I am not looking forwards to Justice League

Hello interweb, Nate here!  The format to this post will be different than most. This is because I am currently away on vacation and therefore don’t have access to a computer at the moment. Meaning, this post is primarily made on a smartphone. So if this post looks a little funnier than most of my articles, or if there is more grammar issues ( as in more than usual) I apologize in advance. I may look back once I get home and edit some of the grammar issues or funny formatting, but I’m not promising anything. I am mostly making this post because I am bored and this is a topic I’ve been wanting to talk about for a while now.

So I’ve seen ever Justice League trailer that has been releases up to now and so far I’m not impressed.  The film looks like it’s planning on taking the DCEU’s criticism to heart and add more humor, but so far the film just looks like the poor man’s Avengers.  Which is so disappointing to me because this is the f***ing Justice League!  If you were to tell a comic book fan a decade ago that the Avengers would get a movie before the Justice League ever did, they’s laugh in your face.  As much as I like the Avengers, the Justice League is a superior team in terms of its stories, it’s characters, and their depth.  That’s always how I saw the whole Marvel vs DC anyways.  I’m not saying Marvel sucks, because they don’t, but DC’s characters and lore has always resinated with me more than Marvel’s.  But while the MCU has successfully created a cinamatic universe and adapted characters in a way that previously wasn’t thought possible, the DCEU has failed to give these characters the cinamatic universe they deserve.

I mean, let’s look at all the films leading up to this.  Man of Steel was a boring uninspired film featuring what should be one of the most inspiring heroes in fiction.  The film didn’t want to be a Superman film but it was anyway.  Batman V Superman is somthing of a guilty pleasure of mine, but the more I overlook the fact that the DC trinity is in a movie together and overlook the best Batman fight scene yet, what’s left is a movie that’s way too long and has too many plotholes everywhere.  Then we have Suicide Squad.  A fun movie that makes little to no sense once everything’s said and done.  The only saving grace was that Margot Robbie was perfect casting for Harley Quinn.  Jared Leto was the worst Joker ever, the team didn’t make any sense, and the villain was barely a character.

Than Wonder Woman hits theaters and hallelujah DC finally did one right!  Patty Jenkins was a great director, Gal Gadot – while not quite muscly enough – still looked and acted the part, the villain was interesting, and the pacing didn’t leave me bored while enjoying the film.

Will Wondwr Woman show a turning point in the DCEU?  Maybe for future films, but you can tell by the trailers that Justice League is too late to be saved.  The biggest criticism that Man of Steel and Batman V Superman has was how boring and humorless it was.  Which I believe is why Justice League is attempting some humor!  But Wonder Woman already showed us that you don’t need to throw humor out there every 5 min like Marvel does to make a good movie.  There was humor in it, sure, but it’s nowhere as much as Marvel.  And I think that’s a good thing!  Wonder Woman managed to be a good movie on it’s own merits without copying Marvel’s strategy to film making.  But Justice League is obviously trying too hard to be a pseudo Marvel film and it’s going to fail because whenever you try to copy what’s successful without actually understanding why they’re successful, you screw up!

That’s all for now.  I feel like there’s a LOT I’m omitting but like I said before this is on my smartphone so it’s really difficult to get all my thoughts down here.  This is the jist of it though.  Let me know how you feel!  Are you looking forwards to Justice League are will it be a train wreck?  Comment below! (Idk how to do polls on a phone, sry!)



  1. Agreed. WB seems to recognize what they need to do to shape up but I fear it’s going to be too little too late.

    Weird shower thought I had the other day: what if DC did a swerve after Justice League and embraced the idea of cinematic Elseworlds?

    The Superhero bubble is likely to burst eventually and the best way to stave that off is to experiment with the genre. DC also has the largest stable of heroes that are iconic to the point where it starts to become limiting. There are only so many ways of making a mainline Superman or Batman movie before people start to complain that the creators are getting those characters ‘wrong.’ So what if we made that part of the premise, and made the characters wrong on purpose?

    1. I guess but I would want film adaptations to fit the characters as well as possible. They anmounced a Flashpoint movie so they might be rebooting the DCEU, but if thay’s the case that raises a lot more problems then it solves.

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