My Opinion on the Ben 10 Reboot

ben-10-rebootHello interweb, Nate here!  So apparently Ben 10 is getting it’s first reboot and being the huge Ben 10 fan that I am I thought I would discuss my thoughts on this new series.  The series is suppose to begin airing in the fall next year however some sneak peaks have been released to the public that gives us a general feel for how the series is suppose to go.

Now before I tackle the actual reboot let me go over my opinions on the Ben 10 franchise as a whole and whether or not rebooting it would be a good idea.  Now I’ve been a huge fan of the show ever since the first series and I’ve been following the series ever since.  Now like I said before, this is the first actual reboot of the series as they’re creating a new continuity and universe for the character.  Previous incarnations that aired after the original series, such as Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, and Ben 10: Omniverse, all were sequels to the original Ben 1o series.  Now the original series is by far my favorite incarnation of the character, Alien Force was also really good but in my opinion wasn’t as good as the original.  Ultimate Alien was awful and the gimmick of having “evolved versions” of his aliens were just kinda dumb in my opinion (evolution doesn’t work like that).  While Ben 10: Omniverse was quite controversial among the Ben 10 fandom, I felt like it was an improvement from Ultimate Alien even if I wasn’t a fan of the animation style.

So with that said, do I think a reboot is a good idea?  Well while I wish they would’ve decided to just make a another sequel and have it be based around Ben 10 Thousand (a grown up Ben in the future where he has over ten thousand aliens; if I remember right he lost count so it’s more then 10 thousand), a reboot is honestly a fine place to start.  Although since no series can live up to how great the original show was, I kinda want them to do a slightly grittier reboot where Ben gains the Omnitrix at an older age (say 15?  16?) and while it’ll still throw a few jokes in there make a slightly darker tone.  Kinda like the 2003’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot versus that original 80’s cartoon.

However they clearly didn’t go that route.  This Ben is 10 again and seems to be on the summer-long road trip similar to the first series with 10 aliens (both old and new).  Now the show is getting a lot of flack because it has a new focus on comedy.  A think a lot of fans feel like this is taking the Teen Titans Go! approach and taking the show and dumbing it down to appeal to younger kids.  Now I’m not a fan of Teen Titans Go! but I am open to this idea.  It worries me considering that the original series already had comedy in it but it could work and I’m trying to keep an open mind.  Maybe I’m biased since I have so much nostalgia for the original series, but I really want this reboot to be a good show and I’m not letting some previews stop me from giving it a try.  However, while some of the released clips I don’t mind, some are admittingly kinda bad.  Like take this clip for example.

Yeah, I kinda cringed at this one.  Like I can see Ben showboating during a battle since he’s 10 and can act immature, but this is pushing it.  The appeal to Ben 10 is that it’s a 10 year old’s fantasy.  He has superpowers, and uses said powers to protect people but he does it less because it’s “the right thing to do” and more of “hey, being a hero is cool”.  On occasion he has used his powers for selfish purposes but it’s less like using them to rob a bank and more of “what if I use this alien to cheat on my favorite video game” sort of thing.  Moral lessons have been taught but it’s not really the focus of the show.  The show is more about showing off a fantasy than giving deep and provocative moral lessons like Steven Universe, Avatar: The Last Airbender, or Adventure Time.  However as much as it doesn’t really have any provocative ideas to present, it does have lovable characters and great moments to make it worth watching.

Now besides the new focus on comedy, my biggest worry for the show honestly is the animation.  Below I have the sneak peak of the cartoon where Ben turns into his alien Diamondhead to save a theme park.  Now after that sneak peak, I have a video of his transformation of the same alien but from the original series.  See if you can spot the difference!

Yeah, the animation is far cheaper and doesn’t look as good.  It looks like Ben 10 if it was done in cheaper Gravity Falls animation.  The original series has the best animation by far but Alien Force/Ultimate Alien’s animation still held up as decent animation if not just unoriginal considering how much it reminded me of Bruce Timm’s DCAU style.  Omniverse was my least favorite and this series seems to be going down the path of cheaper and simpler animation.

Also the alien designs are weird.  Some look decent like Diamondhead and Four Arms (who has a really big chin for some reason) but than you have some aliens who just look off.  Stinkfly got a totally new design change which I really don’t like.  The original design looked really cool with it’s insect-like body and the four stalk eyes, but now he looks like some weird cross between a mosquito and a fairy.  And the fact that he shoots his slime out of his nipples is just too weird.  Wildvine is now one of his orignal 10 but they took away his root like legs which was always a neat part od his design and changed them for legs more similar to Swampfire.  Granted I do like XLR8’s spikes on his back since it looks cool.  Overflow is a new alien to the series and he just reminds me of a Water Hazard knock off so I’m not sure why they didn’t just make Water Hazard one of his original 10.  And I really want Wildmutt back, he was one of my favorites and with the new focus on comedy I can actually see a lot of use in Wildmutt.

