Justice League Trailer Review and Explained

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So during Comic-Con, DC released trailers for both Wonder Woman and Justice League and in my last post I mentioned how I adored the Wonder Woman trailer but the Justice League trailer did leave me with a few minor complaints.  Overall because I feel like I have more interesting things to say about the Justice League trailer I thought I would kick off my reviewing that trailer first and Wonder Woman second.  Now I do want to make it clear that I haven’t seen Batman V Superman yet but by now I have been spoiled so I know quite a few details about the movie.  With that said, let’s begin!

So the trailer starts with Bruce visiting Aquaman in hopes of recruiting him to the Justice League (0:00-0:21).  Now I have to be honest here and say that I really don’t know much about Aquaman but by the description Bruce gave here it seems like Aquaman is feeding these people by giving them fish and that kinda seems odd to me considering he’s the king of Atlantis and fish are friends not food (comment if ya got the reference ;).  But beyond that minor nitpick, I really don’t like Aquaman’s design here.  It seems very 90’s to me and I kinda wish they stuck with blond hair instead of this black hair.  Also his voice here seemed really raspy which I can’t tell whether that’s a nice touch or just a weird direction to go for Aquaman’s character.  Although if this movie does anything for the guy I hope it gets people to see Aquaman as a genuine badass considering how much the internet likes to poke fun at his lame powers even though he’s the king of Atlantis and has a high degree of super strength.

Right at 0:22-0:25 we see a metal box being berried by some people that – if I had to guess based on clothing – seems medieval to me.  Now I believe that this might just be one of Darkseid’s mother boxes and if I’m correct on the time period than this thing was berried quite a long time ago.  Now a mother box is a device used by Darksied to create these portals called “boom tubes” that he uses to transport himself as well as his minions, commonly called “Parademons” (seen in Batman V Superman, or at least the trailers), from his home word of Apokolips to Earth.  So I’m curious if Darksied is going to be the main villain of the first Justice League movie or if he’s going to be built up until the final movie similarly to what Marvel is doing with Thanos.  Now in my opinion DC should stick with the later option as in the New 52 comics the first Justice League story line Justice League: Origins uses Darksied as the main villain and it just kinda felt cheap to me considering that they could’ve saved him for later stories.  Granted they later had the recent mega event Justice League: Darksied Wars (which no I haven’t read since I stopped reading New 52 Justice League a while ago) and I’m assuming they did Darksied justice there; but for a film franchise, it’s best to save your baddest baddie for the final movie.  I have heard rumors that the first villain might be Black Manta, or Aquaman’s villain, which seems strange to me considering that they would probably want to use that character for an Aquaman solo film but then again maybe Black Manta would be Aquaman’s motivation for actually joining the team and then we can see Aquaman and Black Manta deal with their little spat in Aquaman’s solo.

So during the rest of Bruce’s talk from 0:27-0:41, we see the other Justice Leaguers fly by the screen.  I like how they show Wonder Woman when Bruce says “I’m looking for warriors” considering that Wonder Woman is probably the most warrior like member of the Justice League being an Amazon.  Aquaman would be a close second being the king of Atlantis, but in terms of warriors Diana wins hands down.

I’m also not quite sure what’s happening at 0:32 where the wave’s splashing at Aquaman.  Is he returning to the sea or is he just standing their trying to look like a badass?

We see Barry Allen at 0:32-0:35 assumably walking into his lab where he’ll meet Bruce for the first time.

Now at 0:37 we see Vic Stone which is, of course, Cyborg.  Now me personally I really wish that they decided to go with Martian Manhunter instead since my preferred roster for the founding members is Martian Manhunter instead of Cyborg and Hal Jordan needs to be somewhere there as Green Lantern (I’ll talk more about the absence of Hal near the end) but the rest of the roster is fine.  Although I do think that maybe they wanted to go with Cyborg over Martian Manhunter because Cyborg is not only the founding member in the New 52 but also black which would give the film some more racial diversity.  Now don’t get me wrong I absolutely love Cyborg, but his place is honestly with the Teen Titans.  The writing of his character is just so much stronger with the Teen Titans and he just felt out of place in the Justice League, especially since he’s like a high schooler maybe college age kid and the rest of the team are much older.  Speaking of his school, I like his shirt that he’s wearing since it looks like a football jacket and Vic did play football before he became Cyborg in the comics so I’m glad they’re keeping that aspect here.

At 0:42-0:54 we get some interactions between Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen.  Noe before I say anything I do want to point something out: is this film going out of it’s way to turn out blond characters into black haired superheroes?  Now beyond that, I find it funny how a while ago if you didn’t read comics all that much the main way you’d differentiate Barry Allen from Wally West is that Barry is the blond Flash and Wally is the redhead Flash, and yet neither Grant Gustin nor Ezra Miller has blond hair and they don’t even dye it!  However beyond the minor nitpick, I do genuinely love Ezra Miller’s portrayal of Barry here and I might actually end up preferring him over Grant Gustin since he plays it off as kinda of nerdy but at the same time you can tell that he’s gonna be the heart of the team, which is what Barry Allen is in the comics.  The Flash is often the comedic aspect of the Justice League, and while my favorite Flash will always be Wally West I’m honestly perfectly fine with Barry being this universe’s Flash considering that Wally really is Barry’s legacy and not the original.

