Wonder Woman Trailer Review and Explained

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So I apologize for how late this post is but I’ve been on a week long vacation and I couldn’t bring my computer.  So I managed to get the Justice League trailer out but I couldn’t get the Wonder Woman trailer out before I left.  But I did do a lot on vacation so I think I have quite a bit that I can do for future posts.  For one I finally saw Batman V Superman (the theatrical cut) and Suicide Squad on opening day!  I also saw the recent animated movie The Killing Joke.  So while I will review BVS and Suicide Squad shortly (I’ll probably get the BVS review out later today), I was wondering if you guys wanted me to review The Killing Joke.  I haven’t reviewed an animated movie before but this one in particular seems to be creating quite the stir!  So I’ll have a poll below to determine whether or not you guys will be interested in a The Killing Joke review.  But enough with that, today we’ll focus on Wonder Woman (the whole world is waiting!…that’s how it goes, right?).

Also as a side note:  I’m three subscribers away from reaching 100 subs!  Keep it up you guys!!!


So at 0:00-0:21 we see Steve Trevor on the shores of Themyscira – or Paradise Island, whichever they’ll end up using but I do prefer Themyscira – being greeted by Diana Prince (not yet Wonder Woman) in a very Little Mermaid-esque way.  I do wonder if the Little Mermaid reference was intentional but it could be alluding to how alien Diana, as well as the other Amazons, are to Man’s World; or I’m thinking to far into this.  Kudos for Gal Gadot for doing the “You’re a man?” line cause I feel like that would be a hard line to pull off without looking like a moron.  I also love Steve’s response where he basically questioned himself there.  Now my only complained with this trailer so far is the same problem I’ve been having with Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and it’s that she looks too thin.  Wonder Woman is an Amazon!  She was raised on an island where fighting is common as they are constantly preparing for war to protect themselves from outside threats.  So why is Wonder Woman so thin in this movie?  Especially while Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman are both beef cakes?

Now at 0:24-0:27 we get a glimpse at some Amazonian architecture.  Now I admit that my Wonder Woman reads aren’t as strong as my Batman or Superman reads as I’ve only recently started reading her DC: Rebirth title and I went back and got the first trade of Gail Simone’s run from the library (haven’t read it yet tho) so I’m not sure how accurate this architecture is from the comics but it looks like a throne room.  I could just imagine Hippolyta sitting in that middle throne; which actually looks rather uncomfortable.

Now at 0:29-0:33 I’m thinking that this is Hippolyta, aka Wonder Woman’s mother and ruler of the Amazons.  Perhaps this scene takes place directly after Diana proves herself secretly in the contest with her sisters and right before she heads to America with Steve Trevor.

So Hippolyta line at 0:34-0:48, “Be careful Diana.  I do not deserve you” I feel is a really good line.  Here she is sending her daughter into America, aka “Man’s world”, so I’d imagine she’d be nervous and scared for her.  Which I do find funny considering how strong Wonder Woman is.

Now taking a step back we can see in the same scene I mentioned above that the clothes they’re wearing is reminiscent of World War I, which is because that is the time period this story takes place.  This also means it takes place before BVS which makes sense considering this is Wonder Woman’s origin story.  Now I did find that strange as I thought Wonder Woman came to America during World War II so I’m not sure if that’s a mistake on my part or if this film is taking some creative liberties here.  Now me personally I’m not really much of a history buff so forgive me if I don’t spot any historical inaccuracies or references here.  Also I find it interesting that she carries a sword in the back of her dress.  I guess she still doesn’t feel comfortable in America.

0:51 I hate the new DC logo.  It’s dumb.

Now this woman at 0:54 with the mask, I can’t tell whether she’s a Wonder Woman villain or if that mask has some historical ties.  If anybody knows a little bit about WWI than comment below cause this intrigues me a little.

0:56 Steve Trevor walking our of a WWI plane

Now this piece of dialogue here at 0:57-1:08 I really liked and Steve’s reaction was pretty funny in my opinion since he just automatically believed her.  Now if you’re unaware of Wonder Woman’s origin I feel like this is the best place to go over it real quick.  Now her origin as changed quite a bit over the years (something that the comics are currently dealing with) but generally it goes that Hippolyta created Wonder Woman out of clay and Zues brought the clay statue to life.  Diana would then grow up on Themyscira until Steve Trevor crashed landed there.  Hippolyta would create a contest to see which Amazon would go to America with Steve Trevor and Dianna would join against her mother’s wishes and win.  So then she goes to America and becomes Wonder Woman.  So as far as I can tell they’re keeping pretty close to that origin story and I hope she doesn’t become a goddess or demigoddess or whatever she is in the New 52.

Now this clip at 1:12-1:1:13 is really cool where Wonder Woman jumps backwords and shoots their guns with her bow and arrows.  I’m guessing we’re gonna see her use a lot of different weapon in the movie.

Now here (1:14-1:17) it looks like America is invading Themyscira.   Now like I said, the Amazons grew up as warriors but only Wonder Woman was gifted my Zues so she’s the only Amazon with the ability to fly, have super strength, etc.  So if America really is invading Themyscira like it looks like, I’m wondering how this will play out.  Why are they attacking Themyscira in the first place?  And will Wonder Woman be welcomed back home or be able to stay in America?  Or will war break out among the Amazons and Americans and Wonder Woman makes peace between them at the end of the movie?

