Etta Candy

Wonder Woman Trailer Review and Explained

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So I apologize for how late this post is but I’ve been on a week long vacation and I couldn’t bring my computer.  So I managed to get the Justice League trailer out but I couldn’t get the Wonder Woman trailer out before I left.  But I did do a lot on vacation so I think I have quite a bit that I can do for future posts.  For one I finally saw Batman V Superman (the theatrical cut) and Suicide Squad on opening day!  I also saw the recent animated movie The Killing Joke.  So while I will review BVS and Suicide Squad shortly (I’ll probably get the BVS review out later today), I was wondering if you guys wanted me to review The Killing Joke.  I haven’t reviewed an animated movie before but this one in particular seems to be creating quite the stir!  So I’ll have a poll below to determine whether or not you guys will be interested in a The Killing Joke review.  But enough with that, today we’ll focus on Wonder Woman (the whole world is waiting!…that’s how it goes, right?).

Also as a side note:  I’m three subscribers away from reaching 100 subs!  Keep it up you guys!!! (more…)