I love this little conversation between Bruce and Diana at 0:55-1:10.  Diana saw through him as soon as he said “more or less” and instantly knew that Aquaman didn’t have any interest in them.  Now in the New 52 comics, Aquaman showed up in the middle of the fight and basically told everyone that he should be in charge since hes a king.  Here he seems very against joining the team and not even willing to negotiate.  I’m kinda worried that the creators are aware of Aquaman’s reputation for being the “lame” Justice League member and they’re gonna try to hard to make him the badass of the team.

Now this part is just super adorable and I’m loving it (1:11 – 2:04).  I’m getting a very “Civil War Tony Stark meets Peter Parker” vibe here with the experienced billionaire superhero with no powers coming to the very inexperienced superhero with powers and asking them to join their team.   I really loved the moment where Bruce through the Batarang at him and you could see the revelation on his face when he realized “Holy shoot, this guy’s the freaking Batman!”.  Now the weird thing I find here is his whole “I need friends” bit.  Now when Barry Allen’s father was wrongly found guilty for the murder of Barry’s mother, Barry did spend a chunk of his life trying to prove his father’s innosence and I’m wondering if the direction their taking the character is that he spends so much time on the case that he doesn’t have much of a social life.  While I haven’t read a lot of Barry Allen stories, I have read the first 6 trades of the New 52 Flash comics and Barry does have quite a few friends like Iris West, Patty (last name escapes me at the moment), etc.  Not as big of a social life as Peter Parker but he’s still has friends.  Also, the “can I keep this” line was cute.

Not much to see at 2:04-2:12 since it’s just the characters in cool action poses.  Batman looked weird in that shot where he jumped down that whole for some reason.

I still can’t tell if that thing Wonder Woman’s doing with her bracelets is a new power of just her blocking something.

Cyborg looks pretty cool.  It looks like they’re gonna make him almost completely metal but with his face still being human.  If I had to guess, he also probably has human organs inside of him like lungs, stomache, etc.

Flash now I like better than that terrible suit from the CW TV show but I still think it looks like a bad Flash costume; and no not because it looks like a power ranger suit!  Grant Gustin’s Flash costume looks terrible because a speedster should not wear leather, you w0n’t be the fastest man alive in leather you’ll be the fastest to chafe man alive in leather.  Ezra Miller’s Flash costume seems to have this armor thing going for him which I feel should slow him down.  It looks similarly to the Injustice Flash costume but I’m not sure if that’s intentional.  A speedster really should have a form fitting costume like spandex or something.  I guess a Flash costume is just hard to make into a realistic looking medium.  Also the blue lightning looks cool and has been done in the comics before so I don’t know why people are complaining.

Cyborg tells Batman (2:13-2:18) “I heard about you but I didn’t think you were real”, which I think is smart that they added that since a big part of Batman is that he’s suppose to be a myth to a lot of people.  That did always confuse me with the Justice League as in comics like The Dark Knight Returns a news person tells how many younger viewers from the future didn’t believe Batman was a real character but Superman was basically the president’s right hand man so how is it that they both were probably in the Justice League but Batman is still considered a myth?  However even beyond the idea that a member of the Justice League could be considered a myth by many, that is a big part of the Batman persona and this is after Batman V Superman where Bruce Wayne comes out of retirement as Batman so I guess it does make more sense here that he managed to keep himself an urban legend.

Now the trailer ends with Bruce being all snarky at 2:26-2:32 and telling Aquaman that he hears he can “talk to fish”.  Now I kinda was surprised that that’s how they decided to end the trailer as I was waiting for Aquaman to respond to that and I’m hoping he does in the movie.

Now overall the trailer seems rather interesting.  A major complaint with Man of Steel and Batman V Superman is that the movies were devoid of humor and took themselves too seriously, and I feel like the main reason they took that direction is to contrast them from Marvel’s quip-filled movies like Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.  Now while I feel like DC might do themselves a favor with throwing in a few jokes here and there, I kinda was hoping DC could use that contrast for their advantage but it seems that they’re taking fan criticism and learning from that feedback to add more humor into their films.  Now this is to be expected and the fact that DC is taking their fan’s feedback to heart is a good sign, but the lack of humor really wasn’t a criticism of mine and I kinda wished DC didn’t throw in so many gags in this trailer.

Now for the two elephants in the room, or should I say the two elephants that aren’t even in the room because both Superman and Green Lantern or absent from this trailer.  Now to avoid spoilers for people who haven’t seen Batman V Superman and isn’t spoiled like I am please skip the rest of this paragraph.  Now Superman died in Batman V Superman but the dirt rose from the coffin to hint his return (or so that’s how it’s been explained to me).  So I’m assuming that Batman V Superman had the Death of Superman and this is going to be the return of Superman.  Now I do feel like the DCEU really should’ve saved Superman’s death and return for later movies as something like that needs build up that just wasn’t given.  But what’s done is done and I can only hope that this movie does a good job with bringing Superman back from the dead.

