Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

Hello interweb, Nate here!  A while ago I mentioned in a post that I was getting a little burnt out on only talking about superheroes and wanted to expand this blog a little.  I have decided, after much consideration, to expand this blog to an overall “geek” blog that will open the doors to more discussion over more topics without completely abandoning superheroes and comics as a whole.  The biggest problem I’m really having is how to reorganize this site to accommodate this change.  I’m trying to think of a new name for this blog as well as a new banner (or maybe change the style of this site to exclude the banner all together?).  But for now, this is a post I’ve actually been wanting to do for years but just haven’t really been able to do it.  So today, here’s my Top 10 Favorite Pokemon!

Now, this list was actually really painful for me to make as I could only pick 10 out of 800+ Pokemon that exist as of Gen VII.  Granted, these are my favorites so I only had to deal with the ones I really like rather than mediocre ones like Pidgey or Rattata.  However this list didn’t take too long to make as I actually looked up a website that helps with creating your top 10 list accurately and quickly that I’d actually recommend trying out as it was quite fun (Pro tip: try picking ONLY one pokemon every time and avoid clicking “pass” button).


  • These are just my favorite pokemon, not the best competitively or even the most popular
  • Only one pokemon in an evolutionary line (I.E. If Gyarados is on my list then Magikarp can’t be on it as well)
  • No megas
  • I tend to judge my pokemon largely based on design, pokedex entries, roles in the anime, and just fond memories of playing the games.  Although not every pokemon meets every one of these qualities.
  • Just for fun, I’m also gonna give them all nicknames


Honorable Mentions

Ok, this list was really painful for me to make on it’s own so I decided to add a rather large honorable mentions.  However, I don’t want to spend the time explaining why I like ever single one of these in detail and I’m sure you don’t want to read all that either.  So, I’m just going to give each pokemon in my honorable mentions one sentence explaining why I like them and two conjunction (and, but, or or) just to avoid me using “and” over and over again to make the sentence longer.

#25 – Haunter: Yes, I like Haunter more then Gengar but only because it looks more ghost-like.

#24 – Lapras: I’ve always been fascinated with cryptids (if you don’t know what that is, Google is your friend) and Lapras always looked like the Loch Ness Monster with a shell on its back.

#23 – Wobbuffet: I just always loved Jessie’s Wobbuffet from the anime.

#22 – Togetic: Just so cute and I never want to evolve it or store it in my PC whenever I get one!

#21 – Noivern: Looks like a freakin dragon-bat with boombox for ears.

#20 – Heliolisk: An electric lizard is a cool idea.

#19 – Scizor: An armored ninja bug, nuff said.

#18 – Flgon: My favorite dragon type pokemon (does that count as a spoiler?) and I have no idea why.

#17 – Aerodactyl: I’ve always loved dinosaurs and this was my favorite fossil pokemon until later generations (would be higher if it had feathers like actual pterasaurs)

#16 – Shaymin: The cutest legendary ever and I wish it wasn’t a legendary because I never had one in-game and I want one!!!!

#15 – Gallade: A psychic night that is constantly described by pokedex entries as protecting people is freakin awesome! (Also, the internet ruined Gardevoir for me…ya freakin perverts!!!)

#14 – Hawlucha: I’m not the biggest wrestling fan, but for some reason the idea of a dramatic wrestling bird just appeals to me.

#13 – Sableye: I’ve always loved the design to this mischievous guy.

#12 – Buneary: It’s adorable and I’ve actually been able to use it decently in Gen IV games until later portions (teach it return and it’s pretty decent).

#11 – Bulbasaur: As mentioned earlier, I like dinosaurs and Bulbasaur is the cutest dinosaur-like starter pokemon there is.


#10 – Corsola

Nickname: Crystal

Let’s get one thing out of the way, Corsola is adorable and I’ve always loved it’s cute design.  However, as you can see by my honorable mentions, there are lots of pokemon that I find cute do what makes Corsola so special?  Well, this mostly stems from the anime.  Back when Ash was traveling in the Johto region with Misty and Brock (both of whom I really miss from the current episodes), an episode aired where Misty encounters a group of Corsolas and instantly fell in love with the adorable water pokemon.  However, if I remember correctly (as its been years since I’ve seen the early episodes and I’m pulling this purely out of my memory), Misty was unable to get any Corsola in that specific episode and it would be a few episodes later when she finally caught one.  Now one thing that stood out to me from those episodes, besides Misty’s strong desire to get her hands on one, is how the Corsola in the episode used the move “recover” whenever it was damaged to heal it back up.  I didn’t have the games at the time so I misunderstood how this worked and my 6-year old self believed that this meant Corsola was unbeatable as all it would have to do was use the move “recover” and get back on it’s feet.  Basically Deadpool if he was 1000x more adorable.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case and it actually turns out that Corsola kinda sucks in the games.  That doesn’t matter though, as my fond memories of this adorable little guy still holds in my head to this day and I’ve loved this little guy ever sense.


