Deadpool – Review

deadpool-posterHello interweb, Nate here!  So I FINALLY got to see Deadpool that hit theaters all the way back in February.  Why did it take so long?  Who cares!  The point is I finally saw one of my favorite comic book characters on the big screen and I’m finally going to check out his awesome film.  Now in case you haven’t seen the movie yet I should give the SPOILER WARNING even though there’s really nothing to spoil.  With that, shall we begin?


Movie Info

Movie Title: Deadpool

Produced by: Marvel Comics

Distributed by: 20th Century Fox

Writer: Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick

Director: Tim Miller

Producer: Simon Kinberg, Ryan Reynolds, and Lauren Shuler Donner

Running Time: 1 hr 48 min



Now first off let’s just appreciate the fact that this movie shouldn’t have been made and yet it was and it was brilliantly done.  Now for those of you who don’t know the origin to this movie, Ryan Reynolds (the person who plays the character and produced the movie) fell in love with the character and really wanted to see the guy on the big screen.  So he played Not-Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and everyone hated it!  So they pitched a Deadpool solo film to Fox as an animated clip and it wasn’t until said clip was leaked and fans went ballistic over it that Fox decided to toss a few pennies at Reynolds and allowed him to make his dream movie.  And with that, this adaptation was born!  Now the biggest question out of many was whether or not the film would be rated “R” (which I will go over in more detail later in the review) as in the comics the character does make quite a few innuendoes, swears constantly (although it is censored in the actual comics), and slice people to bits in such a gory fashion that PG-13 just wouldn’t cut it for a true adaptation of the character.  News finally came and confirmed the “R” rating for the character (I have heard that one cut was actually going to be NC-17) and thus gave the film the freedom to make a faithful adaptation to our beloved hero!  Oh sorry, anti-hero! (Can’t forget the “anti”!  Otherwise angry mobs start forming around you with pitchforks and torches.  Trust me, lost my auntie because of that mistake once.  So sad.)

So like I said in the intro, there’s not really much to spoil because if you’re watching the movie for the plot than you’re watching the wrong movie.  This film is focused on Deadpool and the onslaught of jokes he plans on dishing out.  The plot itself being real simple: hot guy meets hot girl, hot guy gets cancer and seeks treatment, said treatment is ran by a British villain that gives him a healing factor, said healing factor also accelerates the cancer so hot guy is now ugly guy, ugly guy escapes British villain, British villain kidnaps hot girl, ugly guy saves hot girl and wins her heart.  Now replace “hot/ugly guy” with Wade Wilson aka Deadpool, “hot girl” for Vanessa aka the love interest, and “British villain” for Ajax aka Francis and you have there the plot of the movie!  Along the way, some moody teen named Negasonic Teenage Warhead and X-Men hero Colossus helps Deadpool out while he makes as many vulgar jokes as possible.  Now the simple and cliched plot is not a bad thing because the reason you want to watch the movie is for the comedy.

I kind of see this movie as an R-rated Avengers: an experiment!  The Avengers was experimenting with the idea of a shared cinematic universe across different Marvel film franchises, while Deadpool is experimenting with whether or not an R-rated comic book movie can work in today’s cinematic atmosphere.  The answer: yes! Now first off the fact that I’ve heard some kids as young as SEVEN have seen this movie makes me really questioning what parents think “R” means nowadays.  Like seriously, can the next Deadpool movie start with Deadpool breaking the forth wall to give a PSA on the rating system of movies?  Heck, have him say “This film is rated “R” for “restricted”.  This means we’re going to say “f***”, we’re going to be f****ing, and we’re gonna blow some motherf****er’s heads off their f****ing shoulders and blow s*** up!  So f*** off kiddies!  Adults only!”.  I mean yeah there’s still a lot of swearing but kids shouldn’t be in the theaters to begin with!

