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Deadpool IIHello interweb, Nate here! So this is a post that I decided I want to take a crack at because I really haven’t done any type of reading recommendations type post and I’ve been reading quite a lot of Deadpool comics since his movie was announced a few years ago. So because I’ve read so many Deadpool comics and he has quickly became one of my absolute favorite characters. Since I’ve read so much of his comics and he’s quickly becoming one of Marvel’s most popular characters, I thought maybe I could help you guys find fun Deadpool stories if you guys were at all interesting. So with that said, let’s begin!

Now the way I’m going to do this is by going through all the Deadpool comics I have read and briefly go over the comics themselves to help you determine if it’s something you’re interested in. Again, I’m only going through the Deadpool comics I have read so that way I can give my accurate opinion on them; so if there’s a really good run that is absent from this list than feel free to let me know! My exact Deadpool reading list is below (In alphabetical order) in case you want to know the exact issues I’ve read since some of these titles I haven’t finished yet.

  • “Cable and Deadpool” Volume 1: #1-6 (First trade paper back)
  • “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” (Read to completion)
  • “Deadpool Secret Secret Wars” (Read to completion)
  • “Deadpool” Volume 1: #1-13
  • “Deadpool” Volume 2: #1-63 (Read to completion)
  • “Deadpool” Volume 3: #1-45 (Read to completion)
  • “Deadpool: The Gauntlet” (Read to completion)
  • “Spider-man/Deadpool” Volume 1: #1-6

With that said let’s start with:


“Deadpool” By Joe Kelly and Ed McGinnis

Deadpool Vol 1 1

Now let me give you guys a little bit of background before I fully go into Joe Kelly’s Deadpool comics. Deadpool, as most of you guys know, was created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza and debuted in the pages of New Mutants before getting a miniseries titled Deadpool: The Circle Chase, written by Fabian Nicieza and Joe Madureira. Because of the success of his miniseries, Joe Kelly was allowed to give the character his first solo series with new time artist Ed McGinnis in 1997. According to Joe Kelly “With Deadpool, we could do anything we wanted because everybody just expected the book to be cancelled every five seconds, so nobody was paying attention. And we could get away with it.”. Because of this attitude, the comic turned into a parody of other comics at the time with Deadpool being presented as an over-the-top anti-hero with cartoonish adventures.

Now Kelly wrote the first 33 issues of his comic book and I’ve read up to issue 13 so I’m not done with the run, but based on what I have read Kelly may be my least favorite “Deadpool” writer yet (I do like Spider-man/Deadpool but I’ll talk about that later). Don’t get me wrong, his comics are fun to read and are quite entertaining, but there’s something about it that I’m just not a fan of. The art is one of my biggest issues with his comics as McGinnis’s anatomy in these early issues were very 90’s and was just kind of annoying for me to look at since I prefer it when Deadpool is still muscular but is a bit more in the realistic range like how Tony Moore (whose my personally favorite Deadpool artist, but I’ll touch on him more later) draws him in Deadpool Volume 3.

Now there are some elements that I found fun about these comics as some of the early stories features Deadpool trying to be a hero but life just constantly seem to be pushing him to the breaking point and he just ends up in a crappy position. His early comics also showed some of his darker elements such as this one moment where Weasel showed up at his house to visit Blind Al and Deadpool thought they were betraying him so he senselessly beat the two of them up. However these moments were often done in a more cartoony style; à la loony toons. I also enjoyed issue #11 where Deadpool is tossed back in time into an old 60’s Spider-man comic and it was fun to see Deadpool messing around with the world of 60’s Spider-man. So long story short, this is probably my least favorite Deadpool run that I’ve read (which seems to be an unpopular opinion) but it does has some fun elements to it that might deserve to take a look at. If you’d much rather read a PG version of the character than PG-13 and up than this is definitely the run for you. Heck, while most of Deadpool comics aren’t exactly R-rated in my opinion, quite a few of them features excessive amounts of gore and censored profanity that might not be suitable for younger kids but I think this run would be fine.

Recommended read:

  • If you want a more cartoony and PG version of the character
  • Enjoy over the top 90’s comics
  • Want to read the defining run of the character

Where to read:

  • Deadpool Classic Vol 1-6


“Deadpool” By Daniel Way and Paco Medina

Deadpool Vol 2 1

Now the first numbering of Deadpool lasted for a total of 69 issues being written by a number of writers – most famously being Joe Kelly but that also includes Christopher Priest and Gail Simone (both I have not read) – but in 2008, Deadpool would receive his second solo series that was written by Daniel Way and art by Paco Medina all the way until the last issue. Now this run of Deadpool has got to be my personal favorite run of the character and if I could I’d have every single issue of this run in single issues in a short box dedicated to this run. Daniel Way is my favorite Deadpool writer, Paco Medina is my second favorite Deadpool artist, and this run was quite the ride.

