Captain America – Character Bio

Captain America

“There’s only one God, ma’am, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that.”

-Captain America, Marvel’s The Avengers


Hello interweb, Nate here.  In honor of the new Captain America: The Winter Soldier (no, I have not seen the movie but planing on reviewing it when it comes to DVD and I can rent it from the RedBox), I have decided to do my very first Character Bio on him.  We will be using the Character Bio Format for this character bio.   Remember, if you have any requests for a character bio feel free to comment or email me at

Before we continue, the Superpalooza is still up and going on.  It ends April 19th and I only have one person submit their list to me, I am hoping to get at the very least 3 more people submit their list so If you have friends that loves superheroes of any kind, please send them the link to this blog so they can check it out.


Character Data

Name: Steven “Steve” Rodgers

Codename: Captain America

Occupation: Superhero, American Soldier

Affiliations: S.H.I.E.L.D, Avengers, James “Bucky” Barnes (Sidekick)

Powers/Abilities: Captain America’s strength is at the peak of human perfection allowing him to have the strength, speed, stamina, endurance, and  reaction time that rivals that of any Olympic athlete.

Weapons: round 2.5 ft in diameter, 12 lb, vibranium-metal alloy (a fictional metal) that he can either use as an unbreakable shield or throw it similar to a Frisbee or boomerang.


Creation History
Joe Simon (Right)

Joe Simon (Right)

Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby

Creators: Joe Simon and Jack Kirby

Published by: Timely Comics now called Marvel Comics
Debut: Captain America Comics #1  (March 1941)

In 1940, Joe Simon was inspired to draw Captain America in his uniform as he and Kirby was repulsed by the Nazis.  He wrote ‘Super America’ underneath the sketch.  But than he stated in is autobiography:

“No, it didn’t work. There were too many ‘Supers’ around. ‘Captain America’ had a good sound to it. There weren’t a lot of captains in comics. It was as easy as that.”

Originally he wanted Al Avison and Al Gabriele to help him work on the new comics due to the fact that they both new how to work together and he believed that they could make the deadline.  He noticed that Jack Kirby was visibly upset and Jack stated “‘I’ll make the deadline, I’ll pencil it [all] myself and make the deadline.”  So Simon allowed him to help him a lo-and-behold, they made the deadline.

“I wrote the first Captain America book with penciled lettering right on the drawing boards, with very rough sketches for figures and backgrounds. Kirby did his thing, building the muscular anatomy, adding ideas and pepping up the action as only he could. Then he tightened up the penciled drawings, adding detailed backgrounds, faces and figures.”

-Joe Simons Autobiography


Captain America #1In March of 1941, Captain America #1 was released by Timely Comics, now called Marvel Comics, a year into WWII and a year before the Attack on Pearl Harbor (check out your history textbooks!).   The cover (as shown to the right) featured the main protagonist punching Adolf Hitler in the Jaw.  Due to this, it became a very popular comic at the time and got lots of love.  But those who where Pro-Nazi hated Captain America so much, Joe and Kirby got hate mail, and threatening letters.  They actually needed a cop to stand by their office to protect them.


Captain America’s Biography

Whoever have seen Captain America: The First Avenger knows the just of it, but there are a few small things they left out of the movie.  As usual, their are many different versions and re-imaginations to a character’s past.  I have decided to follow the history that started in the 1940s Captain America Comics that was farther expanded on in Tales of  Suspense #63 and The Avengers #4.

Due to his repulse to the Nazi party and the Japanese empire that convinced him to help out in the war, Steven Rodgers signs up to fight in the military.  However, due to his wimpy stature, he was rejected from the military.  Due to this, General Chester Philips allowed him to accompany him in the project “Project: Rebirth”, a project that focused around them attempting to create a serum that would create super soldiers.  Chosen as a test subject by Dr. Joseph Erskine, the serum worked and transformed Steve Rodgers into a super soldier.

While in the transformation, a Nazi spy killed the scientist to prevent the serum from being recreated as only Dr. Erskine knew the formula to the serum.  The Cap killed the spy, but it was to late as the serum could no longer be recreated.  As a result of being the only superhuman, he created himself a superhero outfit and became known as Captain America.  His only weapons was a gun and a kite-shape, bullet-proof shield.  Both of which would be replaced with a disk-shaped shield created by President Roosevelt that he could use as either a shield or throw it as a weapon.

Eventually James Barnes, a kid who stumbled into the Cap’s tent as he was changing into his masked identity, discovered him and learned of his true identity as Steve Rodgers.  James than promised to keep his secret to himself and was trained by the Cap to become his sidekick: Bucky.

Avengers #1Captain America eventually falls into the ocean and freezes.  20 years later, the Avengers finds his body in The Avengers #4 (shown to the left)(one of the most wanted comic book due to Captain America joining the team) and wakes the Cap up.  To make sure its the real deal, they tests his abilities and learns that it his the true Captain America.  Captain America than becomes a staple to the Avengers.



-Steve is one of the very few people Wolverine trusts

-Steve loves apple pie

-Steve is able to run a 40-yard lap in 3.82 seconds


Comics to Check Out

If you are a fan of Captain America or you want to read more about him, you can check out the following comics:

-Captain America #1

-The Avengers #4

-Captain America #109

-Captain America: Man Out of Time

-Captain America Vol. 1 Masterworks

-The Death of Captain America: the Complete Collection

-Civil War

-Captain America: Winter Soldier


Why I Like/Dislike Captain America

“There’s only one God, ma’am, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that.”

-Captain America, Marvel’s The Avengers

Captain America is one of my favorite superheroes, Marvel or DC, as he symbolizes so many things.  Now I understand that many people might not have the same beliefs I do, but I do believe in one God.  And once Captain America uttered the quote you see above, Captain  America shot up as one of my favorites.  Before the Avengers, I actually didn’t know much about the Cap and didn’t like him that much because he wasn’t even that strong compared to Marvel heroes like the Hulk.  But once I saw the movie ans he said that quote, I wanted to check out more about him, saw the first Captain America movie, and now I can’t wait for The Winter Soldier.  although, the fact that he just witnessed two “gods” and still believed in the God is just awesome.

On a less religious note, Captain America was Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s way of sharing their opinion on the Natzi Party and showing a hero that will stand up for us.  Captain American is an American, albeit fictional, hero and he stands up against evil forces that are (or were) present in the real world.  and to that, I solute you Joe Simon, I solute you Jack Kirby, and I solute you Captain America.



Do you like Captain America?  Why?


End Thoughts/Announcements

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  1. Well I Love Cap and in your last blog I kinda told why I liked him but you reason is another one maybe if we have world war three he might do the same thing.

  2. I love Captain America because he feels like Marvel’s own version of Superman: A superhero who represents the best of what people can be, and someone who you inspire to be.

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