Deadpool “The Never-Ending Struggle” – Review

deadpool-vol-4-20Hello interweb, Nate here!  So when you hear “Deadpool”, does serious issues like suicide come to mind?  I doubt it, and yet that’s exactly what we get in Deadpool #20!  I wanted to highlight this specific issue because I fell in love with it the second I read it and I actually decided to go out and buy a physical copy to own (I read most of my comics online since it’s cheaper).

Comic Info

Title: Deadpool #20 “The Never-Ending Struggle”

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer(s): Gerry Duggan

Artist(s): Matteo Lolli



This is a single issue story that doesn’t rely on any previous issues or future issues in order to understand.  In other words, you could know absolutely nothing about Deadpool and still have an easy time following the story.  So even if you haven’t kept up with the current run, feel free to pick this comic up!

The story features a girl about to take her own life before Deadpool steps in.  Of course, Deadpool being Deadpool, instead of taking this situation sensitively he makes jokes and says rather insensitive things.  Things that I would NOT suggest anyone actually say to a suicidal individual.  As Deadpool says himself: “I’m sure a real hero would have something profound to say to make you feel better instantly, but…I’m all you got.”

The thing I love about this comic is that Deadpool acts completely in character through all this and yet still manages to have a bit of a sensitive side here.  Yes, he doesn’t exactly do it as well as Superman in All-Star Superman, but the fact that he actually tries to be helpful for the girl is quite heart warming.  In fact, Deadpool even talks about how he’s aware that he has no idea how to help her other than find her professionals that do know how to help her.

The story doesn’t even come off as preachy either.  There’s no moment where we get a long speech about how bad suicide is and how it never helps anyone.  After all, most of us already know that suicide is bad and I’m pretty sure most people who take their own lives have just reached that point where they don’t really care.

In the latter at the end of the book, Gerry Duggan tells us how he’s been trying to think of a story where Deadpool deals with a suicidal character but it was difficult for him to right since Deadpool doesn’t exactly take many things seriously.  I appreciate how Gerry Duggan decided to make this comic and how well he wrote it.  He included the humor that we associate with Deadpool while tackling such a serious topic.  Similar to how Duggan ended his comic, I’ll end this review by saying that I don’t know how I would possibly handle a situation with a suicidal person but there are professionals out there who do.  So if you’re thinking about ending it all, please try and contact the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 instead.

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