Miles Morales/Spider-man – Character Bio

Miles Morales IIHello interweb, Nate here.  So as promised in my Spider-Gwen – Character Bio, today I’m doing a character bio for Miles Morales aka the second Ultimate Spider-man.  I do want to get a few more character bios out and since this week is Thanksgiving Break for my school I finally have the time to do it.  So if there’s a character that you really want to see a bio on feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best to get it done.  With that said I should stop stalling and get this bio started so here we go!

Character Data

Company: Marvel Comics

Universe: Earth – 1610 (formerly), Earth – 616 (currently)

Name: Miles Morales

Alias: Spider-man

Occupation: High School Student, Vigilante (formerly), superhero

Affiliations: Ultimates, S.H.I.E.L.D., Young Ultimates, Web Warriors, Avengers

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, reflex, durability, and endurance;  Wall Crawling; Spider-sense; healing factor; paralyzing venom touch; camouflage; and immortality

Equipment: Twin web shooters mounted on both wrists

Weaknesses: Inexperienced


Creation History

Brian Michael BendisSara PichelliCreators: Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli

Ultimate Comics Fallout #4Debut: Ultimate Comics Fallout #4 (October, 2011)

Miles Morales was formerly part of the Ultimate Marvel Universe which was a universe that re-imagined several Marvel characters.  It was mainly used by writers to be able to write stories about these characters without decades of continuity to keep them from being creative.  It also allowed for new comic book readers to be able to read these comics without the long history most of these characters have from confusing them.

The people responsible for the Ultimate Universe originally had their own version of Peter Parker/Spider-man but decided to kill him off in the Death of Spider-man storyline.  With their Peter Parker dead they decided to create a fresh new Spider-man for their comics and decided to go for a half-Black half-Hispanic character for more diversity as comics are notorious for their diversity problems (too many straight white men).  Brian Michael Bendis, the writer and creator of Miles Morales, did several things to separate Miles from Peter such as making Miles initially hate his powers as oppose to Peter who loved his new abilities from the get-go.


Miles Morales/Spider-man’s Biography

Miles Morales Prowler steals spiderMiles Morales grew up in Brooklyn and was raised by his Black father and his Porto Rican mother.  Despite the fact that Norman Osborne of this universe was arrested and revealed to the public to be the Green Goblin, Osborn Industries continued to experiment with the Oz Formula (long story short, Oz Formula = Superpowers) and used the formula to create another genetically enhanced spider to re-create the events that turned Peter Parker into Spider-man.  However Miles’s uncle, Aaron Davis, was secretly a villain named the Prowler and went to steal the Oz Formula.  In the process of stealing the formula,  one of the genetically enhanced spiders slipped into his bag.

Miles Morales Spider biteLater Miles would visit his uncle’s apartment for a visit and the same spider crawled out of Aaron’s bag and bit Miles on the hand.  The spider bite granted Miles with the standard spider powers such as enhanced physique and wall crawling Miles Morales Invisibilitybut as a bonus also gave him a paralyzing venom touch from his finger tips as well as the ability to camouflage with his surroundings rendering him invisible.  Due to his father’s hatred towards superheroes and the public opinion on mutants, Miles was afraid to tell anyone about his powers so he went and told his best friend, Ganke Lee, about his new abilities.  Ganke told him that he should become a superhero but Miles declined as he just wanted to live a normal life and considered himself a freak.

Miles Morales and Gwen StacyA few months after gaining his spider powers, Peter Parker died at the hands of Dock Ock.  Miles would visit Peter’s funeral and while there asked Gwen Stacy why Peter became Spider-man.  Gwen told Miles that Peter Parker lived by the  morals of “With great power comes great responsibility” and thus used his abilities to save people.  Miles realized that he could’ve saved Peter if he would’ve only went to help.  So with this guilt, he got himself a Spider-man costume and decided to become the next Spider-man.