So is Diana and Steve going out on a date here at 1:18-1:20?  Now the funny thing I’ve always found Steve Trevor and Diana is how most female superheroes often have a superhero male love interest while male superheroes either have superhero female love interests or non-superhero female love interest.  So the fact that the female of the relationship is a superhero and the male isn’t is a nice change of pace so I’m wondering if they’re gonna poke fun at that or just treat it as a regular superhero couple?  Heck, will Wonder Woman have to save Steve Trevor like a flipped Damsel in Distress trope? (Which by the way I never found the whole “Damsel in Distress” thing as sexist).

Now here we get a closer look at Wonder Woman ‘s utility at 1:22 – 1:36.  Now the classic Wonder Woman is always equipped with her tiara that she can throw like a boomerang, her bracelets which she usually use to reflect bullets thanks to her fast reflexes, and her lasso of truth.  Sometimes she also will carry a shield and sword but that’s not standard Wonder Woman weaponry.

Now the shield shown at 1:22 I wonder if it’s made of the same material as Wonder Woman’s bracelets as her bracelets are indestructible so maybe her shield will be kinda like Captain America’s where nobody can break it.

We see the lasso of truth at 1:25 which is amazing to see on the big screen!  Now we saw it in action  during Batman V Superman during the Doomsday fight, but I hope that they show her actually forcing someone to tell the truth in this.  Now correct me if I’m wrong but if I remember right the lasso of truth only worked on men but it might’ve been retconed to work on women too.  Either that or maybe it always worked on both genders and I’m just making that up.

We see her boots at 1:32 which looks like armor.  I can’t tell whether or not they’re high heels but I kinda hope not since that would be ridiculous for battle.

1:35 I lover how she reflected that projectile with her shield.  Can’t tell what it is though.  A bomb?  A bullet?  A cannon ball?

Ok I loved that (1:37-1:39)!  That man was about to shoot someone and she nonchalantly just grabbed him by the wrist and tossed him aside.

1:40-1:41 We see her fighting a room full of men.

1:42 And we see the lasso in action!!!!  Ahhhh!!!!  That looks awesome!  And I think it’s flowing too!

1:43 So Steve is trying to convince Wonder Woman not to do something which, of course, he really can’t make her do or don’t do anything she wants to do.

So this fast paced editing shows us a bunch of cool action scenes at 1:43-1:52.  Now there’s only two things I really want to point out and that’s Steve Trevor in the plane and Wonder Woman fighting that army.  Both look really cool and the fact that you see Wonder Woman facing an entire army by herself just shows how badass she is.

1:53 basically what I said before!

1:56-2:14 and more fast-edited action scenes!  First off, more lasso action!  Second off, was that a gun that she broke behind her back?  I guess it was cool and shows how strong she is but why did she brake it that way?  Like how did the gun even get back there that she had to break it like that?

2:27-2:40 this scene here is funny buy I feel like Etta Candy kinda skewed that description a little.  Secretaries get paid after all!  Not like Steve is tying her up and whipping her to do what he wants.

And that was Wonder Woman!  Sorry if I didn’t really talk as much about how the trail;er relates to the comics as much as I usually do but half the trailer took place in America and was just a lot of action scenes so this post mostly made up of me pointing stuff out and going “Oh that’s cool!”.  Kinda like a kid at the zoo.  Now overall I really liked this trailer of the Justice League trailer mainly because I felt like Justice League was trying to hard to be like DC’s Avengers while this trailer actually felt like Wonder Woman.  Now I know that just because a trailer is good doesn’t mean the movie is good and vice versa, but I really hope that this movie succeeds because we need a really good Wonder Woman movie.


End Poll

So The Killing Joke.  You guys want a review or nah?


  1. I don’t think Gallery Gadot is too thin at all she looks athletic like a swimmer’s body. Honestly I don’t want her to look a body builder.

      1. Also she was even thinner in her earlier movies. I can never imagine Wonder Woman as beefy bodybuilder she must look like athletic and curvy. Have seen some of those female body builders they look?

      2. I know i might sound sexist for that statement but hate men who look like that as well. I mean you can still look muscular and not look extreme. Superman in the comics is muscular but he doesn’t look he was on steroids. (Well, most of time anyway.)

      3. I didn’t find that sexist at all. Honestly I’m probably the hardest person on the internet to offend in that manner. Like unless you said something that’s just straight up sexist like “Women are stupid” then I’d get upset but otherwise you’re fine.

        But yeah, I feel like they should have the musculature of what makes sense for their character

  2. It was definitely a solid trailer. Right now my mild concern is that we won’t really have much of a villain until the very end of the film. (Her fighting ordinary humans, augmented or not, won’t be too fun for long) It’s mild though as I’m fully expecting to give this film at least a 7/10. I do agree that Gal playing Wonder Woman is still a bit of an odd choice, but I mainly like it since the costume can be a little dicey otherwise. As it is, WW does seem like she’s going to be pretty witty in this continuity and that sounds good.

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