Killing Joke

Batman: The Killing Joke – Review (Republished)

Batman-The Killing JokeHello interweb, Nate here! So a while back I reviewed the animated movie Batman: The Killing Joke. Now I just got done watching the recent animated movie Batman and Harley Quinn and I was in the process of writing up a review of the film. I made a reference to this review and when I went to link my Batman and Harley Quinn review to this one I realized that this review reverted back into a draft. I’m not quite sure why this is or what happened but I decided to republish it with as few edits as possible. This is, word-for-word, my original review of the animated movie. I guess you could consider this a “Lost episode” if you want. Anyways, this is a spoiler warning review and enjoy! Stay tuned for my review of the Batman and Harley Quinn animated movie!

My Opinion on Batgirl #41 Joker Variant Cover, is it Sexist?

Batgirl #41 Joker Variant Cover

Batgirl #41 Joker Variant Cover

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So as many of you probably know by now, DC is releasing Joker variant covers for all their titles for the 75th anniversary of the character for the month of June.  For those of you who don’t know what a variant cover is, a variant cover is an alternate cover for a comic that is often bought by collectors.  These variant covers don’t have to have anything to do with the actual issue, their just an alternate cover you can buy.  However there has been one cover that has stirred up quite the controversy lately: the Batgirl #41 Joker Variant cover. (more…)