You Guys Decide My 100 Follower Special!!!

Hello interweb, Nate here. So I just hit 100 followers! Yay! So what am I going to do to celibate this moment? Well, you guys enjoy my Character Bios so much that I thought you guys  could pick a character and I’ll get a bio up.  Bios take a while to make due to the research and the amount of detail I put into them which is why I rarely do them, but for a 100 follower special I figured I might as well get one together for you guys.

Comment below with the character you want me to do a bio for and I’ll pick my favorite option.  If you have a blog then I’ll give it a shout out!  The opportunity to suggest a character will end on October 15th and hopefully I’ll have a Bio up by the 20th.  The only rule that really needs to be followed is that I’ll most likely be picking a character owned by Marvel or DC Comics but otherwise I want the character options to be as free as possible.  Also, please only pick one character.  I don’t want to end up with one person recommending like 50 characters in a single comment.  So with that, have a happy Halloween and thank you all for getting me to where I am now!

Update: Slight delay.  I have the Character Bio almost complete!  Probably will be up by Saturday the 29th!


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