#9 – Elgyem

Nickname: Zim

I’m not saying it’s aliens, but it’s aliens.  Since I was a kid, I’ve always had a fascination for cryptids, mythology, and aliens.  I was like 8 and watching documentaries and TV shows exploring these idea.  Monster Quest, Finding Bigfoot, Ghost Hunters, Ancient Aliens, Lost Tapes (which I honestly shouldn’t have been watching at that age), etc. I could go on.  While I never was gullible enough to believe in most of these things, I did find the idea of a creature whose very existence is debatable to be a fascinating topic.  Now, the franchise always had pokemon whose pokedex claimed they were aliens like Clefairy and Starmie, but never had we actually got a pokemon that looked like an actual alien until Gen V introduced Elgyem and Beheem.  Beheem himself just looked a little too odd for my liking (which I get, being an alien and all, but still), but Elgyem was really cute and I loved the little guy.  It looks vaguely like one of those classic grey aliens and it’s multicolored fingers was a really cool design choice for their way of communication.


#8 – Scrafty

Nickname: Daken

This may make some of you cringe a little, but I’ve always kinda liked those “alternative” fashions or whatever they’re referred to as (Did I just sound like an old man there?  “What do the kids call them these days?”).  Punk, emo, goth, etc.  I don’t follow that fashion sense myself (my “fashion style” consists of a superhero T with jeans or shorts), but I always thought people with that kinda fashion looked pretty cool.  So when Gen V introduce Scrafty I thought this was the most badass motherf***er on this side of town.  He had the mohawk and everything.  Granted, the saggy jeans is a style that I find kinda dumb in real life but for the pokemon design I think he pulls it off.  Also, he kinda reminds me of Daken if he was a pokemon.


#7 – Heracross

Nickname: Hercules

Heracross is based off of the real world hercules beetle which is capable of lifting up to 850 times its own body weight.  Heracross weighs 120 pounds, so if Heracross has the same abilities as its real world counterpart it would be able to lift (let’s see…input it into the calculator…carry the one… … …) 102 THOUSAND pounds!  I don’t think 125 base attack quite covers that (granted, if his strength would to actually be accurately portrayed he’d be OP as hell).  Besides the pure strength, I always liked Ash’s Heracross from the anime and it’s happy-go-lucky personality.


#6 – Tropius

Nickname: Leafy (no affiliation to the YouTuber of the same name, I came up with this name when I was like 10)

Little known fact about your home boy here, I’m a huge dino nerd.  This does mean I have a slight bias towards dinosaur-like pokemon and wished that there were more of them.  I mean, there’s already a lot now but I could think of a bunch of really cool designs for them.  Like a rock/dark velociraptor pokemon with feathers that has access to some flying type moves like air-slash, or a rock/water spinosaurus, or a rock/idk type therazinosaurus with giant claws, etc.  You get the picture.  So a sauropod dinosaur (the long-necked ones) with giant wings on its back to allow it to fly is such an interesting concept that I just really liked this pokemon since I saw it.  Sure, we had other sauropod pokemon like the Chakorita-Bayleef-Meganium line, but this one not only looked more dinosaur-like to me (thinner neck) but also had giant leaf wings that allowed it to fly.  Granted, this pokemon kinda sucks and its movepool was always hard for me to use, but its design and concept always made me love this guy.



#5 – Umbreon

Nickname: Midnight

I love the eeveelutions but Umbreon always stood out to me.  I first learned about the eeveelutions back yet again when Ash was in Johto and Team Rocket managed to steal all the eeveelutions but Espeon from the Kimono Girls.  All of them looked pretty cute, but Umbreon’s sleek black design just looked really cool to me.  And when you get a shiny Umbreon, the yellow circles turn blue and it just looks that much cooler.  I honestly don’t have much more reason to love this guy besides the design.  Although, I have used Umbreon in competitive battling using protect, toxic, wish, and foul play and max out HP and either special defense or defense depending on his role.  Trust me, use that properly and you’re opponent may just quite out of frustration.


