Spider-man: Homecoming First Official Trailer Review and Explained

Hello interweb, Nate here!  I am so excited!  The first official trailer for Spider-man: Homecoming hit the web last night and the only reason I didn’t scream was that I was the only one awake at the time.  So with that said, let’s not waste any more time and check this thing out!

Ok so let’s start with the scene at 0:07-0:31.  This scene alone sold me because it was everything I love about Spider-man in less than 30 seconds!  Now first off we see these burglars robbing a bank with some type of high tech weapon.  In the international trailers, we got a glimpse of Shocker who I believed had similarly coloured gauntlets for his sonic blasts so if my hunch is correct I believe these must be some of Shocker’s stooges.  Now as we’ll see later in the trailer, Vulture is the main villain so I’m curious on whether the two characters are going to team up or not and if they don’t how both characters fit into the movie.  The fun part of the entire scene starts at 0:15 when we see Spidey just chilling in the background before making a few jokes and getting the action started.  This is very much like the Spider-man most of us know being a wise-cracker during battle which I’m glad Tom Holland is doing so well with the delivery of these lines.  I’ve always said that Toby Maguire was the better Peter Parker due to how well he was able to play a nerd while Andrew Garfield nailed the sarcastic personality that Spider-man is often shown to have.  Based on this trailer and what we’ve seen in Captain America: Civil War, I’m guessing that Tom Holland will become Spider-man similar to how many people see Robert Downey Jr. has become Iron Man.

Looking closer at the fight scene.  Spider-man actually grabs “Thor’s” arm when he tries to elbow him and he’s so strong that he just has to push his arm away and that caused “Thor” to punch “Hulk” taking both out.  Then he jumps to the ceiling and easily dodges “Iron Man’s” punches before tossing him aside.  I also love that little line at the end where he says “Whoah, that was awesome!”  This entire action scene has the humour and fast-paced action nailed!

At 0:35-0:53, we get to take a look at Peter’s high school environment and some of the supporting cast included in the film.  The creators have stated that this will primarily be a High School drama featuring superheroes rather than the other way around which I don’t think has ever been done before outside of superhero parodies.  Previous Spider-man movies have been in High School before but they never really had that as the focus.  This will basically be the MCU from the point of view of a High School.  Based on the name and the fact that we can see Liz Allen hanging up a poster at 0:38, I think we’re probably going to have some type of major subplot focusing around Peter’s Homecoming dance.  Which probably means we’re going to see how Peter’s life as Spider-man affects his day-to-day life more than previous Spider-man movies including relationships and dating.  That is a big part of what made Spider-man so interesting to begin with so I’m glad they’re trying that out.  If Liz Allen is going to be the main love interest of the film then here’s my guess for what’s gonna happen.  Peter will somehow impress Liz so that she becomes his date to the dance, then the Vulture attacks which causes him to either be late for the dance or leave early, and then we’ll see Liz’s reaction to Peter ditching out on her.  Something similar like that happened in Spectacular Spider-man only his date was Mary Jane and she didn’t get upset over Peter leaving.

We do get to see a handful of supporting characters here.  Like I said earlier, Liz Allen is most likely going to be the love interest of the film.  This doesn’t necessarily mean Zendaya isn’t playing Mary Jane but it’s possible she’s playing a different character all together.  I do kind of find it funny how Liz is black in this considering how her original comic book counterpart is white and the Spectacular Spider-man version is Hispanic.  I guess Liz can be whatever race you want her to be at this point.

miles-and-gankeWhen I first saw Peter’s best friend here my first thought was Ganke Lee from the Miles Morales comics because of how similar they look.  Which I actually didn’t like because Ganke is Mile’s best friend, not Peter’s and you shouldn’t steal a character from a smaller character’s supporting characters (take a shot every time I said “character”).  However, according to Wikipedia, he’s playing Ned Leed which is the character who turns into Hobgoblin.  I’m not sure whether or not this is set up for future Spider-man movies but if you wanted to go with the “Best friend turns evil” route why not go with Harry Osbourne and Green Goblin?  Not a fan of this decision personally.

This interaction between Tony and Peter at 0:54-1:09 is so cute!  Due to Peter’s age, Tony is going to wind up restricting Peter on a lot of activities which you can see glimpses of throughout this trailer.  Peter has to work in the gray area of what Tony would and wouldn’t do, Peter can’t fight the Vulture, and Tony treats Peter “like a kid” as we’ll be seeing throughout the trailer.  I understand that Tony probably feels responsible for Peter since he dragged Peter into a bigger superhero gig and at this point, he may end up being like Peter’s father figure with Uncle Ben gone so I can’t wait to see more between these two.  And that hug was hilarious.  In Civil War, Tony did mention how he found Aunt May attractive so people have been joking that he’ll become Peter’s “Uncle Tony” which only makes this scene more heart warming to me.

We see Peter watching his fight with the Avengers during Civil War at 1:13-1:16, probably on YouTube if I had to guess.  Also, notice those pictures in the background?  The one on the far right is Dr. Bruce Banner.  I found that to be a fun easter egg.

ganke-lee-and-legosOkay so this bit is when Ganke – sorry – Ned catches Peter coming in after stopping some more crime at 1:20-1:30.  Now to make further Ganke Lee comparisons, look at what he dropped!  If you’ve read the Ultimate Spider-man comics then you’ll know that Ganke Lee loves legos.  And to add more to the Miles Morales comparisons, is Peter in some kind of dorm?  Does he not do school at home?  Because that’s another thing that differentiates Miles from Peter and Miles is the one who was roommates with his best friend in a dorm.  This is probably the only thing I don’t like about the trailer because everything is labeled as Peter Parker but so many things are obviously pulled from the Miles Morales books.  Instead of Ganke Lee we have Ned Leed and instead of living at home with his Aunt May he lives in a dorm with his best friend.

