100 Follower Special Q&A – Ask Me Anything!

Hello interweb, Nate here.  Hey, remember that Character Bio I said I’d do for my 100 Follower Special?  Yeah, it’s not done yet!  I’ve been going through some personal stuff in my life as of recently so I’ve been struggling to find the motivation to actually get it done so I thought I’d do something different.  Now I’m still doing the Character Bio which I chose Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) as requested by marvelvarietal (you can check their blog out by clicking that link) because I’m already half way finished and I actually do love Kamala so it would be nice to have her bio up on this blog.  However, I figured a Q&A may be easier and quicker to do since I’m literally just taking your questions and answering them.  I am at 108 followers however I doubt most of them will participate so I’ll allow you guys to ask as many questions as you wish and they don’t have to be strictly about comic books.  They could be about pretty much anything you want to know.  So comment below with any questions you may have and I’ll be answering them this Saturday on the 19th.  Peace!