My opinion on Pansexual Deadpool in Deadpool 2 and Young Justice possible LGBT characters

screenshot-2017-01-07-18-19-33Hello interweb, Nate here!  Yeesh, first my last post and now this.  This blog is getting too gay!  All jokes aside, quite recently Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds suggested that he would be hopeful for Deadpool to get a boyfriend in the sequel Deadpool 2 since Wade is canonically considered “pansexual” in the comics and I wanted to talk about this when it was first announced but it was such a minor piece of news that I didn’t really bother covering it.  However, a few hours ago Greg Weisman, co-creator of Young Justice, recently stated that there are LGBT characters in Young Justice and it’s possible they may come out in season 3.  So with two announcements of possibly more LGBT characters in comic book cartoons and movies, I figured I could share my 2 cents on this and maybe next time I can cover something a little less gay lol.

Side note: I’d really appreciate it if you guys would check out the last post I did do since it actually didn’t get as many views as I was hoping for and I really like the project that I’m working on.

My Opinions on Pansexual Deadpool in “Deadpool 2”

The funny thing about this story is it kind of reminds me back when The Amazing Spider-man was being made because Andrew Garfield wanted a pansexual Spider-man in those movies.  Now I didn’t cover that story but if I did then I would’ve been against it because Spider-man is a straight character and if you’re adapting the comics then all you’re doing, in that case, is adding a political agenda onto things.  Deadpool, on the other hand, is cannonically pansexual within the comics so if he gets a boyfriend then I wouldn’t really mind it so long as it’s done well and doesn’t feel super forces.  Now, “pansexual” I feel like is just a fancier way of saying “bisexual” anyways but either way Deadpool has broke boundries with his first movie so this is just another thing that we could do.  In the comics, this is usually portrayed with jokes and humor rather than serious romance so he has gotten criticism as just a form of “queerbaiting” rather than true representation.  Meaning that the writers are aware of his sexuality and write him with that in mind, but they never fully flesh it out into actual romance meaning that anyone can read his comics and just chock it up to him making jokes.  So if he does actually get a boyfriend then those criticisms of his character could be put to rest.

Ryan Reynolds is quoted saying:

“What love is to Deadpool may not be what love is to Batman or someone else. I think that could be played up more. He’s an outsider in every way, shape, and form.”


That’s very true to his character and part of what I love about him.  Cable is going to be in the sequel and while I don’t think Cable will end up being his boyfriend, I could definitely see Deadpool flirting with him similar to how he does in his Cable and Deadpool comics and sorta like what he does with Spider-man any time those two are together.  The only problem I can see with this is that he’s already in a relationship with Vanessa but maybe they’ll break up in the sequel or between films.  Sad for anyone whose a fan of their relationship but even in the comics things never exactly worked out for those two.  Then again, in the comics she’s also a blue, shape-shifting, mutant prostitute rather than just a normal human prostitute.  My point is things about her character has changed in this adaptation so who knows where they’re going with this.  That’s basically my thoughts right there.  It would be cool to see Deadpool have a boyfriend in the sequel but it’ll probably still be a good movie regardless of whether or not they do it.


My Opinion on Young Justice Season 2 LGBT characters possible coming out

As most of you guys probably know by now, the amazing cartoon Young Justice recently got announced for a third season and many fans are super excited about this.  Now back in 2012, Greg Weisman actually did confirm that there were LGBT characters already a part of the cast but Cartoon Network didn’t allow them to be mentioned.  Now due to the fact that between then and now, the infamous lesbian shipping of Korrasami became cannon in the Nickelodeon cartoon Avatar: The Legend of Korra and current Cartoon Network cartoon Steven Universe openly shows lesbians and bisexuals, I feel like the network may be more inclined to give Weisman the okay with this decision.  Now that may not necessarily be the case since Steven Universe is an original cartoon while Young Justice is a loose adaptation of an already existing source meaning if they take a previously believed straight character and make them gay then there may be a bit more of a backlash that Cartoon Network may not be willing to deal with.  That and the fact that Steven Universe has had scenes censored in other parts of the world so if Young Justice does have a character come out then that might not be taken well with other places out there.

