Logan – Review

Hello interweb, Nate here!  So Logan happened a few months ago and I finally managed to check it out!  If you want my spoiler-free opinion on the film then I’d say that it’s good solid movie.  It’s not the greatest superhero movie ever and I think most people who watched it like it way more then I do, but it is a really good movie and it’s definitely the second best X-Men movie right behind Deadpool.  If you haven’t seen it I would highly recommend checking it out if you’re 16 or older.  Now that the spoiler-free bit is out of the way, the rest of this review will contain spoilers so SPOILER WARNING and trust me you do not want to be spoiled.

Side note: Wonder Woman review coming soon (Haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 yet, sorry)


Movie Info

Movie Title: Logan

Produced by: Marvel Comics

Distributed by: 20th Century Fox

Writer: James Mangold

Director: James Mangold

Producer: Hutch Parker, Simon Kinberg,

Running Time: 1 hr 48 min



Confession time: I’m starting to like Wolverine.  It’s actually not because of this movie as I began liking Wolverine before going into this film, but in an odd way you can thank Deadpool and Rick and Morty for my newfound love for a character I used to really dislike.  I won’t get into much more depth than that for now, as this is a review and not a “How I learned to like Wolverine”, but I thought I should clarify this so you guys know I didn’t go into this biased against it.

So what’s the story?  Loosely based on the Mark Millar comic Old Man Logan (so loosely in fact that I hesitate to call it an “adaptation”), a few years in the future and Logan’s old age is stating to  take it’s toll.  His healing factor isn’t quite as it used to be so he’s suffering from adamantium poisoning, his claws don’t work properly anymore, and he’s slower then he used to be.  He spends his days caring for an elderly Charles Xavier while earning his money as an uber driver.  This all changes, however, when a young girl named Laura with powers similar to Wolverine, Logan finds himself on a road trip with Laura and Charles to get Laura to a place called Eden and safe from the Reavers who wants her and a slew other artificially-made mutant kids.

The story itself really isn’t so much of a superhero movie as it is a road trip flick or a western.  Now, I might get some hate for saying this, but I don’t quite understand why people say it’s as good as people say it is.  It’s really good, don’t get me wrong, and I felt it was worthy of Hugh Jackman’s last round as the popular character; but, people have been saying things like “It will change the way you see superhero movies” and “If you love  superheroes you NEED to see this movie”.  It was a really good movie with a great story, jaw dropping moments, heart warming moments, great characters, and some of the bloodiest violence in a superhero movie to date (seriously, the violence here is worse than Deadpool and I love it), but while a lot of people seemed to have ended the movie thinking “Wow…” I ended thinking “Huh, that was pretty good.”  I don’t know, am I missing something?  Like some greater message the film presented that just flew over my head?  Or is it just that this was a good movie and other people just seem to love it more?

The violence is honestly one of the best action in superhero movies.  It wasn’t as fun as the airport scene in Captain America: Civil War, but it was the most brutal and savage action I’ve seen in the genre.  This film needed the R-rating because I’m glad that we can actually see a Wolverine fight without the PG-13 rating preventing Wolverine from going all out.  And X-23 was awesome since she was like a 12-year old girl slicing people up like a freaking animal!  The swearing wasn’t necessarily needed, but for the most part I don’t feel like it was too forced.  Like when Wolverine got so pissed he started spewing a bunch of F-bombs while destroying his truck out of pure rage seemed like something that would happen in real life.

The villains may be the worst part of the movie for me but that’s saying a lot considering they weren’t exactly terrible.  I just found them rather forgettable and I kinda have trouble remembering their names.  But the worse offense might’ve been X-24, an exact clone of Wolverine whose much younger meaning he’s much stronger.  I just felt like it was kinda cheesy.  I honestly wish they would’ve just used Daken instead cause that would’ve been awesome!

