Top Favorite 5 Marvel Comics of 2016

marvel-logoHello interweb, Nate here!  Last year I tried and failed to do a Christmas series special thingamajig with my 90’cember.  So, why don’t I do something simpler!  I’ll count down the top 5 Comics each company has produced this year as well as all the comic book movies!  So here’s my Top 5 favorite Marvel comics of 2016!

Funny side note: Originally my idea was to have a top 10 best comics with Marvel and DC on a combined list and then a top 10 worst comics of both companies still, but I liked almost everything being published right now so pretty much the only bad comics I could think of is Civil War II and New Avengers because I didn’t like either of those titles. Even the comics I read that I thought weren’t amazing still wasn’t that bad, just okay.


  • Must be a comic book by Marvel comics that’s published in 2016
  • Keep in mind, I haven’t read every comic Marvel has put out this year so if your favorite comic isn’t on the list then feel free to mention it in the comments below!
  • The honorable mentions will consist of comics that I really wanted on the list but just couldn’t because only 5 are allowed


Honorable Mentions!

#10 – “Spidey” by Robbie Thompson: Not as good as Ultimate Spider-man or Spectacular Spider-man but still a fun read of Peter Parker’s high school days!

#9 – “All-New, All-Different Avengers” by Mark Waid: Avengers but with a new roster!

#8 – “Doctor Strange” by Jason Aaron: My first Doctor Strange comics I’ve read and much more bizarre than the movie!

#7 – “Vision” by Tom King: Might get flack for putting this so low on the list, but it’s still a really good and creepy story worth reading!

#6 – “Champions” by Mark Waid: Marvel’s answer to the Teen Titans, very character driven and between this and All-New, All-Different Avengers I’m loving the Kamala Khan-Miles Morales-Sam Alexander trio!

Okay, that was a long Honorable Mentions and I’m sorry for that but Marvel is producing too many good comics to not mention these.  DC’s Honorable Mentions will hopefully be shorter.  Now, onto the list!

#5 – “All-New X-Men” by Dennis Hopeless


I was actually quite concerned with this title when I first saw it because Bendis was no longer writing it and I don’t think I’ve ever read any of Hopeless’s stuff (or maybe I have and just don’t remember).  While it’s not as good as Bendis’s run, it still a pretty fun read and I really like it.  We continue right where Bendis left off but the All-New X-Men are on their own and traveling around and helping as much as they can.  This is actually the only X-Men title I’m currently reading due to how bad they’ve been treated lately but that might change with ResurrXion which I am excited for.

The biggest thing I love about this title is the character interractions which is what you want from an X-Men title.  I’m still not a huge fan over gay Iceman but there was this really cute issue (#13 to be exact) where Bobby goes to a gay bar and have a hard time flirting with guys and it was just too cute and I loved it so much. (By the way, do they have gay bars for teens?  I always figured those would be for adults only.  Or maybe it wasn’t a gay bar and I just misunderstood the situation). He did get somebody’s number in the end and it was an Inhuman so I thought that was cool and I couldn’t help but smile at it.  I think that issue alone is why I decided to put this title on the list over Champions because I kept swapping the two around but I was behind on this title so I caught myself up and after reading issue #13 I just knew I had to put this title on the list.  If you love the X-Men and you’re at least curious on where Bobby went after coming out in the previous run then this is definitely the comic for you!

Also, can’t wait for Iceman’s ResurrXion comic!  Gay Bobby!  Gay Bobby! Gay Bobby!


#4 – “Ms. Marvel” by G. Willow Wilson


And now I’m being reminded that I have to finish my Ms. Marvel Character Bio…poop.  Anyways, so Kamala has quickly become one of my favorite characters in recent years and her last comic didn’t have a single bad issue so I was excited for this comic.  I loved it, up to the Civil War II tie-in where they did something to one of Kamala’s supporting character that I didn’t like.  Not going to spoil anything but if you’re caught up you know what I’m talking about.

Outside the Civil War II tie-in, G. Willow Wilson is still doing amazingly well with this comic.  Kamala is as nerdy and cute as always and still kick plenty of butt.  And as much as I didn’t like what happened in her tie-in, I am hopeful that the comic will get good again and at least do something interesting with said event.


#3 – “Spider-man” by Brian Michael Bendis


Miles Morales is finally in the Marvel Earth-616 universe and Brian Michael Bendis is doing a great job at having Miles adjust to his new home.  His mom is alive again, but due to his time as Spider-man cutting into his studies his grades have slowly been dipping.  Because of this, his grandmother hires Jessica Jones to investigate Mile’s activity and she quickly learns that Miles is the new Spider-man.

Another fun thing I like about this is that a girl with a blog video taped one of Miles’s fights and his torn costume reveals that Miles is black.  The girl is excited that the new Spider-man is a person if color (which btw I’ve always hated that term) but Miles doesn’t want to be known as “the black Spider-man” which is interesting to me since that’s how most people in the real world sees him.  They barely just started on this area so I am curious on where this leads.  Overall, I do like Bendis’s Miles Morales comics better than Dan Slott’s Peter Parker comics so this is where I’m spending my money instead.


#2 – “Deadpool” by Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn


Of course, what did you expect from me?  I loved Gerry Duggan’s previous run on Deadpool and this continuation hold up on the humor and gore.  While I’m not a personal fan of the idea that Deadpool is an Avenger now and is a beloved hero (since he’s suppose to be hated by everyone and he just doesn’t fit as an Avenger), the quality of writing is still maintained throughout.  The thing I like about Gerry Duggan’s writing versus Daniel Way is that Gerry Duggan makes sure to add character to Deadpool rather than purely filling him up with jokes and vulgarity.  In issue #20, Deadpool saves a girl from committing suicide and it was quite heart-warming.  Granted it is Deadpool so it wasn’t like Superman in All-Star Superman, he just kind of joked around in his insensitive manner before showing the girl to a fun night and then handing her over to people who could actually help her.  Seriously, if you don’t want to read through all the issues that have come out thus far at least pickup and read issue #20.  I loved it and hopefully, you will too!


#1 – “Spider-man/Deadpool” by Joe Kelley


Another Deadpool comic?  Yes, another Deadpool comic!  But this time we have Spider-man and they’re teaming up!  This comic is by far my favorite Marvel comic being produced at the moment and it’s largely because of the interactions between these two.  Spider-man is a goody-two-shoes and Deadpool…isn’t.  But as much as Deadpool isn’t exactly the most moral of heroes, he does try and you can see that between the two.  In between all the gay jokes (there’s a lot of Spideypool fan service in this) and Deadpool pissing Spidey off, there are a few moments where the two seem to just share a moment and actually understand each other…kind of.  This isn’t the first time these two have teamed up but it’s definitely my favorite and it’s my most anticipated comic monthly.

So there you have it: my top 5 favorite Marvel comics of 2016!  Agree?  Disagree?  Let me know what your list is in the comments below!  Next time: Top 5 DC Comics of 2016!  Merry Christmas!


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