An Update – Is this blog dying?

Hello interwed, Nate here!  So, a few things I want to get off my chest.  If you are a regular reader of mine, you’ve probably been noticing that I haven’t been writing as frequently as I used to.  This blog is about four years old and I’ve enjoyed making it and updating it and receiving feedback from you guys.   However, as of recent there’s been a few things that have slowly been killing my passion for writing on this blog and I feel it shows.

One of the biggest things that have slowed down content on this site is college.  Whenever I’m not studying for my classes, I’m often too tired to even really think about posting on here and when I do want to post on here I don’t know what to write about.  Now this has changed since I haven’t been uploading a lot recently, but it’s hard to find the motivation to write on here.  I don’t know why, it just has.  A while ago, I would love coming up with new things to talk about and I would be discussing comic book news, reviewing different movies and comics, and often talking with you guys in the comics about the nerdy stuff I love.  Recently though, I just haven’t.  Maybe if I start writing more again I’ll get back into the swing of things and it’ll rekindle this lost love of mine and that’s what I’m really hoping for at this point.  Which means, yes, expect more new content from me!  I’ll get into that shortly.

I haven’t read a new comic in months so I really have no idea what’s currently happening at DC and Marvel.  Now, when I say new I mean currently being published.  I actually quite recently have been looking through some classic comics that I never got around to reading myself and been enjoying them!  I’ve recently read books like Watchmen (yes, I just got around to reading Watchmen…sorry!), Superman: Red Son, Flex Mentallo, Saga, and (possibly most importantly) Grant Morrison’s New X-Men.  I’m hoping to check out some of what’s current in comics right now (if you have any recommendations, feel free to let me know!) but because of this I just haven’t had any comic book news to share my opinions on because I really don’t know what Marvel or DC is doing right now!  Is DC Rebirth still happening?  Is Thor still a woman?  Is Riri Williams still Iron Man?  Peter Parker isn’t dead again, is he?  Is Spider-man/Deadpool still ongoing?  I don’t know!

So with all things said and done, I am planning on discussing more quite soon.  I have some ideas for what I want to discuss but don’t expect every single one of these to appear in a long formal article.  If you have any suggestions or really like one of my suggestions, let me know!  Otherwise, sit back, relax, and enjoy my future content!  Thanks and peace!

  • Ben 10 (reboot) review – This will be kind of an update on my response since I discussed the reboot here
  • More Ben 10 content in general – I love love love love Ben 10 and I’ve actually been re-watching some of the older episodes to relive my childhood.  I’ve been thinking about doing a “Ben 10 Week” since forever and looking at every series individually and analyzing them.  It would take a lot of work and if I do decide to do that I would need a lot more time to re-watch every series but I could do it!
  • Discuss Grant Morrison’s New X-Men
  • SuperheroSins some god awful comics (Civil War II anyone?)
  • Discuss the new Venom movie and just superhero movies in general
    • Especially Black Panther!  I have a lot of pre-movie thoughts to get off my chest
  • Review some comics


  1. Nate, I was having the same problems that you are with motivation for writing my blog with college too. So I realize mine is different, but I am taking an extended pause only writing for me and not for keeping a regular schedule. Honestly, I’d rather have quality over quantity for your content. I absolutely love hearing your perspectives on all things superhero, but I’d rather have you enjoy when/what you write and not begrudgingly do it for your followers pleasure.
    I’ve had some time recently to read some new comic books. I LOVE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!! Please review them!!!! I would really be interested in your thoughts. I have never read a comic book like it before. I’m a little behind on Spider-Man/Deadpool (issue 20?) and it is great! Yes!!! Do Vemon and Black Panther, I am so pumped! I thought Civil War II was alright, but not as bad as everyone was complaining about so I would like to see how you rank up the sins.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for that. Champions by Mark Waid? With Ms. Marvel, Miles, Nova, kid Cyclops, Vision’s daughter, and Hulk? I read the first like 2 issues and never kept going. Maybe I’ll catch up on that.

      Venom and Black Panther discussions should be relatively soon. I should talk about Black Panther sometime this week before his film comes out.

      The biggest issue I see with doing a SuperheroSins on Civil War II is that it’s a 9-issue story and that’s a lot to go through. Maybe if I do like one or two issues a day and don’t get too nitpicky I could get it done in a week or so? idk, I really want to do Civil War II but it will be quite the project.

      1. Yes, so good. I’m on issue 10 (I think) and I love how it’s current issues and they often don’t fight back with violence and not all problems are caused by a villain. I also really like the teenager feel and Ms.Marvel is my favorite character. I could go on and on! 😆 I also suggest reading the Visions. Amazing! So dark and twisted, so good! Yeah I didn’t think about that, Civil War II would be a lot to get through.

  2. Ben 10 stuff sounds cool. It’s one franchise I never actually got into so it’s always fun to hear about it. I post rather infrequently myself, I’ll skip a few days, post some stuff, skip, etc. I do think it’s better not to have a set schedule and then just publish whenever you have the time. We aren’t going anywhere after all so there’s always time to come back. I haven’t read many comics myself lately, been busy catching up on games and movies.

    1. I’m debating on maybe either ranking all of Ben’s transformations or doing a top 10 list on them. Ranking the transformations will allow me to get more thoughts out on all his aliens, but would take longer to make and read. A top 10 list would be a simpler and shorter way of doing it.

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