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Halloween Special – Top 10 Gothic Superhero Costumes

Happy Halloween interweb, Nate here.  So during my review of Fant4stic I had a poll up for my Halloween Special and between the Top 10 Gothic Superhero Costumes or a Comixplanation on Death in Comics and I think it’s pretty obvious on which one won.  This list is pretty simply: it’s my personal favorite Gothic superhero costumes.  So basically if it’s mostly black with maybe some white, purple, or blue, than it qualifies.  Let’s get the the list!

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10 Movies That I Want to See Be Made + Aquaman’s Batman V Superman Design

Hello interweb, Nate here.  Sorry I didn’t post yesterday but as I promised on my Facebook page (which you should really follow as I do post updates and share recent news every once in while up there) I am posting this today.  So anyways, Marvel and DC has a bunch of movies that have been announced so a while ago I posted the ten that I’m most excited for.  Now, here’s 10 movies that I would like them to try and make.  Just for clarity, I personally believe there are two reasons for making live-action superhero movies: 1. to bring these characters that we’ve only seen in drawings and possibly cartoons come to life, and 2. to introduce new people to the characters and possibly get them curious enough to pick up one of their comic books.  So these suggestions are going to be towards both or one of those categories.

Also, I said in a recent post that I would try and get at least one Character Bio out every month but the X-23 Character Bio I’m working on still needs some fine tuning.  I’m almost done with it, but it’s just so incredibly long that I doubt anybody would want to read the whole thing so I’m trying to shorten it down some without losing any important information.

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