Now below I have actual screen shots of Weisman’s tweets to show you the exact context of what is happening and to show that none of this is confirmed but is simply just a possibility (sorry if the image is a little big but I wanted it to be eligable):

lgbt-yj-s3-i lgbt-yj-s3-iilgbt-yj-s3-iiiNow before I give my opinion on the situation I do want to say something real quick.  While I love Young Justice and I’m excited for the third season, I see it less as a DC Comics adaptaion and more of a DC fan fiction produced by Cartoon Network.  A really good DC fan fiction, but fan fiction nonetheless.  Why do I see it like this?  Well simply put, they don’t adapt any stories from the comics and the ones they do adapt (like the Reach) is extremely loosely adapted.  I read the Blue Beetle comics and the storyline with the Reach in the show was played out very differently then it was in the comics.  And even the Young Justice team itself was very different.  The Young Justice comic books were very light hearted and originally consisted of Superboy, Tim Drake as Robin, and Impulse before other characters were added to the roster like Arrowette, Secret, Lil Lobo (no seriously), and a few more.  And characters like Ms. Martian, Aqualad, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Dick Grayson as Robin or Nightwing, Wally West as Kid Flash, or even Artemis were never part of the team.  Because of how different the universe is, I’ve always seen it as fan fiction rather than a legitemate adaptation and because of this, I’m honestly more acceptable to changes here then I would in other cartoons.  The only real negative I can see to this is if they decide to out somone like Wally as gay and then the comics follow suit.  Because some characters just aren’t meant to be gay.

Now in relation to the tweets above, I see where both sides are coming from.  Now I actually don’t remember any crush Jaime had with Cassie so I don’t really have an opinion on that, but honestly, the idea that Jaime and Bart had a thing for each other actually did enter my mind when I was watching season 2 and I really wouldn’t mind them becoming a couple.  Later I actually found out that I’m not the only one who saw this and there’s actually a ship name for them called Bluepulse. Now keep in mind that even if this does happen it might not be Jaime and Bart, but I think that would be a cute relationship if it was fleshed out.  Think about it, Bart came back in time just to stop Jaime from becoming the monster he became in Bart’s timeline and Bart grew up under Blue Beetle’s tyrannical fist.  Now he sees Jaime not as the tyrannical dictator he grew up with but as a close friend.  Kind of sweet really.

Now do I think SuperheroFeed’s opinion that this relationship would “ruin the show” is homophobic?  No, and I think Weisman went a little too far there considering that Jaime and Bart are straight in the original comics too so I can definitely see why I may be in the minority here.  However, as Weisman said in his last tweet, if he can have a straight romance featured in the show without pushing a political agenda then why not a gay romance?  Which is something I agree with and I never understood why so many people are against showing these types of relationships in kids shows.  Many people on social media has expressed the opinion that Young Justice is about crime fighting not romance and there’s no need to have gay characters in it.  But if we can have Ms Martian and Superboy, or Kid Flash and Artemis, or Arsenal and Huntress, why not a gay couple?  Same-sex relationships don’t have to be as forced and politically motivated as Iceman, it could just be a cute little subplot in a story that we don’t see often.


End Poll

Anyways that’s just my two cents on all this.  What do you guys think?  Should Deadpool get a boyfriend?  Should a gay character be featured in Young Justice?  (Not necessarily Jaime and Bart).  And next time something a little less gay 😛


    1. Is Kaldur’ahm and Jackson Hyde the same characters? If so, then I could see it. I’m pretty sure Aqualad only had one love interest in the show that was very brief so he would make sense to be gay.

      1. Yeah they’re the same character.

        Honestly, as long as the stuff isn’t forced for the heck of it then I think it could work. Mr. Terrific was made gay for Arrow and I’m ok with that cause it didn’t seem like it was done to make some kind of statement or anything. What matters is that the character comes first, everything else comes later.

      2. I also think the way they did it with Iceman was weird. I’m not against him being gay, it’s just the way they handled it. Then again it was teen Iceman revealed to be gay and teen Jean Grey was the one who revealed it, and Brian Michael Bendis does have a knack for capturing the teen angst and awkwardness right for his teen characters, so I guess it makes sense for the way it was handled? Then it turns out adult Iceman is gay too, which I guess also makes sense considering his relationship history? Idk

  1. I mean kind of like in “Runaways” Meghan makes sense because she is a shape shifter, gender is always fluid for her she can be male or female. If you make it a good story that’s all that matters, Hell live action Teen Wolf handled it best, Jackson was a straight, popular, extra masculine male but was arrogant enough to say to his gay best friend “I’m everybodies type.” If you are gonna do it do it, don’t tip toe people will like it or hate it don’t try to manage that make it the least important thing they have to talk about.

      1. Let’s just say it gives you a teen angst monster myth story without making all of Twilight’s mistakes. It has it’s flaws but I like how they introduced different characters as well as different mythological monsters.

        But yeah, I am all about the story. I think what happens is some people forget that THEY are only the norm for themselves and their interactions with the world. Even if they don’t mean to be “homophobic” acting like a gay or bi person doesn’t have a right to see themselves on the screen or page is selfish and exclusionary. Regardless of the purity of your intentions.

      2. “Even if they don’t mean to be “homophobic” acting like a gay or bi person doesn’t have a right to see themselves on the screen or page is selfish and exclusionary.”

        I can agree and get behind that. If a writer wants to include gay characters into thwir story then we shouldn’t discourage them!

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