Top 10 Reasons Why I Dislike Wolverine

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So I originally had nothing planned today but a friend of mine (who knows I dislike this character) sent me a link to a post where this guy is explaining why Wolverine is apparently the best Superhero ever (according to him, even better than Batman).  I’m not going to send you guys a link to the post as I don’t want to make this a response to his post (even though you can argue that it technically is) but I have said several times that I don’t like Wolverine and you guys as well as some of my friends has asked me why I don’t like wolverine, and I always say “I don’t know, I just don’t” as I know that Wolverine is some of your guys’ favorite superhero and I don’t want anyone getting mad at me for bashing on their favorite superhero.  So tell you guys what, if I explain why I dislike Wolverine, then you guys don’t get too angry at me.  You can criticize my reasons all you want in the comments below, and if you don’t want to hear me bash this guy than you can simply not read this post.  So with all that said, here’s what’s bound to be my most controversial post yet

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  • This is my personal opinion on why I don’t Wolverine
  • I’m not mocking or making fun of Wolverine fans, I’m mocking and making fun of Wolverine.  So if you like this character, then read at your risk.
  • Also, my goal here is not to change your mind and just to simply say why I don’t like this character
  • Not in any specific order


#10 – He’s not interesting


Wolverine is suppose to be a bad@$$ and that’s pretty much it.  I mean, can you really think of any other way to describe him?  When people think Batman they think bad@$$, but they also might think intelligent, courageous, and sympathetic.  Wolverine’s just bad@$$ and it’s fine to try and make a character over the top bad@$$, but if his bad@$$ness is his only memorable quality, then how can you possibly call this character interesting.


#9 – He’s everywhere


The Avengers, the X-Men, the New Fantastic Four, what Marvel team is he not apart of?  And before his death in Death of Wolverine he was in countless titles.  Honestly, I wouldn’t even mind Wolverine as much if he wasn’t everywhere.  I mean seriously, picture that one character in fiction that annoys you greatly but at least you can just read something else and you don’t have to worry about it.  Now imagine that character being everywhere, you’ll like that character less and less with every title he’s in.  And because he’s everywhere…


#8 – He hogs the spotlight from more interesting characters

"This is for hogging the spotlight!"

“This is for hogging the spotlight!”

One thing I never understood is why Wolverine is so much more popular than Cyclops.  I’m serious, I love Cyclops: he’s 1000xs more interesting then wolverine, his ability to shoot lasers out of his eyes is really cool and the fact that he can’t control them makes him more interesting, and he has great leadership skills so he’s a really cool character.  If Cyclops’s and Wolverine’s popularity suddenly swapped and Cyclops was the character that everybody loves, I wouldn’t mind.

Even besides Cyclops the X-Men is filled with cool characters like Storm, Beast, and Shadowcat just to name a few.  But of course we have to shove them aside to give Wolverine more titles.  I would much rather have collected Shadowcat and the X-Men over Wolverine and the X-Men.  In fact, maybe it’s a good thing that Marvel don’t own the X-Men, because Wolverine would be stealing the spotlight over other marvel characters who deserves their own movie.  Honestly, I don’t think a Black Panther movie would have even been suggested if Marvel/Disney was able to make a Wolverine movie.  Although admittingly I bet Marvel/Disney would make a better Wolverine movie then Fox’s Wolverine movies.


#7 – His rogues gallery is decent at best


Other than Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike, what other well-known villains does Wolverine have?  Even then am I the only one who finds it strange that Sabretooth is Wolverine’s arch-enemy and he’s arguably one of Wolverine’s weakest enemies?  Even Hulk’s rogues gallery is more interesting and I bet, other than maybe Abomination, no one knows any Hulk villains.  Even Iron Man’s rogues gallery is even better and Wolverine is so much more popular than Iron Man.


#6 – His adamantium skeleton is redundant

Why have an unbreakable skeleton when your healing is this powerful?

Why have an unbreakable skeleton when your healing is this powerful?

What exactly is the purpose to his skeleton again?  Yes it’s unbreakable, but if he already has his healing factor then why does his bones need to be unbreakable?  Why not just make his claws adamantium like X-23?  All his bones do is make him a much easier target for Magneto (oh don’t worry, I’ll talk about him later) and…protects him from injuries that he can heal from in seconds?  Ugh, whatever, what’s next?


