Mister Fantastic

My Opinion On Spider-man Coming Home, Superman’s New Suit and Powers, and the Fantastic Four Teaser Trailers

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So there has been quite a bit of superhero news going on lately and sense I have some extra time I figured I can spend it talking about the recent announcements.  So I have three things I want to talk about.  The first thing is about Spider-man and how Sony and Marvel/Disney has recently came up with an agreement on the rights (I’ve already somewhat talked about this in a previous post so click here to see what I said before on the matter).  The second thing is about Superman and how in New 52 Superman #38 Superman has a brand new power (because he doesn’t have enough already, lol) and a brand new suit.  The last thing is just a quick little review to the Fantastic Four teaser trailer.  So let’s get started! (more…)