The scene with that family that Logan, Charles, and Laura was so tragic and honestly the saddest party of the movie.  After Charles and Logan helps a family get horses back in their truck (they’re farmers), the family offered  the three dinner and a place to sleep overnight.  The result was that X-24 killed the family and Charles.  While the family’s death was tragic, the saddest part was Charles’s death.  Now when I first saw the scene, I hated it.  X-24 literally just walked into the room and stabbed Charles in the heart.  Like, WTF!  It was just so nonchalant and sudden that it felt so cheap for such a big character.  But then I realized, that’s the point!  When X-24 walked into the room, Charles thought it was Logan and he told him that that night was one of the best nights he has had in a while (or something to that vein) before X-24, or in his mind Logan, just took his life away without even  thinking.  To see Wolverine’s grief after Charles death just made me tear up a bit thinking about it (yeah, I actually didn’t cry during the movie but after the movie thinking back on it is when the water works started up).

Lets move on to the characters.  Hugh Jackman brought an amazing performance as Wolverine and to see Wolverine struggling in his old years to protect Charles, fail, and then fight to the death protecting Laura was amazing to see.  We even see a lot of male fears in this movie.  Like a reference to erectile dysfunction as Logan had trouble getting one of his claws out completely.  But this is just a really depressing film especially from Logan.  His entire goal in life at that point was to protect Charles and he failed.  Then Laura and the mutant kids were being attacked by the Reavers, and he literally died protecting them.  Really beautiful moment when you think about it.

Now as you may have known from my X-23 Character Bio, I was really excited to see X-23 in a movie. However, this film focused more on Logan protecting Laura rather than Laura herself.  So the things I love about her really wasn’t there.  While she was created with the other mutant kids to be a living weapon, the film didn’t really focus on her struggle to find her own humanity.  Which is fine, I guess, but the struggles Laura goes through in the comics that made me love her so much just really wasn’t translated well in the movie.  Yes she was created artificially in the lab to be a living weapon, but we don’t see her actually talk about how much that effects the way she sees herself.  We did see her self-harming which happened in the comics too.  If she ever gets  her own movie, I just hope she’s older (please be 16!) and I hope we see more of her questioning her humanity as well as struggling to understand social interactions.

Charles Xavier’s death was the most tragic part of the film but really didn’t make me cry over it until after the movie thinking back on it.  I already discussed why so I won’t repeat myself here.  Instead, let’s talk about  his struggle with alzheimers.  Now as someone who’s great grandmother suffered from Alzheimer before passing away, this portrayal actually kinda confused me.  I’m no expert so maybe Alzheimers effects different people in different ways, but Charles didn’t really behave in a way that I recognized as Alzheimer.  Elderly and not all there, sure, but Alzheimer?  I did think it was interesting how they explored what it would look like if someone had such a powerful ability grew old and had his powers suffer because of it.  The scene in the hotel was quite disturbing and I felt bad for him as he apologized over and over as Logan rolled him out.

Overall, I do recommend for everybody to see this movie if you love Wolverine, superheroes, or comic books in general. I think others see something in it that I don’t since everybody seems to paint it as an amazing movie that will change the genre as we know it while I just see it as a really good movie.  Maybe I need to re-watch it to fully understand it or maybe someone smarter than me needs to explain it lol.


  1. I agree with you that it felt like a western. I thought the acting was great with heartbreaking highs and lows. I also think, like you said, that X-24 should have been Daken, but it would be too complicated with two new character who are both Logan’s children. One thing at a time! I guess I would say it surprised me with how much Charles wore. I have always seen him as this kind and gentle man and it kinda distorted his character for me.

    1. I guess Daken might’ve been too complicated to explain but they could’ve made it work in my opinion. Plus having Wolverine’s son and daughter appear in the film but one’s against him and one’s with him would be an interesting contrast.

      Also, I personally thought that Charles swearing was hilarious. You could chalk it up to his old age if that makes anything better.

      1. Yeah, that would be fun, but it seems like most plot twists now are I’m-secretly-related-to-you-and-lets-fight.

        It was fine but it just took me aback at first, that’s all.

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