My Opinion on Deathstroke in Batman

DeathstrokeHello intwerweb, Nate here!  So Ben Affleck recently leaked a teaser revealing Deathstroke’s costume for the upcoming Batman movie and the entire internet lost it.  Now yes it is official that Deathstroke the Terminator is going to be the villain of the the Ben Affleck directed Batman movie.  So what are my thoughts on the situation?  Well it’s pretty simple: since when was Deathstroke a Batman villain?  He’s the Teen Titan’s archenemy!

Now I have heard it been stated over the internet that Deathstroke is a Batman villain, and in my opinion this is false.  Now Deathstroke debuted in The New Teen Titans #1 all the way back in 1980 and, as with all great characters, evolved to become more than what was he originally created to be.  It is true that Deathstroke have fought more people than just the Teen Titans over the years having faced the entire Justice League, Green Arrow, Nightwing, and – yes – Batman, but he’s still has more ties with the Teen Titans and his best stories comes out of Teen Titan comics.  That’s mainly because his vendetta with the Teen Titans is personal as one of his children, Grant Wilson, became the villain Ravager in Deathstroke’s debut issue and actually died facing the Teen Titans.  So Deathstroke believed that children shouldn’t be part of the heroes and villains.

Now I realize that Deathstroke has been having more ties with Batman over the years.  Outside of comics he’s appeared in two Arkham games (correct me if I’m wrong as I actually don’t play video games) and the animated movie Son of Batman, but he still has appeared in cartoons such as the 2003 Teen Titans animated series and some of his best stories are facing the team such as the Judas Contract.  Honestly outside of the Teen Titans the only single character that really makes sense for Deathstroke to be a villain for his Nightwing and that’s just because they have a history together since Nightwing has connections with the Titans.  So ultimately if I has a say in what’s happening with the DCEU movies I’d probably want DC to make a Teen Titans movie with Deathstroke debut at the villain and then possibly make a solo Nightwing movie and have Deathstroke reappear for that series.  Now I realize that has characters evolve they may change where they are in the universe – Marvel’s Kingpin was a Spider-man villain before Daredevil showed up and Kingpin became something of a shared villain amongst the two – but Deathstroke still doesn’t have as close of ties with Batman as he does with Nightwing or the Titans.

Now Batman has a rich mythos all by himself and his rogues gallery so is expansive that using what in my eyes is a Titans villain for his solo movie doesn’t make sense to me.  You want Batman to face a mercenary?  How about Deadshot?  He has already appeared in a previous movie so he doesn’t need any further introduction.  You want a character that’s hard to take down?  How about Clayface?  Not exactly the same as a healing factor but still in similar veins.  You want a villain who’s smart and good with strategy?  Ra’s al Ghul is up for grabs!  My point here is that there really isn’t much that Deathstroke can give Batman that his already existing rogues gallery doesn’t already posses.

So for the first movie, who do I think should be the villain?  Well if I had controls over this whole thing than I’d attempt to pick one character as the main villain then squeeze in as many villains as secondary characters or background characters as possible.  After all, this Batman has been at this game for quite a while so logically most of his rogues gallery should be in full swing at this point and chilling out at Arkham.  Now I wouldn’t want too many main villains as we don’t want a repeat of The Amazing Spider-man 2, but enough villains that fans can point out all the baddies that they know decently well.  Now as a main villain, I’d try to avoid characters that has already stared in previous Batman films as to give casual fans a reason to come by.  After all, as much as we know Joker has to be the main villain eventually who wants to see a 4th Joker movie (after seeing Joker done by Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, and Heath Ledger we could use a small break from the guy before he appears again)?  And villains like Two-Face, Riddler, Penguin, Ra’s al Ghul, Bane, etc. has been done so often that a new character would be a nice breath of fresh air.  Granted I’d like to see Poison Ivy show up just so we can get some Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy interactions going, and Mr. Freeze is such an amazing character that not giving him a second chance after the awful Batman & Robin movie would be a even bigger crime than what any of these guys can commit.  So what we need is a villain that is actually part of Batman’s Rogues gallery that has yet to appear on the big screen.  Man-bat would raise too many comparisons to The Amazing Spider-man‘s Lizard, Killer Croc – while an already established character thanks to Suicide Squad – would raise even more comparisons than Man-Bat, the Ventriloquist has always been a favorite of mine but might come off as goofy rather than creepy if not done right, and Firefly being a pyromaniac would be an interesting character to adapt but doesn’t have interesting enough motives and fighting capabilities for a full length movie.  So this comes down to two really good villains that I’d personally like to see in a Batman movie that could also work well given the setting: Black Mask or Hush.  Black Mask having the intelligence and capabilities to really spin Gotham into chaos and make an interesting character that Batman will need to outsmart, and Hush for the dynamic of being a Bruce Wayne childhood friend that can really push Batman on an emotional level rather than just a mental or physical level.

So there you have it!  I personally would’ve preferred a different character be the villain for Batman’s first DCEU solo flick, but hey they can definitely do good with what’s given!  Now as for costume design, it’s kinda hard to tell based on the video but I’m not the biggest fan.  It works but something about it just looks off.


End Poll

So what do you guys think?  Is Deathstroke a decent foe for the Batman or should DC and Warner Bros rethink they’re story a bit?


  1. Aweeesooooooome! I cannot wait to see Deathstroke in the DCEU! Great writeup, do you ever feature your writing on any other websites or just this one so far?

  2. I’m a fan of it, but mainly because while Batman has a lot of villains, I don’t think a lot of them are ready for the big screen. I do think Mr. Freeze would have been an awesome choice though. As long as Deathstroke doesn’t make the film too edgy with heads flying everywhere, it should be okay. Having him as a Teen Titans villain would be fun, but I feel like that film keeps getting delayed over and over again. It’s a shame since a live action Raven could be quite intense!

    1. Deathstroke would indeed need to kill at least a few people considering that he’s a mercenary but the level of violence given could vary. And Mr Freeze really needs a good movie for himself.

      I would really like a live action Teen Titans series to be made simply because I absolutely love the team and they are decently known thanks to the popular animated series so it would be nice to get an adaption of those characters. I feel like given the DCEU setting making a Teen Titans movie as a Justice League spin off would be best as then we could get like the teenage Justice League with Nightwing, possibly Wonder Girl only maybe her origin will have to be tweaked again (wouoldn’t be hard considering how often Donna Troy’s origin story has been retconned), and Kid Flash. It would also be nice to see Beast Boy and Starfire show up as well as, yes, Raven. Maybe adapt the Trigon story arc from the New Teen Titans?

  3. I completely agree. I really liked your idea of having Black Mask as a villain, perfect timing especially for this Batman. But I also think, if done right, Riddler should get another chance to shine. Great write up! 🙂

      1. Yeah I can understand, but I think he can not be as goofy and more of a challenging mental opponent. Because we have already seen a strong Batman with Dawn of Justice, but I want a smart and clever Batman and I think Riddler, out of all Batman’s villains, could do that.

  4. Maybe Nightwing will appear in the movie and that’s why they are using him. So maybe it will be finally a. Good Batman and Robin movie.

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