Top 10 Supervillain Weapons


Hello interweb, Nate here.  So sense I did my Top 10 Superhero Weapons list, I thought today I’d do supervillains.  The rules are going to be the same as my superhero weapons list but switch superheroes with supervillains.  In case you haven’t seen my superhero weapons list, the rules are below.

Also, I want to say this real quick.  When I first started this blog I thought I could get away with just knowing a lot about these superheroes through the TV shows and movies as the comics could get pretty expensive and I honestly do love these superheroes and wanted to blog about them.  But as I’ve been doing this I realized that I should be reading a lot more comics then reading about them like I’ve been doing.  So below is a reading list of comics I have read or planning on reading very soon.  Some of these comics I’ve borrowed from the library, some of them I bought on my phone (which I would not suggest), and some of my comics I’m currently borrowing from my uncle (thanks!).  If I read a new comics, I’ll place it on the reading list.  I’ll also have links to Amazon copies if your interested, or you could go and find a comic book shop near your house.  With that said, let’s get to the list.

See other top 10s here.


Reading list



  • Must be a weapon owned by a supervillain.
  • Vehicles don’t count (that’s for a whole different list, hint hint)
  • I’m also excluding the likes of Sinestro’s power ring as the power ring was used in my last list
  • DC and Marvel only



#10 – Penguin’s Umbrellas

Being basically the only sane Batman villain, the Penguin has plenty of trick umbrellas that can be used as guns, helicopters, and even has a retractable blade.


#9 – Joker’s Gag Props


Dang, the second entry on this list and it’s another Batman villain.  The clown prince of crime live up to his name with these deadly gag props.  He even has an acid spraying flower.


#8 – Whiplash’s Whips


The first person to not be a Batman villain nor a DC villain.  Whiplash lives up to his name by using two electrically charged whips that can cut through a car like it’s made of butter.


#7 – Mr. Freeze’s Freeze Gun


And we’re back to the Batman villains.  Where could an Ice-themed villain be without any ice?  That’s where the freeze gun comes in, able to freeze anything it touches.  I’m just glad Mr. Freeze is a Batman villain and not a villain of mine.


#6 – Doc Oc’s Robotic Tenticles


Once a genius scientist, Doc Oc is now corrupted by the AI of the four mechanical arms he created.  These arms are strong enough to throw cars 50 feet and squash pesky spiders.


#5 – Bane’s Venom



The last Batman Villain on this list, this strong enemy of Batman gets even stronger when he pumps a special drug into his system called Venom.  With venom, he gets so strong its extremely difficult for Batman to defeat him and this lead to a story line where Bane broke Batman’s back and Dick Grayson (who was Nightwing at the time) took up the role as Batman.



#4 – Magneto’s Metal


I decided to leave this one out of the top 3 spots as I feel this is kind of a cop-out.  With the ability to manipulate all metal, this powerful mutant could turn anything with metal in it into a weapon.


#3 – Loki’s Staff


Being the main villain of the 2012 Avengers movie, Loki has became popularized over the years along with his trickster staff.  Able to cause illusions, control people’s minds, and even shoot energy beams, this is one staff anybody would want.


#2 – Green Goblin’s Glider


The Green Goblin is one of Spider-man’s most popular foes.  And having a glider that is loaded with things such as his signature pumpkin bombs, Spider-man must be careful.  Those pumpkin bomb’s can even disintegrate someone, yikes.


#1 – Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet


The infinity gauntlet, when it has all six soul gems (better known as infinity gems) can basically allow the user to do anything.  I think that sentence basically just said all I need to say about it.


End Thoughts/Announcements

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  1. Cool list! Here would be my personal list!
    10. Shocker’s Vibro-Shock Gauntlets
    9. Mr. Freezes Freeze Ray
    8. Green Goblin’s Arsenal
    7. Merlyn’s Bow
    6. Scarecrow’s Fear Toxin(thanks CFk)
    5. Ock’s Arms
    4. Loki’s Staff
    3. Winter Soilder’s Arm
    2. Mandarin’s Rings
    1. Infinity Gauntlet

      1. OMG, yeah. If I could change my options I would add shocker’s Vibro-Shock Gauntlets and Winter Soldier’s Arm. I forgot all about those guys, thanks.

        Although I still feel like Scarecrow’s fear toxin shouldn’t count as a weapon, but that’s why they call those opinions

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