100 Follower Special Q&A!

Hello interweb, Nate here!  So Thursday I announced that for my 100 follower special I’d do a Q&A.  Now this was an experiment as I probably won’t do these often (maybe every 100 followers?) but I did get a couple of responses from you guys so it’s time for me to answer them!  I did take screenshots of each comment just so I don’t misquote anyone (that and it’s easier than retyping out the question when it’s already made) and I will link you guys to each responder’s blog!


First off is dreager1‘s questions and you can reach his blog by clicking that link!

  1. You’re right I probably would’ve chosen Static Shock if you didn’t exclude him from the possibilities.  Now I’m assuming you also don’t want me to name characters who already have a movie announced, such as Flash or Green Lantern.  So with that, I’d have to say I’d most like to see a Blue Beetle movie featuring Jaimie Reyes.  Considering how the Reach would make for great villains, the teenage appeal could help with basically giving DC their answer to Spider-man, and I would just love to see him in full armor done in live action with better quality than Smallville.  I believe they do have a movie planned for Booster Gold and Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle so maybe that could lead into a Jaime Reyes centered movie in the future!
  2. I think that would be a very odd circumstance considering that Superman belongs to the DC universe and the Avengers belong in the Marvel universe.  It wouldn’t even make sense in the context of the story!  So I’d have to say no that would be a terrible idea.  An interesting movie as a concept, but probably not to execute.
  3. By that do you mean my favorite comic book story or my favorite comic book series?  If I’m allowed to pick a series I’d have to go with New X-Men: Academy X since that book really showed what it’s like to be a teenaged mutant in the Marvel universe.  Considering that you have the pressure of a normal teenager – dating, school, social settings, etc. – mixed with the pressures of being a mutant where practically everybody hates your guts just for the way you’re born, it really is one of my favorite reads and I recommend it to everybody!
  4. I tend to avoid bad comics as much as I can simply because I don’t want to waste my money on a comic that I won’t enjoy.  My least favorite would have to be J Michael Straczynski’s Spider-man: One More Day due to its horrible writing and horrible art that basically screwed over my second favorite Marvel character.   I would’ve said Frank Miller’s All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder but at least Jim Lee’s art in that book was beautifully drawn to make up for Frank Miller’s psychotic version of my favorite superhero.
  5. Christmas Eve, of course!

Thanks for writing in and hopefully I answered your questions to your content 🙂



Next is jacobsonbblog‘s questions!

  • This may sound like a cop-out but Grant Morrisson’s All-Star Superman always felt like the definitive version of the character and whenever I talk to someone who doesn’t like him I always suggest they read that comic before making their minds up.
  • Grant Morrisson’s run and Scott Snyder’s run were both really well done and I’m not sure which one really beats out the other in my mind.  So sorry about this but I’m going to make this one a tie 🙂
  • The cartoon series Spectacular Spider-man is my personal favorite version of the character since it incorporated all the elements I like about Spider-man in a way that I really enjoyed!  Although it only got 2 seasons which sucked.
  • This one is really difficult for me to answer mainly because I want to say the final 2 seasons of X-Men: Evolution simply because of the nostalgia I have for it in addition to how well they did the mutant prejudice.  I never finished Christ Claremont’s run on the team and I know he’s usually the go-to guy for the best X-Men stories.

Thanks for writing in and I hope I answered your questions to your content 🙂




And finally, we have marvelvarietal!

  1. My first exposure to superheroes was the Cartoon Network television series Ben 10 which I started watching very religiously when I was around seven.  From there I would be interested in other superhero cartoons such as Danny Phantom, Generator Rex, and My Life as a Teenage Robot.  I actually shied away from comic book adaptations originally because…I don’t know why I just did.  Later I believe the first comic book cartoon series that I watched was Teen Titans which I watched rather inconsistently (it wouldn’t be until I was older and found the entire series online where I actually binge watched the entire show in order).  However, the cartoon that really got me into Marvel/DC superheroes in the first place was X-Men: Evoltution and it was mostly due to the idea that you could be hated just for who you are that lead me to search for other superhero cartoons and eventually wind up reading comic books!
  2. Now this is going to sound kind of funny but that ultimately depends on what you define as a “comic”.  Because the first comic I ever read was technically Pokemon: Adventures which is a manga.  If you’re talking specifically Marvel or DC comics (which I assume you are) then it would have to be my library’s copy of Static Shock: Rebirth of Cool which I read simply because I just got done watching the Static Shock animated series at the time and I absolutely loved his powers.
  3. You mean the letters at the very end of comics that fans submit for responses?  If that’s what you mean then I have before but I rarely actually do it.
  4. I’ve only attempted to write a piece of fan mail once and it was an email to K. A. Applegate, the author of the Animorphs series.  I don’t remember where I got the email but I do remember that the email was discontinued by the time I tried it.
  5. No, but I want to!  I would totally go in a Deadpool cosplay!  Yes, I realize that that’s an overdone cosplay, but still!
  6. I went as Deadpool for Halloween this year so I own that!  Other than that, it’s rather debatable on whether or not you would actually consider my Heath Ledger Joker costume and Superman costume as “costumes” since both are homemade and most of the costume is made up of regular clothing.  Heck, I wear my “Superman costume” quite often if you don’t count the missing cape!
  7. This was really hard to decide but I’d have to go with Deadpool.  The three I was really debating between was Deadpool, Captain America: Civil War, and The Dark Knight.  But I haven’t seen The Dark Knight in years so it’s hard to remember any faults it might’ve had and I just BARELY like Deadpool over Civil War.  Maybe I’m biased since I just love Deadpool but you did ask for my favorite not necessarily which film is objectively better!
  8. Does pizza count?  I’ve heard of the term “pizza pie” before but I’m not sure whether or not that’s just pizza or something else.  Either way, I’m gonna go with pizza!
  9. The same exact T-shirt I own

    The same exact T-shirt I own

    I like how you tossed in the “If you don’t then what’s wrong?” at the end.  But for real, it’s this really cool Deadpool T-shirt I have that’s all black.  It’s the one to the right!

  10. Comic books? A few but they’re not as vigilant readers as I am.  Superheroes?  More than half of them I’d say thanks to the MCU.
  11. Probably go to college, meet a girl, marry her, have a kid, watch him or her grow up, then one day die knowing that I’ve accomplished nothing in life and that the world will eventually forget I ever existed and continue as it has been for thousands of years.  Oh wait, you meant as a career didn’t you?  Go to college for a biology degree and work with animals, probably a vet.

Thanks for sending in your questions! 🙂

Well, thanks everybody for submitting your questions!  Hope I answered them all to your content!  Also, thanks to everybody who’s been following and supporting this blog since it has started!  Here’s to another 100 followers!


  1. Really fun Q&A to read! Your answers were definitely nice and detailed. I’m a little late with this comment, but between Thanksgiving and homework everywhere, I’ve been falling behind on all of the sites that I follow. Luckily, that’s why being subscribed by email is so convenient, I end up getting around to them all at some point or another. Superman being sold to Disney is a super crazy out of left field thing, but I love to think about how Earth shattering such an event would be 😛

    I look forward to your future posts!

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