Miles would go out and fight the villain Kangaroo but spectators told Miles that his costume was in poor taste as it was the same costume that Peter Parker wore when he died.  Miles Morales and Nick FurySoon after defeating the Kangaroo, Spider-woman would show up and arrest Miles before bringing him to Nick Fury and the Ultimates (which is basically the Ultimate Universe version of the Avengers).  Nick Fury would reveal that he knew everything about Miles and his family and told him that he has no authorization for his activities.  During this conversation, the Miles Morales Vs Electrosupervillain Electro would break out of his cell and would only be defeated by Miles.  After this, Nick Fury would decide that Miles would be a fine predecessor to Peter Parker and decided to give him a modified black and red costume to officially make him the second Spider-man.

Miles Morales recieves Peter Parker 616 blessingsSoon after this, the 2012 Spider-Men miniseries would be released where Miles would meet up with the Earth – 616 Spider-man.  During this adventure, Earth – 616 Peter Parker would team up with Miles to take down a villain and Peter would give Miles his blessings before going back to his universe.

Because of his adventures with 616 Peter Parker, the newspapers started to report of Miles’s activities.  Miles’s uncle would realize that Miles is the new Spider-man and tell him that he’ll help Miles train and revealed himself as the Prowler.  Miles Morales uncle diesMiles followed his uncle to the Mexican crime lord Scorpion and learned of his uncle’s true character.  After he realizes that his uncle is a villain, Miles tells the Prowler that he refuses to help a criminal.  However, this only results in Prowler threatening to tell Miles’s father that he was Spider-man as Mile’s father hates superheroes.  This argument will quickly evolve into a full on fight resulting in Aaron’s death.

Miles would eventually meet May Parker and Gwen Stacy who would reveal to Miles that they know he’s Spider-man and gave him Peter’s old web-shooters. Miles was unable to create his own Miles Morales and May Parkershooters so for the first 13 issues he was unable to shoot webs (it should be noted that he, with the help of Ganke, managed to recreate the web fluid thanks to Peter’s notes).  During this exchange, Captain America would tell Miles that he can no longer continue as Spider-man.  Although he quickly changed his mind after Miles helped him take down the Rhino.

Eventually a war would start up between S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra.  There really wasn’t that much important stuff for Miles during this besides the fact that he was officially welcomed into the Ultimates.  However during the battle, his father would end up in a fight against the Hydra soldiers who prevented him from getting home as he thought Miles would be there.  Because of his father fighting off Hydra, Betty Brant (who worked at the daily planet) would incorrectly assume that Miles’s father is the new Spider-man (she couldn’t tell the height difference?).  J Jonah Jameson would refuse to publish the story in respect of Peter’s death and ended up firing Brant due to her pushing for the story.

Miles Morales mom diesHowever this did catch the attention of Venom who found out about Brant’s incorrect information and went after Mile’s father.  Miles would go to fight off Venom but during the battle a cop would misfire and accidentally shot Miles’s mother.  Miles Morales quitesBecause of his mother’s death, Miles would decide to quite being Spider-man and tore up his costume.  I would like to note that it seems to me that Peter Parker is basically Miles’s Uncle Ben and that Miles’s mom is basically his Gwen Stacy.  I don’t know if those parallels were intentional or not but I found them interesting.

Miles Morales katie bishop and the young ultimatesAn entire year later, Miles would be approached by several of his friends trying to convince him to become Spider-man again.  At this time the Ultimates have disbanded due to reasons I’m not going into here and Miles now had a girlfriend named Katie Bishop (and for those of you wondering: yes, Earth – 616 also has a Kate Bishop who’s the younger Hawkeye).  However after Cloak and Dagger showed up fighting Bombshell (basically Cloak can use dark matter to teleport people, Dagger can create light constructs, and Bombshell can cause explosions), Spider-woman finally convinced Miles to help her fight them and gave him a new suit.  They went after the young metahumans and all five of them would be attacked by Taskmaster.  They all had a huge fight and it would end in Taskmaster’s defeat and Spider-woman, Spider-man, Bombshell, Cloak, and Dagger to create the Young Ultimates.

