Avengers: Infinity Wars – First Trailer!!!

Hello interweb, Nate here!  Considering that this video already has 14 million views at the time of this writing, you’ve probably already seen this trailer already.  So me telling you that the first Avengers: Infinity War trailer is out would be redundant.  However, it’s still pretty awesome that this thing is out!  Just like my last post, this won’t be a formal Review and Explain segment.  I really wish I had the time to give this trailer the attention it deserves, but college is technically more important that Marvel movies (technically).  So, you get this instead!  I’ll just discuss the highlights here and my thoughts on the trailer as a whole.

So, my initial reaction?  Well, I saw the trailer half an hour after it went up and I never clicked on a video so fast in my life.  Was it worth the wait?  Well, kind of?  I don’t know, then trailer just seemed underwhelming for some reason.  It was a good trailer, don’t get me wrong, but the trailers for Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War hit a much bigger emotional chord with me when I saw those trailers than this one.  Granted, Avengers 2 didn’t live up to the hype and Civil War had a few changes from the trailer that lessened the emotional impact a tad (not completely, still one of the best Marvel films yet) but they still triggered something in me.  Infinity War?  I was more emotional when the trailer started than when it ended.  Am I the only one who had this reaction?  I still enjoyed the trailer, I just expected it to hype me up much more than it actually did.

So let’s discuss a few of the highlights.  First off, Thanos looks pretty damn cool!  I miss the helmet from the original Infinity Gauntlet story though so I hope he gets that later in the film.  I mean, he had it in the end credit scene of the first Avengers, so why isn’t he wearing it now?  Not a fan of the bald head.  Besides the look, Thanos was okay in this?  I mean, I wish he had a bigger entrance in the trailer other than him just teleporting to Earth.  Like, I would’ve liked them to have Thanos narrating while we see all the characters look around with fear on their face and then at the end of the narration we have a dramatic reveal of Thanos.  That would’ve been pretty cool.

The positives?  Well, the fact that he’s shown to be a physical threat is done well enough since he knocked out Iron Man in a single punch and made Spider-man eat the dirt.  Although, I don’t think they made him seem strong enough.  People know Thanos is powerful due to the infinity gauntlet, but he’s a very strong character even without the gauntlet.  If I remember correctly, Thanos without the gauntlet can go toe to toe with the Hulk.  So when it comes to the general audience, I’m not sure how Thanos resonated with people in this trailer.  I mean, I know how strong Thanos is (or at least, how strong he’s suppose to be) but the average movie goer might have no idea.  Now if we saw Thanos knock Hulk to the ground instead of Spider-man than that would’ve been awesome and show everyone just what a threat he brings to the table.  Unless they powered him down a bit so his increase in strength with the gauntlet is even more impressive, but I would be disappointed if they go that route.

Second thing that stood out to me: all the characters!!! We had Thor, we had Iron Man, we had Spider-man, Hulk, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, War Machine, Falcon, Bucky, Doctor Strange, and the Guardians of the frickin Galaxy (only, they don’t use “frickin”).  I’m so  hoping that they bring Quicksilver back for the film because I want my Marvel speedster back!!!  I love speedsters and they killed their only one in the same movie he was introduced in!!!  No, I’m not over it!!!!!  Why the f*ck is he dead!?!?!?!   F*ck you Marvel!  F*ck you!!!  Ok ok, back on topic…so yeah, pretty much everyone ‘cept Quick(f*ckyouMarvel)silver appeared in this trailer.  That’s probably the biggest thing going for this trailer.  Since Thanos’s introduction here wasn’t exactly the most amazing villain intro in comic book movie trailer history, the very fact that all the characters we know appeared in here is almost as nerdgasmic as seeing the first Avengers for the first time.

A few minor highlights.  Spider-man’s new suit is pretty cool (although I still prefer less teched-out Spidey).  Iron Man’s hulk buster makes a return.  Not a fan of blond Black Widow.  Very subtle detail you might’ve missed, but the red star on Bucky’s metal arm is gone and I love that.

That’s pretty much it.  What did you guys think?  Loved it?  Hated it?  Expected more?


  1. Yeah I definitely thought it was an awesome trailer. I agree on the helmetless Thanos though, I think he looks a lot cooler with it on so I hope he has it for most of the movie. I haven’t been a fan of most of the character redesigns. Blond Widow, Beard Cap, Eyepatch Thor, but hopefully I’ll get used to them soon enough. I just really want to see Spider-Man and Thor team up against Thanos. That’s going to be one awesome fight!

    1. Blond Widow just looks weird to me. I kinda like Bearded Cap and the longer hair is a nice bonus. Eyepatch Thor (or Pirate Thor as I’ve been calling him as a joke) looks alright but I wish he went back to the original look. I liked Thor better with long hair, a cape, and Mjolnir.

      The fight I’m most looking forwards to (slash hoping for) is Thanos vs Hulk before Thanos gets all the Infinity Gems.

      1. Yeah, the classic Thor look is amazing and will always be the best for him I’d say. It’d be cool if we got the alternate version where he fought Hela in the city with the retro design since it was in the trailer, but I guess it was just there as a red herring.

        Thanos vs Hulk will be pretty cool too. I feel like Thanos should have the edge there though and that Thor would give him the better fight with the lightning amped attacks. Either way it’d definitely be a powerful match

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