#5 – He can’t die


This didn't even kill him

This didn’t even kill him

I know that this is kinda bad timing to complain about this sense Death of Wolverine ended a few months ago, but that’s because he lost his healing factor.  And the fact that he lost his healing factor before that miniseries caused some suspense in that story has it’s possible that he could die (spoiler alert, he died).  But with his healing factor, then he can’t die and it causes no suspense.  For example, if you see Spider-man dodging a bunch of bullets thanks to his Spider-sense warning him of the bullets and is enhanced reflexes allowing him to dodge them, but he still could die.  Of course it’s unlikely that they will die but it’s still possible that could die which means he has to be careful when going into those situations.  Wolverine, he can just run right into them and not think about the consequences.  If he can heal from anything then why be scared of death?  Just run into the streams of bullets and turn everybody into a big mess of blood and guts.  The only other character who has this strong of a healing factor is probably Deadpool but his comics aren’t suppose to be serious, they’re suppose to be humorous.  As a result, I honestly don’t care whether or not Deadpool can die so long as he makes me laugh.  But Wolverine isn’t a humorous character and his healing abilities just sucks all the suspense from it.


#4 – He’s nothing without his healing factor

This is what happens when he looses his healing factor

This is what happens when he looses his healing factor

As we saw recently in the comics before his death, he went from a bad@$$ who can take on anybody to a coward.  Right after he lost his healing factor, he turned around and asked Spider-man to create the Ablation Armor to protect him.  Wow.  I mean, he has his adamantium skeleton to protect him now that his healing factor’s gone (which was the only time the adamantium skeleton had a purpose besides “it’s cool” I guess) and other marvel characters like Daredevil and Spider-man who goes around fighting crime without any armor because armor would slow them down and they much rather be fast enough to risk their lives and protect people.  But no, Wolverine needs some armor to protect him now that his healing factor’s gone for good.


#3 – His powers are cool but boring


I’ll admit it, his claws are awesome.  I mean, their foot long, unbreakable, can-cut-through-anything claws that he always have handy inside his arms.  But while they’re cool, their kind of boring.  Superheroes and sometimes supervillains often have superpowers that you can often sum up in one or two words but writers can have fun thinking of creative ways to use them.  For example, what is Flash’s superpower?  Super speed.  Alright, but what can he do with that super speed?  Well he can vibrate his molecules through solid objects, spin his arms to create mini tornadoes, travel through time, and even make duplicates of himself.  How about Magneto?  Well he can manipulate metal, but he can use that metal to do various things.  Like in X-Men Days of Future’s Past he took the metal railroads, turned them into wires, strung those wires into the Sentinels, and controlled the Sentinels.  That’s really cool and creative.  But what can Wolverine do?  Um…he can not get killed and always have knives handy?  Yeah sorry, that’s not a superhero that’s a horror monster.


#2 – Magneto’s personal rag doll

Wolverine and Magneto

Who though that creating a superhero with a metal skeleton to face a supervillain who can control metal was a smart idea again?

Speaking of cool things Magneto can do why don’t we add “Wolverine manipulation” to the list?  It’s like if DC decided to give Lex Luthor “Superman manipulation” or giving Green Goblin “Spider-man manipulation”.  If you have a villain that your planning on making your hero fight maybe don’t give that hero the very thing your villain controls.  Yes you could argue that Colossus also is covered in metal, but he can get rid of that metal.  Wolverine is stuck with his adamantium and can’t get rid of it.  And X-23 was never meant to fight Magneto, Wolverine was.  Heck, one time in the comics Magneto even ripped the metal right out of Wolverine’s body.  Whose idea was the metal skeleton again?


#1 – He has more bad qualities then good qualities


There is not a single superhero I can really think of that doesn’t have one think I I dislike about them.  For example, my favorite superhero is Batman and I’ve always disliked how Bruce Wayne is a billionaire playboy (the billionaire part doesn’t bother me it’s his title as playboy that really urks me), while X-23 is much more interesting and sympathetic than Wolverine she still has Wolverine’s cool yet boring powers of not being able to die and always having knives handy, Nightcrawler’s design hasn’t changed much sense his creation and is in desperate need of an update, etc.  But while every superhero has one or two things that I dislike about them, Wolverine is the opposite with one thing I like about him: his cool claws.  But do to that fact that he’s uninteresting, he hogs the spotlight, his rogues gallery is boring, and his powers are boring I just can’t really like him.  So if your planning on telling me “yeah well so-and-so has this negative quality about him/her” then yeah he/she probably does but it’s the fact that Wolverine’s negative quality outnumbers his positive qualities that frankly would throw him into a top 10 least favorite superheroes list if I ever decide to make one of those.  Is he my least favorite?  Honestly no, but the fact that he has so many negative qualities combined with the fact that he’s everywhere make him pretty far up there.


Last Weeks Poll

So last poll was my Green Arrow Vs Hawkeye – Character Compare and asked you guys who you think should’ve won:


Hawkeye: 100.00% (2 votes)


So sense I had Green Arrow win I guess you guys just disagreed with me.


