Ranking the most anticipated comic book movies of 2017

Hello interweb, Nate here!  Little late on this but that’s ok.  So just like last year, I’m gonna go over the up coming comic book movies for 2017 and rank them from least anticipated to most anticipated.  Pretty straight forwards, right?  Alright, lego!


  • Marvel and DC comic book movies only
  • Must be live action

#6 – Thor: Ragnarok


There’s two main reasons why Thor is this low on the list: 1. we don’t know anything about this movie other than the fact that Hulk and Doctor Strange will be in it, 2. I’m not the biggest Thor fan out there (I like him, I just don’t go gaga over Thor stuff).  With that, there’s not really much about this movie that’s pulling me in other than maybe another chance to see Doctor Strange do his stuff.  Otherwise, we don’t know the plot or how this movie fits into the MCU whatsoever.  So with that, Thor: Ragnorok is my least anticipated movie of 2017.  Will it be the worst?  I highly doubt it considering that this is an MCU movie and we have DCEU and X-Men movies on this list, but will I be super excited about seeing it?  No, not really.

#5 – Justice League


I’m only really interested in seeing this movie purely on the basis that it’s a Justice League movie.  That’s it.  The trailer somewhat disappointed me since they ditched the dark and gritty tone set up in previous DCEU movies to focus on a more light-hearted tone that makes me feel like this is just going to become DC’s Avengers.  That and the fact that I only like Batman V Superman for selfish reasons and the only DCEU movie I recognize as an actually good movie is Suicide Squad makes me kind of nervous about Justice League.  Could it be good?  Sure.  Will it?  I hesitate to say yes.  Chances are this movie will disappoint me more than anything but since I’m setting the bar lower than I probably should maybe this film will surprise me and I’ll actually grow to love it.  Just one thing before I move on: where’s Green Lantern already?!?!?!

#4 – Logan


Now if you already know my opinion on the character of Wolverine than it probably doesn’t surprise you when I say that I’ve never actually been excited for a Wolverine movie.  Heck, I think I’ve only seen one of the two out there right now.  So sorry but I just really don’t care that this might be Hugh Jackman’s last run as Wolverine or that they’re adapting the Old Man Logan story line (which I never read) or anything of that nature.  That and the only legitimately good X-Men movie that I’ve seen come out of this company is Deadpool.  So if that’s true, then why am I at least somewhat excited to see this one?  Well simple: X-23.  Now I may dislike Wolverine, but I love X-23 and if they actually do her character well enough then this movie could hold an interest for me.  So pretty much the quality of this movie in my eyes is determines largely by how well they can portray X-23 in it.  The only thing I wish they would do is include Daken in it somehow so we can have all three of them in here but I don’t see how Daken could work in the movie so it doesn’t really matter.

#3 – Wonder Woman


Superman and Batman has had a number of movies over the years so the fact that Wonder Woman is just now getting a solo movie is something that should’ve happened years ago but at least we finally get it.  Plus this movie may make or break the DCEU considering how many mistakes they’ve made so far and being the first female-lead movie in well over a decade means that there’s a lot riding on her shoulders.  Considering how many women are interested in superheroes nowadays, and Marvel refuses to give Black Widow her solo, this may be the first time DC actually beats Marvel in something.  This and with the upcoming Gotham City Sirens movie and boom.  Please don’t mess this one up!

#2 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2


The first Guardians of the Galaxy was a weird choice on Marvel’s part but it succeeded and now the sequel is just around the corner!  Baby Groot is adorable, Rocket’s back, Star-lord may get with Gamora, and the humor is still up and running!  If the trailers says anything it’s that this will be another great movie that everybody who enjoys Marvel should go and see.  Will it be better then the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie?  Possible but hard to tell without the actual movie to see.

#1 – Spider-man: Homecoming


Do I even have to say anything here?  Spider-man is finally with Marvel and Tom Holland may be the best Spider-man ever, even beating out Toby Maguire’s Peter Parker and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-man.  Only thing I don’t like is how much they’re borrowing from Miles Morales but this still looks like it might be the best Spider-man movie ever to be made.

End Poll

So what is your most anticipated movie of 2017?  Vote or comment below!


  1. All right my list would be

    1. Justice League
    2. Thor: Ragnarok
    3. Wonder Woman
    4. Spider-Man Homecoming
    5. Guardians of the Galaxy
    6. Logan

    Honestly, it’s a much weaker year for me than the last one. I am a little worried about the new tone for JL as well, but i’m just going to hope that it’s very misleading. Thor should be pretty fun since I usually like MCU films. I have a feeling it’s going to play it very safe though. I want to like Wonder Woman a lot, but I don’t really care for the setting and the era it’s in so I am worried about it not having enough action. Spider-Man should be good by all accounts, but I don’t like the new actor for Peter Parker and his friend looks annoying. I feel this film is going to try too hard to be funny. For Guardians of the Galaxy the problem is that I just don’t like any of the main characters so it’ll be hard to be invested in the film. For Logan….it’s mostly everything I didn’t want in a comic book film rolled into one so my hopes for this one are at rock bottom. It’s R so I won’t be seeing it anytime soon though.

      1. It’s probably just because I was such a huge fan of Garfield and Mcguire. They both had their strengths and weaknesses, but they felt like Spider-Man. This guy just seems way too young and his personality is also a little worse. He doesn’t seem as nice as the other two and the school scene where he’s staring at Liz is an example of that. I’m going to have a real tough time rooting for him. That being said, the film could easily change my mind on that

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