome work.

      2. I remember reading the first couple of trades but stopped. Not because i didnt like it but because I moved on to other comics. I think I’ll review this instead! It’ll give me the chance to actually read the entire series.

        If you want to know about another awesome Spidey story than I would suggest Kraven’s last Hunt (or something like that).

    1. Just as an FYI, the Superior Spider-man review will probably be up not this week, but next week; but it’s definitely coming! Just wanted to let you know so your not thinking “When will it be up!!!” this week.

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