My Opinion On Young Justice Season 3 Announcement

young-justice-season-3Hello interweb, Nate here!  So big news just hit!  Warner Bros Animation just announced a confirmation that season 3 of Young Justice is in the works!  Honestly, when I first saw the news on Facebook I didn’t believe it since the series was canceled roughly 3 years ago and it looked like hopes for a revival was gone.  Even after both seasons were released to Netflix I really didn’t think the show had a chance.  However, with a combination of Netflix views and fan protests, we finally got a 3rd season!  I’m just super excited that this is actually happening and I can’t wait to see where they’re going to go since the second season ended on a tease of Darkseid and they just ended the Blue Beetle arc so the possibilities are out there.  So that’s really all I have to say about this, no need to drag this on more than I can.  So with that, have an awesome day and vote for [insert random presidential nominee here] for president 2016!


  1. I’m definitely hyped for this! The series was in limbo for so long that I actually did start to think that it was doomed. Glad to see it prove me wrong.

    1. Ikr! Once a show is cancelled they’re rarely brought back. It has happened before, Family Guy comes to mind, but not often. I’m still wishing Invader Zim gets a revival but that was over a decade ago so… X’D

      1. I didn’t even know Family Guy had been cancelled. That show always seemed so popular. Invader Zim coming back would be pretty hype. It’s old enough where it could try to play on nostalgia like Samurai Jack with a nice sequel. Announcements like this remind us that there’s always hope! I want a second season to Avengers United They Stand personally. That’d be awesome.

      2. I’m pretty sure Family Guy was cancelled twice but don’t quote me on that, but I know for a fact that it was cancelled at least once.

        Never seen Samarai Jack or Avengers UTS/

      3. I’m definitely too far out of the loop on Family Guy then. I can’t say I’d miss it if it ever stopped, but it’s always nice to see a show stick around for so long. It’s definitely quite an achievement for the writers to keep viewers entertained for so many years. I’d definitely recommend at least watching Avengers someday. It’s only around 12 episodes so its really short.

      4. Are you planning to catch up on all the episodes? That’s gotta be an awesome marathon. Perfect for New Years if you’re not caught up by then.

      5. It’s not really my kind of show, but I remember back when it was really huge. There were constantly commercials during the NFL games I’d watch. The dog seemed like he’d be the best character. Dogs are awesome!

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