Update – Whatcha guys wanna see?

Hello interweb.  I’m not dead, but this blog is getting there.  So, I wanna try (again) to start blogging regularly.  I’m not gonna give a consistent schedule cause everybody knows I won’t follow it.  But, I will be making some new posts.  So, I have a few ideas for me next post but I was wondering what you guys wanted to see.  The suggestions are below so vote for the ideas you like best (you can vote for more then one).


  1. Voted for Into The Spider-Verse. I know (or at least think) that you’re a fairly big Spidey fan and know the mythos well so I’d like to see your take on the film and the little easter eggs

  2. Well, my biggest question I always wanted to is where the hell was Valkyrie (scrapper 142) in Avengers Infinity war. Is there a possibility that she escaped. Oh and how do feel about the Avengers: Endgame trailer. From the look of it Antman appeared in the trailer. And besides, where is Adam Warlock.

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