However the biggest question that everyone is debating is this: could a PG-13 Deadpool work?  I mean we don’t want a PG-13 Deadpool movie since the R-rated one was pretty amazing and is currently the highest grossing R-rated movie in history, but could it work if they tried?  After all, the comics are PG-13, right?  This is just Deadpool to the extreme, right?  Well…not really.  This is less “extreme Deadpool” and more “uncensored Deadpool”.  Marvel needs their comics to appeal to a larger crowed which means they need to make it appropriate enough for younger readers.  Granted  most Deadpool comics I don’t think a 10 year old should read.  However, major swear words are often censored, there’s no vulgar nudity (even when naked, they’re privates are covered by other objects), and the gore is really the only thing that isn’t censored in the comics.  This movie is basically the comics if you took out all the censorship in the comics.  After all, you don’t want half the dialogue to just be “bleeeeeep”.  Granted I could actually go without the sex scenes and the strip club could’ve been taken out or just have the strippers where underwear or something.  The only reason the sex scenes and strip club was in there is because the “R” rating gave them the excuse to toss them in.  So in the end, I’m glad it’s rated R because of the gore, vulgar jokes, and profanity, but the nudity I could do without.

The comedy is usually something I don’t mention in these reviews but that is a huge part of the film so I should tackle it.  Now comedy is subjective which is why comedies are hard to write for.  Everyone finds different type of humor funny so while one joke could make someone laugh so hard they can’t breath, the same joke could have no effect on another person.  However being Deadpool, a lot of these jokes where rather vulgar so if you don’t like that type of humor than this film isn’t for you.  I personally laughed at a lot of the jokes made but someone else could be uncomfortable with them.

The action was a blast to watch.  This is probably the goriest comic book movie I’ve ever seen (although I haven’t seen Punisher or Blade so if those are gorier I wouldn’t know).  The fun part about this is how Deadpool was able to actual slice people half, decapitate them, and shoot them with guns.  No MCU movie would allow that or tone it down a tad.  Now one limitation the movie had was its budget.  When I said Fox tossed pennies at them that was obviously an exaggeration but it still wasn’t much.  Because of the low budget, I’m impressed by how well the action scenes where done.  Deadpool 2 is confirmed to have twice the budget of this one so I’m interested in seeing how that goes.  The only complaint I have is that Deadpool’s healing factor only scratched the surface of the comics.  Like Deadpool had his hand cut off and had a knife shoved in his head, but I really want to see his guts spill out of his sliced open belly or something of that nature.  Don’t get me wrong, regrowing a hand and surviving a sliced up brain is impressive, but I really want to see him heal from big injuries!

Now for the characters, starting with our anti-hero: Captain Deadpool!  Now this Deadpool has elements from Joe Kelly, Daniel Way, and Gerry Duggan and probably a few elements borrowed from other places too.  There is some good character from him that mostly comes from his relationship with Vanessa and they show how much he hates looking like a testicle with teeth, but there isn’t as much as there is in Gerry Duggan’s run of the character.  Now that is to be expected as Gerry Duggan’s Marvel NOW! run had 45 issues to allow for all the comedy as well as a few issues to tackle the character behind the “walking, talking meme” while the film only had 108 minutes.  I’m hoping he gets a bit more character in his future films but I am happy with what’s given.  The personality is spot onto the comics and Ryan Reynolds does a perfect job at portraying that.  Granted this Deadpool is slightly less insane than his comic book version but he’s still pretty cray cray.  I don’t think Wade was a mercenary before he became Deadpool but I could be wrong.  However, he did lose his memories of his life prior to the Weapon X program in the comics so that changed from the movies.  He’s also a mutant in this rather than just a mutate.  In the comics he gains his healing factor from Wolverine, here his mutation surfaces after being subjected to torture.  Granted extreme amounts of stress is one way to trigger the activation of mutant powers, however I find it strange that they didn’t take that route since Wolverine is in the same universe.  This isn’t like the MCU Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver not being allowed to call Magneto “daddy” so I don’t understand why the change was made.

