Suicide Squad Trailer Review and Explained

Warning:  All of what I’m about to say may very well be me speculating and theorizing.  So if I say something that contradicts something that is revealed later than that is why.  Also just to be on the safe side I’m just going to say there are possible spoilers below but I highly doubt there’s anything that will ruin the movie if I mention it.

Hello interweb, Nate here.  I apologize if the next few weeks are a little slow content wise but my school decided to do midterms after Christmas Break and so I have a few of those coming up that I’m studying for.  Once those are over, I might get a few more posts made and I might tackle the Death of Superman Comixplanations that I promised a while back.  But for now, Warner Bros has recently released the second trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie but the first Official trailer for it (because I guess the Comic-Con trailer wasn’t “Official” for some reason).  So since there is just so much insanity to uncover in this trailer, let’s just jump right in!

So we open up with a pretty wacky song that plays throughout the entire trailer and the members of the Squad being shown to us one by one (0:01-0:20).  First let me comment on the song.  I usually don’t bring up music in my reviews because I’m generally not a musical guy, most of the time I don’t even notice the soundtrack playing when watching movies and shows, but the music in this trailer just really fits with the tone they’re going for.  Kinda weird and the tempo kinda changes throughout to make this trailer just seem super off the walls.

Now at 0:04-0:07, we see Captain Boomerang getting shut into his cell.  I’m kinda curious, a lot of times comic book movies and cartoons make references to specific numbers rather subtly so I’m curious if “D-108” is a nod to anything or just random digits.

We see Harley Quinn reading a romance novel while drinking tea (with a raised finger) (0:08-0:10).  I’ll comment more on her later, Margot Robbie’s performance is pretty good and spot on in some areas but other areas I’m not too big a fan on.

Deadshot at 0:11-0:13 staring out into the rain.  I hope they spend a bit of time on his relationship with his daughter since that can make him a more sympathetic character that audiences can connect to.  [While most of the cast do well with their roles, I’m not a huge fan of Will Smith playing Deadshot.  Whenever I think of Will Smith I think of slightly more humorous roles like Men In Black or Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  While I’m fine with Deadshot cracking a joke here or there, he’s mostly a serious character so I don’t really want Will Smith to be too funny in this role.  And since the only two lines I can think of is so far are “Let’s go save the world” and “What is this?  Cheer leading try-outs?” I’m kinda nervous.]

Brief appearance of Killer Croc doing push-ups in his swampy cell (0:15-0:16).  I find it interesting that Arkham (I assume this is Arkham) allows inmates to customize their cells like that.  Killer Croc is kind of an interesting character in this line up because I’m pretty sure he’s never been part of the Suicide Squad in the comics.  I’m thinking he’s taking the place of King Shark as that monster that eats people since King Shark’s most recognizable trait is his cannibalism and it is shown later in the trailer that Croc does in fact eat people in this universe.  Killer Croc himself is kind of the wild card of the Batman rogues gallery since he’s been altered to fit pretty much any role the writers chose so this decision makes sense.  I personally always loved Killer Croc most when he’s shown to be a more sympathetic character but this portrayal will be just fine.

And Skull-Face dude (0:16-0:17)!  The funny thing is in the last Suicide Squad trailer I reviews, I didn’t know who this guy was so I didn’t have much to comment on.  Recently, I read the first 3-5 issues (forget exactly how many issues I read but it wasn’t a lot) of the New 52 Suicide Squad and this character is called El Diablo.  Basically his shtick is that he once was a gang member (or something like that) but now he is religious and would much rather stay away from sinful acts.  So he’s probably going to be more pacifistic than the other characters and try to avoid fights more.  His fire powers comes from his tattoos which disappears as he burns them off.  Can’t remember exactly where the tattoos come from but either way that’s what I remember about the character but I might’ve gotten a few details wrong.

Just some reused clips from the first trailer (0:19-0:24).  I still wish Amanda Waller was fatter in this.

Just a real quick comment, I really like the design for this logo here at 0:25 and 0:26.

Looks like their collecting all the inmates up that will be part of the Squad here (0:26-0:41).

At 0:33 you can see a bunch of physicians huddled around each other.  I’m wondering if this is where they implant the mini bombs to the base of their skulls.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but the way he delivers that line just doesn’t seem very Deadshot to me (0:34).

Okay, I loved that moment (0:36-0:41)!  Harley always love being the center of attention so I like how this is done in character.  Although I miss the Brooklyn accent, she acts mostly like Harley Quinn but she doesn’t sound like Harley Quinn.