Stinkfly (original)

Stinkfly (original)

Stinkfly (Reboot)

Stinkfly (Reboot)

Overall, I am worried but at the same time I’m trying to keep an open mind.  Ben 10 remains one of the best shows from my childhood and it’s nice how it doesn’t seem to be dying any time soon.  I really want the series to end up like Transformers or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Ya know, franchises so popular they get a crapton of reboots.  Some are good, some are bad, but because there’s so many different versions of the same cartoon everyone has their favorites.  The 2003 Ninja Turtles is my favorite incarnation of the team but some people prefer the original and some even prefer the current one (it’s still running, right?).  And The first live-action Turtles movie I really liked and I even like the Michael Bay one too, but the CGI animated movie was garbage.  So hey if the same thing happens to Ben 10 I’d be happy.  Even if I don’t like this version, I still have the original to rewatch and maybe in the future they could create a really good reboot that I enjoy too.  And I really want a live action movie that’s actually good (never cared for Ben 10: Race Against Time or Ben 10: Alien Swarm).

That’s all I really have right now in terms of thoughts.  When the first season airs I’ll review it and see what I think then but in the mean time I’m hoping that it’s at least decent.  Heck, if it’s better than Ultimate Alien than that would definitely be a plus!


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  1. I definitely agree on how it’s fun for things to become a big franchise. It’s why I still root for a show even if I’m not too crazy about it. (If it’s flat out bad, then I root for it to be cancelled and rebooted though) It keeps the lore going. For Sonic, my favorite show is Sonic X, but Boom is pretty fun too so I like to see it going strong and inflating the episode count. The new Ben 10 definitely seems like it’s going to be a little more kidified than the others, but I think it should still be decently fun as well. Definitely not the best season, but hopefully it can stand up well in its own right.

  2. My hopes are low. Cartoon Network has had a bad track record with reboots and spin-offs. Batman the Brave and the Bold was a bitter memory but not the worst. Teen Titans Go took the cake with that. I mean, I remember back when Cartoon Network had some class. Like, I remember back when they used to do that special Friday Night block.

    Watch this and try to remember:

    Megas XLR, Codename: Kids Next Door, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Teen Titans (the GOOD one), Justice League, have they just completely forgotten what these were? I used to love Cartoon Network when I was younger. Now I cringe whenever I flip to that channel for fear of whatever series Cartoon Network had chosen to bastardize next.

    1. I mean to be fair Steven Universe, Amazing World of Gumball, and Adventure Time are pretty good shows, Steven Universe probably being my absolute favorite cartoon on right now next to Rick and Morty. Also Rick and Morty is on Adult Swim and I’m pretty sure that’s on Cartoon Network but I watch my cartoons online sense I don’t have cable so I could be wrong. I have been watching the reboot for Ben 10 and it’s just so bad. #RebootTheReboot!

  3. This comment is suggestion what the bestest could be made after ben 10 omniverse over the idea of new reboot series.

    November 14, 2014 was the date at which last episode of ben 10 omniverse titled as a new dawn was aired . Clearly after the events of defeat of Maltruant the main villain of the episode ,rook and ben were enjoying drinking smoothys an idea strucked in ben ‘s mind to go to at space trip as we had clearly watched while pleasing Gwen and Kevin to join the trip the final scene of the episode was of purplish space ,which could have been biggest adventure within it’s whole series.As the four plumbers sets out for the new adventurous trip the could have been crashed at an unknown planet where possible new aliens could be discovered and used by ben . while struggling to back at earth the four will seek new adventure at unknown place within the universe introduceing new alien villains and mysterious places and finally in the end they managed to return back with hundreds of alien forms scanned by ben.this adventure could give the opportunity of introduceing new side kicks and enemies and return back of Skurd and a happy ending.

    Just think over it! please reply on your agreement.

  4. Ben 10 2016 already aired in Europe, so here are my thoughts:

    • It has his funny moments, but there’s some moments where comedy doesn’t work

    • The fight moments are cool, but it has pauses (Like, they’re fighting, they stop to some chat, then they’re fighting again and so on…) But it’s still nice to watch

    • The background it’s nice and clean

    • The villains that I remember atm are: Hax, A evil clown and a guy who makes eletronic music and that guy who creates animals and stuff (I don’t remember his name ;-;)

    Sorry if it’s a small opinion, I’m not that good at opinions, so pls understand that
    Have a good day

  5. This “reboot” makes no sense. Only Ben 10 shows I watched were mostly the original and Alien Force, after that I was too busy with school and work but from what I heard the franchise fell HARD and CN was really milking it for what it was worth. Omniverse was the last show to air only a couple years b4 this reboot, and that fact alone is really baffling. I can’t imagine it being successful, unless CN gives it the TTG treatment and airs it constantly, or it could fail and they’d barely do anything with it like PPG 2016. No wonder good shows like Infinity Train are having a hard time getting greenlit, it’s because of crap like this. It’s even weirder Tara Strong returns to voice Ben even after they recast Bubbles for PPG 2016. I just don’t get it. Hopefully there won’t be any twerking like the other reboots.

  6. Hey, I’d just like to tell you that you REALLY need to stop overusing the word now. I know this must come off as a tad rude, but seriously, stop it. It’s annoying as hell when every other sentence in your first paragraph starts with ‘Now.’ Sorry for being a nit picky weirdo, but take it as constructive criticism.

  7. My opinion ony every Ben Ten series is that they are all awful most annoying show ever is there anything even special about the main character or is it just that watch I saw an episode where his sister putting on and it seems that the alien see transforms into our completely different characters so the only special thing about Ben is that he is a wise cracking smart alec punk

      1. You want me to disrespect you, dumb-ass?! If not, then don’t disrespect other’s opinions!

  8. I really love ben 10 so plz u can telecast in evening…and u can release omnitrix watch in south India soo plz launch it…

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