Now Green Lantern has yet to appear in any trailer or promotional art for this movie and I’m really concerned about that.  Now you can change the founding members all you want as in different universes Cyborg, John Stewart/Green Lantern, and Hawkgirl were all founding members of the Justice League but there has always been seven founding members in total.  So we need a Green Lantern and a Justice League movie without Green Lantern would be like eating a cake with no eggs.  I’d especially hope for some Hal Jordan/Barry Allen interactions as those two are like BFFs in the comics and I’ve always adored their friendship.  Maybe Cyborg can be Barry’s new BFF in this universe but it just won’t be the same as Hal’s wise guy attitude bouncing off Barry’s nice guy demeanor.

End Poll

So that was the first trailer of Justice League.  Now I’m curious on you’re guys’ opinions on the tone shift of this movie.  Do you appreciate the additional humor or do you wish DC made Justice League the more serious equivalence of the Avengers?


  1. Overall I definitely enjoyed the trailer since I’m a huge DC fan and have been looking forward to this movie for many years. That being said, I did have a number of issues with it and many of them overlapped with yours. I do think the film tried a little hard to be super funny the entire time. They’re definitely taking all of the fan criticism at face value and are trying to appear like a Marvel film. I think this is the wrong call. I like the light tone of Marvel and it works well, but DC’s serious tone has been working really well so far and I don’t think it really needed to change.

    It’s looking like Green Lantern won’t appear until the very end as a post credits kind of thing and that would be terrible. Him getting a small Wonder Woman esque role where he appears at the very end to fight a little wouldn’t be bad, but I feel like he should be a core member. Likewise, I actually think that Superman should have been here as well. The writers put themselves in a bad position by killing him off, albeit temporarily.

    Aquaman is definitely taking himself too seriously and I wish they had gone with the classic design as well. Personally, I don’t care for the new Flash suit or the actor portraying him since he just doesn’t look like Barry to me. I feel like the TV show has done a much better job with him at the moment. I also have a bit of a problem with the personality for this version. He acts a lot more like Wally West than Barry and I feel they may as well have made the switch. It’s just very hard to really believe that this kid is Barry Allen, one of the greatest sleuths in the DC universe. Where has his professionalism and hardcore dialogue gone? I’m sure he’ll get a lot of big moments since the writers will want to make him the next Quicksilver, but I’m very iffy on this.

    I’m also worried that this film won’t have much of an actual villain as Darkseid will probably fight in the next one. I’ll probably be nitpicking this film a lot when it comes out as I did with Batman V Superman. (Still gave it a 9 though. I just tend to be overcritical when it comes to franchises that I really like. I do the same with DBZ) I’ll really enjoy it though and I can’t wait til this one comes out. I doubt it will beat Man of Steel or Batman V Superman, but as long as it cracks an 8/10 for me, I’ll consider it a success.

    1. I definitely agree with you to an extent. I haven’t seen BVS yet but Man of Steel’s main problem with me wasn’t it’s lack of humor but it’s lack of depth in the character and instead it was just a boring film with some good action.

      Green Lantern I’m worried might not get a big role in the DCEU due to the failed Ryan Reynolds movie a while ago. Although I feel likw Hal’s wise guy personality would work in the film’s favor to add some humor without trying too hard since that’s part of Hal’s character.

      I do see some Wally West in his performance so maybe he’s gonna act kinda like a combined version of both Flashes but that would be a bad idea imo. Although if he does have Wally’s personality I wouldn’t mind too much since I like Wally for his personality BUT then he’d be playing Wally West but named Barry Allen and if you’re gonna be named one character act like that character. Although to be fair Wally is a bit more cocky than Barry and Ezra Niller comes odd to me as more naive than cocky.

      Well the film will need a villain but Darksied would be a risky move. DCEU’s problem right now is that they’re rushing into everything. Marvel is building things up like Thanos l, and Civil War wouldn’t have been as good as it is if we didn’t have aeveral movies before it establishing the characters and having us grow to love them as much as we do. The DCEU rushed the Death of Superman too quickly making his “death” havw less value and they’re juat rushinf into Justice League before we know any of these characters. Darksied really deserve as much build up as Thanos.

  2. I think with Aquaman they should have made comprise with his hair but make it short without dying it. Also still would have preferred Martian Manhunter as a founding memeber. The best was definitely the parts with Diana and Bruce taking about the recruiting. As well the bits with Barry.

      1. Well, at least people will finally see Aquaman as a badass. He can some Cthultho to eat your soul if he felt like it. Paraphrasing from Linkara.

      2. I’m afraid they’re gonna go overboard with the badassery of his character. Yes, Aquaman is a hell of a lot cooler than a lot of peoplw give him credit for but he’s the king of Atlantis whose gotta be smart too. Not some gruff muscley guy who hits first and ask questions never.

        Then again I’ve only seen Aquaman from Justice League conica and cartoons so maybe I just don’t know that much about him.

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