Ajax was a somewhat boring villain in my opinion but he served his purpose.  We didn’t need him to be super complex or anything, he’s just kind of bad.  I think Ajax appeared in Joe Kelly’s run but I never finished that run so I don’t have that knowledge to compare the two.  He was a standard villain to serve the plot so I have no major opinions on that.

copycatVanessa was the love interest and she I had a few issues with.  In the comics Vanessa is the mutant known  as Copycat and is able to shapeshift into people and use their powers, kind of like Mystique.  Here she’s never turned into a mutant (although it should be noted that she’s a prostitute both here and in the comics).  This actually did annoy me considering that this film is trying to be so different than other superhero movies but we don’t get a romance where the protagonist is super powered and the love interest also has super powers.  I mean the ending even kinda bugged me because I see two really good options.  First, if Vanessa became Copycat (maybe while she was in that tube during the last fight her mutant powers surfaces) than both of them wouldn’t look human anymore so they could relate to each other and their bond could get stronger.  Second, if she didn’t become Copycat (like the route they took) then a more Deadpooly (yes that’s word) ending would be if she threw up and ran off right after she took off the mask (add record scratch noises with it for effect!).  The ending is fine and sweet for a mainstream movie where everyone is used to a happy ending where the hero gets the girl, but this movie is trying to be different than other comic book movies so I feel like the later option would still have worked.  However for what it’s worth, the chemistry between Wade and Vanessa was well done and it does work.

Colossus is one of my favorite X-Men and he was done better in this film than any other X-Men film.  He was so good!!!  He was a gentleman, he was sensitive, and he had a Russian accent kinda like the comics!  (Bryan Singer, take notes!  Actually never mind you should be fired.  The next person to make X-Men movies, take notes!)  Granted they did kind of overplay his kindness and I felt like him vomiting when Deadpool killed Francis was odd sense he’s seen people die before and should be used to it, but overall this is still the best portrayal of his character in these movies.

Supersonic Atomic Teenager Girl  Negasonic Moody Warhead MissSonic Warhead Lady Thing Negasonic Teenage Warhead was nothing like her comic book counterpart (who they only used because they liked the name) so I’m not even going to compare her to the comics.  She’s the stereotypical, moody, teenage girl in this film where she only makes mean comments or sit in silence.  She was really funny to be honest and I enjoyed her character, mostly because she’s basically a caricature of girls I know in real life.  Her powers to expel energy from her body was pretty useful in the final fight.

Weasel in this movie runs a bar for Mercenaries and isn’t Wade’s tech guy in this.  He’s a tad different than his comic book counterpart but he was still really funny so all is forgiven for the changes.  T. J. Miller plays Weasel in this and he compliments Ryan Reynolds perfectly and the two bounce off each other really well.

Blind Al was also in this and she was pulled almost directly out of the comics.  Similar to the comics, she plays sort of like Wade’s hostage as well as his motherly figure.  I enjoyed her character even though she didn’t do as much here as she does in the comics.

Overall this is by far the best movie Fox has made in the X-Men universe and might honestly be my new favorite comic book adaptation.  If you are over the age of 17 (maybe 16 with parent’s permission) then I would highly suggest watching this movie.  Especially if you are into vulgar comedy.  If you prefer a cleaner movie that’s kids friendly, a traditional superhero movie, and good role models then avoid this movie like it is the plague.  I love Deadpool, love his movie, and I can’t wait until Deadpool 2 comes out!  I’m hoping that Deadpool 2 is better than this movie since this movie was just the experiment.

One last thing before I leave.  What is the joke with the unicorn?  Is it because Unicorns are girly?  Or is there some other joke behind it?


  1. I don’t think I will see this on DVD mostly because I don’t like excessive gore that you see in a slasher movie.

      1. Also I don’t like the F-bomb being dropped constantly but that is not in character for Deadpool

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