End Poll

So I honestly hope I didn’t offend anyone because I honestly wasn’t trying to bash anyone for liking Wolverine, I’m literally am just saying why I don’t like him.  So today’s question: Do you like Wolverine?


  1. Considering that all X-men movies so far with the notable exception of “First Class” were pretty much the Wolverine show, I am not sure if Marvel could do worse. The only advantage of them not having the rights is that it keeps the X-Men out of the MCU, which makes for a way more logical universe in my book.

    I am indifferent about Wolverine, but his constant presence is very annoying because, yes, he is very boring and yes, all the other characters are side-lined in his favour.

    1. I actually have yet to see an X-Men film outside Days of Future Past because the original trilogy came and left when I was still very young, i never bothered watching the two Wolverine movies (for obvious reasons), and I didnt see X-Men First Class as it was a prequel to the original trilogy and sense I never saw the original trilogy i didnt see any need to watch it.

      So I don’t know about those films but I was really annoyed when they changed the story s in the original story from the 80s it was Shadowcat (one of my favorite X-Men) who was sent back in time but because Wolverine is so marketable they changed it so he was sent back in time instead.

      Although I guess your right, if the X-Men joined the MCU then Marvel/Disney would probably exploit him as much as Fox does.

      1. Believe me, the original trilogy is pretty much an insult to every character not Wolverine, Magneto or Professor X. The role of Jean Grey is pretty much cut down to being the prize in a love triangle between her, Wolverine and Cyclops who barely gets any lines unless it is in order to bicker with Wolverine, Rogue is turned into a whiney teenager who reminds me more or Jubilee so that Wolverine can play gruff mentor to her and Storm…well, she pilots the plane. That’s more or less it is. There is also a lot of time spend on the “big mystery” which is Wolverine and Professor X trying to help him.
        Honestly, since this trilogy I have developed a hatred for Wolverine.

      2. If what you said is true than I’m really angry at that. I personally believe there are two reasons to make live-action superhero movies: 1. To bring these characters to life, and 2. To introduce new people to these characters and possibly get them curious enough to read the comics. So if the previous X-Men films are really that bad then that will negatively reflect on the X-Men franchise. The X-Men are by far my favorite superhero team and I honestly though DoFP was “ok” so I hope we get an X-Men film that more accurately portrays…well…the X-Men.

      3. Well….some people like the original trilogy, or at the very least the first two movies. But I was always disappointed by it. A lot of flashy stuff, but not a lot of substance into it, and the way some of the most interesting characters are marginalized is frustrating.

      4. Well X-Men Apocalypse is coming soon so lets just hope they do well with this movie. Considering that Apocalypse is basically X-Men’s most powerful enemy I can see an interesting story from it.

      5. Honestly, I am not sure. The whole thing was very confusing….I guess it deleted the events of the third movie at the very last, and perhaps the ones of the second one, too? It’s wasn’t really clear…..

  2. Wolverine sucks. He’s a dick, but worse, he’s an unfunny dick. There’s a lot of jerk characters who are great because they’re hilarious. Wolverine’s idea of a joke is popping his claws and threatening to kill someone. Also, he’s an attempted homewrecker – he saw that Scott and Jean were in a happy, committed relationship, and he said, “To hell with that, she’s hot and I want her.”

    Also, the way his healing factor got amped up to such an insane degree got old.

  3. Wolverine sucks. He’s a dick, but worse, he’s an unfunny dick. There’s a lot of jerk characters who are great because they’re hilarious. Wolverine’s idea of a joke is popping his claws and threatening to kill someone. Also, he’s an attempted homewrecker – he saw that Scott and Jean were in a happy, committed relationship, and he said, “To hell with that, she’s hot and I want her.”

    Also, the way his healing factor got amped up to such an insane degree got old.

  4. I agree with you Wolverine sucks. He has nothing special about him and he does steal the spot light and plus he takes everything seriously and is always in a mood. The movies for X-Men are all based off of him and none of the other characters get a chance they even took out Nightcrawler from the X-Men trilogy.

  5. He’s my second favorite X-Men character (Behind Cyclops…yes, the two most popular Xmen are my two favorite, but it’s pure coincidence!) but if we count other teams like the Justice League and Avengers, then he doesn’t really rank. That being said, it all depends on who’s writing him. I don’t like him in the films, but I’ve liked him in all of the TV shows as well as the comics back in the 90’s. Nowadays, they go too far in trying to make him “hardcore” by having him be a womanizer, drunk, and with a sailor’s mouth. That’s not the Wolverine that I remember. I can certainly see why you dislike him, but the Wolverine of the good ole days…it was hard to beat him!

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