Soon after this, Miles would tell his dad that he was Spider-man and his dad would run off in fear (he does come back eventually).  While his father is missing, Miles continues to visit his father’s old apartment in hopes that he would return and debated over telling his girlfriend that he was Spider-man.  Miles Morales and Peter Parker 1610One one visit to the apartment, he would get a visit from the Peter Parker who died and Peter would demand that Miles gave him back his web-shooters.  Miles’s would refuse to believe that it was actually Peter Parker and they fought but it resulted in Peter knocking Miles unconscious and taking back his web-shooters.

Miles Morales reveals to katie that he's spider-manNot sure what to do, he went to Ganke for advice and he would receive a surprise visit from Katie.  Despite Ganke’s objections, Miles decided to reveal his secret to Katie causing her to run home in tears.  After a short dispute with Maria Hill, Miles would be attacked by the Green Goblin and during the fight Peter Parker (in his Spider-man get up) would help with the Green Goblin’s defeat.  After Green Goblin escaped, Miles and Peter met back up at May’s house. While there, Green Goblin came back and fought them once again.  During the fight, Green Goblin revealed that the Oz Formula grants the user immortality meaning that Miles Morales, Peter Parker (of this universe), and Green Goblin can’t die.  Personally I’m not a big fan of them being immortal since one of the appeals to Spider-man is that he’s not Superman-level powerful.  In the end Green Goblin is defeated, Peter decides to run away with Mary Jane, and Miles receives his blessings too.

Miles Morales girlfriend is hydraMiles than decide to visit Katie’s house and is greeted by her father.  Katie’s father allows Miles into the house and gives him a cup of water.  However it’s revealed that Katie’s family is part of Hydra and her father slipped a drug into Miles’s drink rendering him unconscious.  Miles than wakes up tied to a chair in front of Katie.  After a fight between Miles and Hydra as well as the Young Ultimates, who shows up later, they notice another Earth in the sky and this is the start of Secret Wars.

Spider-man vol 2 1All-New All-Different Avengers vol 1 1Now that you’re all caught up on Miles’s history, you should check out his All-New, All-Different Marvel title simply called Spider-man.  It should be available February of 2016 so it’ll be a while but at least this bio should tell you all you need to know so you can jump in as soon as it hits shelves.  It is being written by Brian Michael Bendis (who I’m pretty sure has written all of Miles’s solo titles since his creation) since Miles is now officially on Earth – 616 it should be fun to see how he reacts to the main Marvel universe.  I just really hope that Earth – 616 Peter Parker/Spider-man doesn’t appear in it as much as his presence would overshadow Miles’s character and I honestly want him to take the spot light 100%.  Than again if Peter did show up his recognition could encourage newer readers to check the title out.  As a side note, Miles is also one of the members of All-New, All-Different Avengers and the first issue of that title is currently available to read so you can check that out.



  • Miles may be the first Black Spider-man but he’s not the first Hispanic Spider-man.  That honor goes to Miguel O’Hara aka Spider-man 2099
  • Miles became Spider-man at the age of 13 so he’s pretty young compared to Peter who became Spider-man at 15
  • After returning to Earth – 616, Peter Parker of that universe searched the web to see if his universe has a Miles Morales.  The reaction from the search results was that of shock but Peter’s findings remain unknown.
  • There was a short storyline in All-New X-Men where the time displaced X-Men from the past some how ended up in Miles’s universe.  During this story, Miles developed a crush on Jean Grey.


Reading Recomendations

  • Ultimate Comics: Spider-man Vol. 1
  • Spider-Men
  • Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-man Vol. 1
  • Spider-man Vol. 2 (Upcoming)
  • All-New, All-Different Avengers (Current)


End Poll

So what are your opinions on Miles Morales?  Love him?  Hate him?  Cast your vote below!


  1. Great bio, better than what you would find on Wikipedia. Personally I can’t stand Miles since his character feels so PC because Marvel just had to cover their bases by making him both black and Hispanic, it was too on the nose but I like the fact that someone other than Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

    1. Thanks 🙂 I actually read most of the stories Miles has been featured in thus far so I was able to do this in more detail than the Wikipedia articles probably offer.

      I guess I kinda see what you mean by the PCness of his character but honestly I find his character fresh and fun to read. But you’re not the only person I know whose not a fan of his so I guess he rubs certain people the wrong way.

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