My Opinion On Comic-Con’s Trailers

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So usually with trailers I take them and I take the frame-by-frame to examine their content and easter eggs and considering the views those posts get I’m assuming you guys are interested in seeing them.  Now I got super busy and I neglected to do some recent trailers like the latest trailers for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows and Suicide Squad as well as failing to touch upon the first Doctor Strange trailer.  Now I don’t want to do the Ninja Turtles trailer since that movie already hit theaters and the purpose to these types of posts is to see what the movie might be like and make guesses based on the trailer and then watching the movie to see how accurate my guesses are, however if you guys want me to go over the Suicide Squad and Doctor Strange trailers (For Doctor Strange I’ll do both and just do the first trailer first) than let me know in the poll below and I’ll get to those ASAP.

Now there were several trailers released during Comic-Con.  Some disapointed me, others surprised me, and a few excited me.  While I will definitely review all the movie trailers released, I’m debating over some other trailers that have already been released or were just released so there will be polls below to determine whther or not I review all of these trailers.  Now from Marvel we got a trailer for Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and the Defenders.  Now the Netflix trailers (the later three) were rather short but were somewhat interesting.  Now I saw Season 1 of Daredevil and I’m half way through Season 2 and I love the show so far but I haven’t reviewed the previous trailers for him.  In addition, I saw the first half of the first episode of Jessica Jones and stopped watching because of a particular scene that I thought might crop up more than once in the series that I wasn’t interested in watching.  Now I haven’t reviewed any Netflix trailers but I thought they were short enough to spit a quick review out so if you want me to go over them let me know in the poll below!

The second Doctor Strange trailer was quite the treat and I enjoyed that more than the Netflix trailers.  Now I don’t know whether or not I should start reviewing this movie trailers from the first one I missed or the newest one so the poll below will determine that.

Now DC’s trailers were by far my favorite!  I was hoping for a teaser trailer for Spider-man: Homecoming and if they did do that I might be more interested in Marvel’s Comic-Con’s releases but honestly because of the lack of Spider-man DC had me more interested than Marvel and I’ll definitly review all of their trailers.  Movie wise we got a trailer for Wonder Woman and Justice League: Part 1.  Now I absolutely loved Wonder Woman‘s trailer and thought that if they kept the same quality that was in that trailer all the way down to the final production than this should be an amazing movie!  Now DC’s three greatest heroes are Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman and while Batman and Superman have had several movies dedicated to them, Wonder Woman have yet to get a movie herself (and no, animation doesn’t count).  So I’m crossing my fingers and begging DC to make a good – not decent, not passable, but good – Wonder Woman movie.  There’s a lot riding on this movie as it’ll be Wonder Woman’s first solo, it’s not the first comic book movie staring a woman but it may be the first good comic book movie staring a woman (movies like Elektra and Supergirl sucked), and it will define one of this universe’s greatest heroes so we’ll need her to be faithful to the comics as well as hold onto the values and elements that her fans adore about her.

Now I liked the Justice League: Part 1 trailer however it wasn’t as good as Wonder Woman‘s in my opinion and I had a few nitpicks and complaints but I’ll save most of thor for the trailer’s review.  I haven’t seen Batman V Superman yet however it’s on DVD now so I probably will fairly soon.  However while it’s not as good as Wonder Woman‘s trailer, it is pretty good.

Now the last trailer is the Justice League: Action trailer which is the new Justice League animated series.  Now I’m not sure if Bruce Timm and Paul Dini are back for this cartoon or if it’s a completely different creative team however I am planning on reviewing the trailer for it just because I’m a huge fan of DC’s animation and the cartoon seems interesting.  It probably won’t get close to the classic Justice League cartoon but if it can at least be good than that’s all I want out of it.

Also one last thing before I leave, I’m probably going to see the Ghostbusters 2016 soon and I recently re-watched Ghostbusters 1984.  So while I primarily focus on superheroes on this blog, I was wondering if you guys would be interested in me reviewing one or two of these movies just to get my take on it.


End Pollz


  1. I loved the Wonder Woman trailer too. I’m glad that Justice League trailer was funny. Although I still wish was Martain Manhunter instead of Cyborg. Stupid New 52!

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