Danny Phantom

Top 10 Comic Book Franchises That Should Be Turned Into an Animated Series

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So with the lack of really good superhero cartoons recently I’ve been thinking about some possible cartoons that could possibly be made.  And when I say cartoons, I mean good cartoons.  Cartoons that can be both humorous and dramatic, have great characters and character development, and have a really good story.  Basically think less of Teen Titans Go!, Avengers Assemble, and Ultimate Spider-man and more Teen Titans, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and Spectacular Spider-man.

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Top 10 Favorite Original Supervillains – NonComic Month

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So this is the second week of NonComic Month where I take a look at Superheroes that didn’t originate from the comics. Last week we looked at my top 10 favorite superheroes that did not start out in the comics, but of course where’s a superhero if you don’t have a villain for him to fight?  Where’s Superman without Lex Luthor?  Or Spider-man without Green Goblin?  Or Batman Without Joker?  Or Wonder Woman without…uh…Cheatah??? (Seriously, Wonder Woman needs better villains).  Anyhoo, here are my favorite supervillains that did not originate from the comics!

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Top 10 Favorite Original Superheroes – NonComic Month

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So today’s the first Monday of March, you know what that means!… (pause for effect) …  NonComic Month!  This is where I take all of March to focus on Superheroes that are outside the comic books.  Sure a few of these guys did get a comic book series after their debut, but they all debuted outside the comic.  Now when I first talked about NonComic Month, I gave a schedule for this month (that did say wasn’t set in stone yet) but I decided to change it slightly so the new schedule is below.  I’ll try my very best to not change this new schedule  But now on to the list!

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Top Favorite 5 Original Superhero Cartoons


Hello interweb, Nate here.  Yes, I said today I would review Civil War.  Unfortunately while I started the review, I don’t have time to finish it.  I take guitar lessons and yesterday I participated in a student concert where anyone who takes music lessons by the same music teachers shows of a song they learned to their family and friends (I did Skillet’s Hero with this video played behind me).  I also have my World History midterms today so I need to study for those.

So I figured since I haven’t posted anything major since before I left for Mexico I should probably make something for you guys to read.  And since I’ve already made My Top 10 Favorite Superhero Cartoons that are based of of comic books, why don’t I talk about those that aren’t based off of comic books.  After all, this blog’s called Superheroes Etc., not Marvel and DC Only.

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Welcome To My Blog


Hello interweb, Nate here.  Welcome to my new blog where I talk about, you guessed it, superheroes.  I am planning on doing quite a few things with this blog in the future so I decided to tell my early viewers my plans.  I still have some things I want to get done, such as a picture for my blog instead of a full red thing at the top, but that will all come with time.



I am probably not going to post consistently on one specific day, but I will attempt to post at least once every week.  It will probably be anywhere between Friday-Monday but I will have one post published weekly.


Upcoming Posts and Ideas

On this blog I’m mostly going to be doing countdown posts and reviews on certain things superhero-related such as cartoons, movies, etc. but I also plan on making other posts like Character bios (these will include information such as the character’s history and powers as well as my opinion on them).  I also plan on speaking about different things about superheroes that I want to express my opinion, one that is coming soon is a DC vs Marvel post I have planned.  If you have any requests for a post, do not hesitate to ask.


Other Important Things

When I say “superhero”, I don’t specifically mean comic book heroes.  While those are probably what I’ll talk about the most, I also mean superheroes from other sources of media such as Danny Phantom and Ben 10.  I’m also gonna have a “comment” thing on each of my posts.  This could be anything from your guys opinions to a trivia question.  This is mostly gonna just be a way for my to interact with you guys.


End Thoughts/Announcements

Thanks for reading.  If you liked this, why don’t you like this.  If you want to get an email when future posts comes out, click the blue “follow” button if you have a wordpress account or the black “follow” button and add your email if you don’t.  As always you can request a post by commenting on one of my posts or emailing me at sablikid626@gmail.com.  Peace XD