Also as a side note, that costume is very obviously CGI when it fell off Peter’s body.  I’m not sure why but something about it just didn’t look right.

I’m wondering if 1:30-1:36 all is from the same scene because he climbs up the side of the building and then slides right in.  I hope his costume is glass resistant because that will definitely leave some deep cuts.

the-vultureAnd at 1:36-1:39 we get our first look at Vulture and he looks awesome!  The funny thing about this is in this universe I get why they decided to go with a more machine-based look but I am glad that they kept the hair around his neck.  For the record, Michael Keaten nails it as the Vulture.  Usually, the Vulture is presented as a rather weak villain since he’s an old man and is usually just a character that Spider-man can mock a lot, but when you get freaking Batman to play this guy then he makes a BA performance as you’ll see later in the trailer!  I kind of hope this film does with the Vulture what Spider-man 2 did with Doc Ock and actually make a really cool villain out of him.  Because before Spider-man 2, Doc Ock was just some wacky scientist with mechanical arms.  Now he has a bit more respect.

So Tony is clearly telling Peter to leave Vulture alone and Peter is clearly going to disobey and take care of this himself (1:41-1:48).  Of course, Peter’s going to underestimate his opponent, the fight isn’t going to go well for him, but he’s gonna win in the end and prove himself to Stark.

spider-man-by-steve-ditkoAnd of course the thing everybody wants to talk about: the web wings (1:49-1:50)!  Now ever since Spider-man’s earlier comics, he has had webbing in his armpits and this has come and gone depending on the current artist.  The only thing that confuses me is that I always thought it was an artistic thing and never used as a functional purpose.  The only comic I think I’ve ever seen where web wings have been used to fly is in Spider-Gwen.  Otherwise, I don’t think this is a common thing Spider-man does.  I mean what’s the purpose to flight in the first place when you’re swinging around the city?  If he has done this before then maybe I’m just missing something but I aways thought the armpit webs was more for artistic purposes than functional ones.

Now this is why I think Liz and Peter is going to end up having a romance where his superhero life causes some tension (1:50-1:55).

The Vulture is literally threatening to harm Peter and his loved ones at 1:56-2:00.  And we even see Liz crying at around the 1:59 slot.  So it’s possible that by this point she knows Peter is Spider-man and is scared for him fighting Vulture, or maybe the Vulture is threatening her and the people around her and this is when Spider-man comes to save them.  Up to now Marvel has struggled to make really good villains with the only good one being Loki and hopefully Thanos in the future, but I hope that this one actually leaves a lasting memory.

At 2:01 we see Vulture using some of those purple cannons so my best guess is he took them from Shocker.  Willingly I’m not sure but that’s where I’m betting it’s coming from.  Another theory may be that he made Shocker’s gauntlets?  Afterall, he did make that mechanical suit!

Boom! 2:05, Spider-man is holding a cruise ship together with nothing but webs and pure strength alone!  I think this pretty much one-ups Toby Maguire’s Spider-man with his train rescue and shows just how strong the web-head really is.  And is it possible that this is where the dance is taking place?  Hmm… 🙂

2:11 we close out with an awesome image of Iron Man and Spider-man flying and swinging through New York!  Ah!  I love it!  We’ve never seen this image outside comics and cartoons so I love the fact that they’re actually making this a reality!

So that was the first trailer for Spider-man: Homecoming!  I have to say, I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait for the movie to come out!  My only complaint is that it seems to be stealing some elements from Miles Morales but otherwise this feels like the perfect Spider-man movie!  It has action, humor, high school life, and a great villain!


  1. I looked all over the internet earlier today for a detailed review of the trailer but I couldn’t find one. Well, you satisfied me. Very good, well put together, thoughtful review.

    I had already declared that Spider-man: Homecoming would be my new favorite movie back when Civil War came out and this trailer only verified my assertion. I love the angle they are doing for this movie and Tom Holland will nail it!

    I haven’t read any Ultimate Spider-man comicbooks so I didn’t pick up on the similarities between Ned Leeds and Ganke Lee but I definitely see how some characteristics were borrowed. I don’t know if that was right or not, but I think Harry Osborn has been a bit over done and I want some fresh best friend material. Either way I think I am going to really like Ned Leeds/Ganke Lee.

    I am looking forward to all of the character interactions, I think that the movie has a great cast that has genuine chemistry. Speaking of chemistry, I love all the nerdy references in here from Peter’s T-shirts. Some great nerdy power! I am so excited to see this movie! What could be better than my favorite actor playing my favorite super hero?! 🙂

    1. If you want to go Ned Leed then I guess that’s fine but it’s just odd that the actor look so much like Ganke and I doubt it’s a coincidence that this incarnation of Ned likes legos like Ganke in the comics.

  2. Yeah, I don’t get why they’re just ripping off Ganke’s character instead of just using him or completely saving the character for a Miles film. It just doesn’t really work with the Spider-Man mythos. still a good trailer though and I’m sure that I’ll enjoy the film quite a lot. The Amazing Spider-Man is still the definitive portrayal of Spidey for me with Raimi’s being the best Parker so this one will have to try to surpass those two with the portrayal for me.

    1. Agreed, but I bet this film will be better then the Amazing Spider-man films and hopefully better then the Sam Raimi trilogy!

      And yes, don’t rip off Ganke. You’re making a Peter Parker movie not a Miles Morales movie!

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