#4 – Archeops

Nickname: Darwin

For the last time on this list I’ll say it once again, I really like dinosaurs.  So why is Archeops special?  Well, because it’s based on a pretty special dinosaur: archaeopteryx.  Charles Darwin noticed that the skeleton of bird wings looked similar to the claws on certain raptor dinosaurs but with the fingers fused together.  He then made the prediction that we’ll one day find an animal skeleton with wings like a bird but possessed unfused fingers.  Archaeopteryx was later discovered but without the head and so many critics claimed that once we find the head it’ll be clear that archaeopteryx is just an unusual bird with claws and possess a beak and bird-like head.  Spoiler warning: we found the opposite with a clearly reptilian skull attached to an archaeopteryx body indicating a half-bird/half-reptile animal that clearly demonstrates a link between dinosaurs and birds.  Because of the idea of essentially a fluffy lizard, I thought that this was a really cool animal.  So when Game Freak created a pokemon after this thing, I was quite impressed by the design they went with.  The pokedex entry also made this specific pokemon pretty cool to me as it reads “It runs better than it flies. It takes off into the sky by running at a speed of 25 mph” (White and Black 2).  There is still debate on whether archaeoptryx was able to fly or if it just used it’s feathers for gliding purposes, so the fact that Archeops is shown to be slightly more dinosaur-like then bird-like and had difficulty flying was a nice touch in my opinion.  However, if this is the case then why does every in-game sprite show it flying all the time rather than standing?  Nonetheless, a really cool pokemon based on a really cool animal.


#3 – Absol

Nickname: Raven (like from Teen Titans)

There will be a common theme for my top 3 and that is pokemon suffering from unjust circumstances.  Granted, Absol I feel is less severe, but still.  Absol’s pokedex entrances always speak of Absol’s ability to see the future and predict bad events and try to warn people to stay away.  However, Absol is a pokemon and not a human so it can’t properly use English (or Japanese I guess) to warn people.  Therefore, people believe Absol is the cause of said event rather than the person warning them of it.  This is a really cool idea for a pokemon and the fact that it has such a cool design with the white fur looks awesome.  Especially when it mega evolves and gets wings!  It looks like some kind of angel of death (ironic considering it’s trying to save people).


#2 – Darkrai

Nickname: Darkrai (I don’t nickname legendaries….)

I actually didn’t care much for Darkrai until I watched the YouTuber Fawful Minions and went through his top 100 (yes, 100) favorite pokemons.  This was his number one choice and after he explained it I really liked Darkrai.  I haven’t kept up with the anime since Ash’s Sinnoh journey became littered with filler and I just haven’t gotten back into it sense.  However, in the 10th movie The Rise of Darkrai, the town the story is located in (can never remember the names of these places) hates Darkrai’s presence as they believe he is evil.  As a result, the entire town begins attacking him when he appears.  In the movie, Palkia and Dialga starts battling and their fight causes space and time to fall apart.  Darkrai then defends the same people who attacked him and sacrifices his life to save them.  I mean god damn, Darkrai deserves a spot on the freakin X-Men!  I guess I have a soft spot for people whose hated for no good reason and protecting people despite of it.  Fawful Minion actually explains this way better then I do so I suggest checking his list out for yourself but I really couldn’t help but love this pokemon afterwords.


#1 – Mewtwo

Nickname: Mewtwo (See #2…)

“I see now that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant.  It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.”

-Mewtwo, Pokemon the First Movie

Yes, Mewtwo.  I really have a thing for injustice and people suffering from things outside their own control.  Mewtwo is a clone created from Mew’s DNA and enhanced by Team Rocket.  Team Rocket saw Mewtwo as nothing more then an experiment and treated him as a living weapon.  Because of Mewtwo’s initial experience with humanity, he saw the human race as evil and untrustworthy.  The concept of being born to be something less then human – er – sentient (considering that Mewtwo technically isn’t human) and being treated as nothing but an object even while you have emotions and thoughts is something that I find fascinating in a really sad way.  This is kind of the same reason why I love X-23 so much.  I just have a soft spot for characters suffering injustice.  The quote above is actually a really deep quote when you really think about it and I think about it a lot.  Granted, I tend to hear really deep quotes that I find to be wise and intelligent and think unnecessarily long about them, but still.


And that’s all she wrote!  Thanks for reading, and let me hear your top 10 favorite pokemon!  Next time is Everything Wrong With: “The Dark Knight Returns” Pt. 2!


  1. There definitely are a lot of really cool Pokemon out there. My number 1 favorite was constantly switching back in the day and it probably will again at some point. Still, the top 5 is pretty easy, after that it becomes a wild west shootout!

    1. Blaziken
    2. Mewtwo
    3. Deoxys
    4. Raikou
    5. Pikachu
    6. Feraligatr
    7. Scisor
    8. Umbreon
    9. Rayquaza
    10. Charizard

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