Basically a rundown of the characters (0:43-0:52).  I am curious about the relationship between Rick Flag and Enchantress here.  Like I’m pretty sure Rick Flag shouldn’t be having any sort of relationship with her bit obviously he is anyways.  Also, what’s happening with Enchantress here?  The same thing happens later too.  Seems like she’s covered in some type of cloud or something.

See, I feel like these actors are trying to match their characters but somethings just off (0:53-1:03).  Like this line is fun and plays around with how insane Harley is, but for some reason it’s just off and I can’t place my finger on what.

Basically the summed up plot (1:03-1:18).  They go in, they might die, they save the world.  I do like the Harley Quinn elevator wave at 1:14, cute little detail.  I feel like Harley Quinn is really standing out compared to the other characters.  I don’t know whether that’s just me and my love for the character, or the fact that she uses the brightest colors of all the characters, or if the trailer really is highlighting her, but she definitely stands out.  Although the hair blow at 1:18 is a cute addition.

Love that line of the Joker’s (1:19-1:25)!  Jared Leto’s Joker performance seems to be lees of the “I want to play this huge psychopathic game” and more “I just want to hurt you really, really bad”.  A lot less jokes and gags and a lot more sadism and suffering.  I absolutely hate the design of this Joker and I wish that this Joker was a bit more attention hungry, but I’m fine with this performance so far.

Interesting line from Enchantress (1:27-1:28).  I’m getting more and more curious about what they’re planning on doing with her.

At 1:30 we see Katanna’s Soul Blade.  Interesting visual effects.

Cute moment here with Boomerang and a beer (1:35-1:37)

The odd thing about 1:39 is I feel like this is a strip club or something and yet the film is going to be PG-13.  I’m wondering how far they’re going to push that rating.

1:40 that looked super cool!

Okay, this thing appears again throughout the second half of the trailer and many fans are speculating what it might be (1:44-1:45).  Looks like something Lex Luthor would make but it’s pretty unknown right now.

Honestly not a lot for me to talk about here (1:46-1:56).  Lots of cool action but that’s about it.

1:57-1:58 looks like Harley Quinn’s origin story from the New 52.  I would go over it some more here but I already did a Character Bio on Harley Quinn a while ago so just check that out if you want to.

And to wrap up this trailer, Harley Quinn steals a purse (2:05-2:14)!  This scene is really funny to me but honestly Rick Flag’s reaction doesn’t really make sense.  If Harley Murdered a guy in cold blood than sure, but stealing a purse?  That seems rather tames compared to everything else in the trailer.

Overall, this is a really fun trailer and seems to be making great use of the cast and characters given to them.  Harley Quinn stands out the most to me but Joker and surprisingly Captain Boomerang also sees to be well done in here.  This is usually where I would put the end poll but WordPress changed the format of their document maker a while ago and I’ve been using the old format but it seems like I can’t use the old format anymore so I don’t know how to access the polls.  I’ll figure it out but in the mean time, comment below with your favorite character from the trailer!  Peace!


  1. I saw that trailer and admit that I agree with you about the trailer looking fun. However I’m hoping by this movie they work out most of the kinks in the DCEU by movie and even more by Wonder Woman’s movie. Because movie franchises take time to grow and sometimes they get their footing by the third movie. Like my opinion that the MARVEL movies didn’t get their footing till the first Captain America movie.

    1. Man of Steel (imo) was a bad movie for several reasons but I hear that Batman V Superman (which I haven’t seen yest but I’ve been spoiled a lot) had a lot of content forcibly cut out because it was too long before being released to theaters so I hope that the DVD release has a cut of the film with more content that may make it better. Again I haven’t seen it yet, but maybe more video content will make it better since the movie was a critical bomb.

      I do hope Wonder Woman is a good film since I know so little of her character compared to the other DC characters. Like outside of Cheatah and maybe Ares I don’t know any of her villains and while I know Batman’s history very well and I know Superman’s history decently well, I know nothing about Wonder Woman besides her origin and one or two other things.

      1. I admit I thought that Batman v Superman was decent and you’re right that Man of Steel and this movie had a lot of problems. However unless the critics are Superhero fans I don’t consider them that valid. My only major problem was the casting of Lex Luther. The way Jess Eisenberg played him made me think that should played The Joker in this movie instead of Jared Leto.

      2. I’ve heard by some reviews that the way Jesse Eisenberg plays Lex Luthor is almost like the script originally featured both characters and at the last minute they decided to combine the two into one character. Based on the trailers it kinda seems like it but beyond that idk.

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