My thoughts on the “Captain Marvel” trailer

Hello interweb, Nate here.  Hey, remember when I said I’d start posting every Friday?  I f***ing lied!  It’s really hard to keep a consistent schedule when you just don’t have the motivation to do it.  Depression sucks kids, don’t do it!  Ok ok jokes aside…Marvel FINALLY released the Captain Marvel trailer today and of course I have some thoughts.  I wouldn’t say I’m a huge Carol Danvers fan (I do like Kamala Khan though) but I am a fan of the fact that we finally get a Marvel film with a female lead and especially a lead as powerful as Captain Marvel.  I’ve heard rumors said pretty much since 2012 that we’d eventually get a Black Widow movie, but I never really cared for that idea.  Because quite frankly, Black Widow just never really appealed to me.  She has no super powers, which is fine neither does Hawkeye, Iron Man, Batman, etc.  And I love all those characters!  But at least all those characters have some personality quirk or interesting mythos and stories that holds my interest and with BW, she’s just kind of boring.  So Carol Danvers seems like a great character for Marvel’s first female-lead movie and I’m pretty happy about that.

So the first thing that I thought once I saw the trailer is just how generic the trailer was.  Like, it really just didn’t pull me in all that much to begin with.  I’m excited for the movie because we finally have a Marvel movie with a woman as the lead and especially a woman as powerful as Captain Marvel, but if I didn’t know anything about the MCU and I knew nothing about superheroes in general, this trailer would not pull me into seeing the film.  It was just some flashy visuals along with a generic amnesia thing a la Wolverine.  “I have vague memories of my past but I can’t remember what happened”.  Now granted, a trailer doesn’t necessarily indicates the quality of the film itself.  I mean, the Black Panther trailer really pulled me into it and the movie itself was excellent, but then you have something like Spider-man: Homecoming where the trailer pulled me in but the movie kinda disappoint me (it was still a great movie just ya know wasn’t as good as I was hoping), and then Avengers: Infinity War had a mediocre trailer but oh my f***ing god that movie was a masterpiece!  So quite frankly, I never try to judge a movie by how the trailers look anymore.  It’s fun to discuss the trailers (as I’m doing right now) but just because this trailer didn’t pull me in doesn’t mean this movie won’t be good.  It’s possible it could become my new favorite MCU movie yet!  (Although that’s probably not gonna happen cause Infinity War was just so good).

So I’m going to confess something here real quick.  I know very little about Carol as a character.  I know her powers come from an alien race (I think the Kree but don’t quote me on that one) but I don’t think she’s alien herself.  She is a member of the military (I’m not gonna say what sect because I know if I guess I’ll probably be wrong).  She can fly, shoot lasers, and is probably going to wind up being one of if not the strongest character in the MCU as of right now.  I’ve heard Kevin Feige talk about how Captain Marvel will be so powerful she can basically move planets, and I’ve seen people joke on Tumblr (yes, I have a Tumblr) and talk about how it would be awesome if Captain Marvel basically just shows up in Avengers 4 and whips Thanos’s big purple booty.  That’s kinda funny to think about, but honestly if you make her too powerful that could damage any since of conflict you have in a film so they should think this through more.

One of the exciting things about this movie is how I believe the Skrulls are going to show up in the film.  Which means we’ll have Skrulls in the MCU!!!  And possibly the Kree?  They did mention a war in the trailer so maybe this deals with the Kree/Skrull war and Captain Marvel plays a role in that?  I’m not sure when this takes place but since they seemed to have de-aged Samuel L. Jackson I guess this was a while ago.  Which could set up for an Avengers Secret Invasion movie in the future where all the Avengers were replaced by Skrulls!\

So yeah that’s all I really have to say about this.  Let me know what you think!  Peace!

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