Now this version of the character is quite a bit more violent and has more off-colored humor than the previous Joe Kelly run. Gore is commonly seen, and censored profanity is very commonly spoken (words like “damn” or “ass” is commonly seen uncensored but more extreme words like “f*ck” or “sh*t” are often replaced with other symbols like “#$%&”). Examples of off-colored jokes may include a moment where a man is about to commit suicide and Deadpool asks if he can watch instead of trying to stop him. Now while it’s a bit more vulgar than the Joe Kelly run, it’s still within the PG-13 range so while you may have to be a bit more careful with younger kids reading these comics I think older kids should be fine (if you want R-rated Deadpool comics check out “Deadpool MAX”, although I have not read those).

Now this is probably my favorite Deadpool series simply because I think this is the best version of the character that I’ve seen. It pushes the limits of what a Marvel comic can be without throwing on the “Parental Warning” on the cover. It featured fun moments with Spider-man, the X-Men, and the Avengers as well as fun story lines like betraying Earth during the Skrull invasion, one of the funniest and gorriest fights between him and Bullseye, and trying to commit suicide by fighting the Hulk only for people to consider him insane and throw him into a mental institution.

Recommended read:

  • If you want a more ultra-violent and off-colored version of the character
  • You want to see more of his insane side

Where to read:

  • Deadpool Vol. 1: Secret Invasion
  • Deadpool Vol. 2: Dark Reign
  • Deadpool Vol. 3: X Marks the Spot
  • Deadpool Vol. 4: Monkey Business
  • Deadpool Vol. 5: What Happened in Vegas
  • Deadpool Vol. 6: I Rule, You Suck
  • Deadpool Vol. 7: Space Oddity
  • Deadpool Vol. 8: Operation Annihilation
  • Deadpool Vol. 9: Institutionalized
  • Deadpool Vol. 10: Evil Deadpool
  • Deadpool Vol. 11: Dead


“Deadpool” by Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn and art by Tony Moore

Deadpool Vol 3 1

Now when Marvel NOW hit the shelves of course Deadpool would get his own solo title renumbered. This version is slightly toned down from Daniel Way’s run of the character but not by much since it still contains quite a few ultra-violent moments, innuendos, and profanity (often censored) just that these moments are a tad more spread out and aren’t thrown at you every five seconds. Now this run isn’t quite over yet since the same creative team is still writing the Deadpool solo-comic in All-New, All-Different Marvel however the Marvel NOW comics contains 45 issues and I read all of them so I feel like I can talk specifically about those. I have not read any of the All-New, All-Different Marvel “Deadpool” comics so I have no opinion on them currently.

This is my second favorite run right behind Daniel Way’s and I liked it because the writers managed to keep the violence and innuendos important to the character but they toned it down just enough so we can get more character out of this guy and add more depth to him. Now there has always been a small degree of depth to his character as he has often portrayed the desire to be a hero in Daniel Way’s run but his ambiguous morality often made it difficult to call him a “hero” when he was constantly killing people.

However, Gerry Duggan did a great job at exploring more of who Deadpool is and why he is who he is and give us a character that’s more than just a bunch of violence and innuendos while Brian Posehn, veteran stand-up comedian, brought in the humor. One of the best stories that came out of this run is “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” that explores more of Wade’s past and even reveals he has a daughter. “Original Sins” follows the story up. While I prefer Daniel Way’s run for pushing the envelope whole making me laugh, this run is great at giving the character the depth that a lot of people don’t tend to see in him. Most people tend to see out-of-context panels of Deadpool floating around on the internet and think of him as nothing more than a walking talking internet meme – which, don’t get me wrong, is a big part of his character – however if you read Gerry Duggan’s run to completion than you’ll see that Wade has more to him than meets the eye and that part of the character seems to be lost somewhere to people who don’t read the comics.

Recommended read:

  • If you want more depth to the character while maintaining the humor and gory content
  • Great art work, seriously this guy was born to do art for this character!

Where to read:

  • Deadpool Vol. 1: Dead Presidents
  • Deadpool Vol. 2: Soul Hunter
  • Deadpool Vol. 3: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Deadpool Vol. 4: Deadpool Vs S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Deadpool Vol. 5: The Wedding of Deadpool
  • Deadpool Vol. 6: Original Sin
  • Deadpool Vol. 7: Axis
  • Deadpool Vol. 8: All Good Things


“Deadpool: The Gauntlet”

Deadpool The Gauntlet

Now this was a spin-off story from Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn’s run so I’m just going to briefly talk about this. This was a miniseries about Deadpool meeting Shiklah, a succubus from hell, and bringing her to Dracula for them to marry but falls in love with her himself and decides to marry her. I’d recommend reading it right before “Deadpool Vol. 5: The Wedding of Deadpool” as if you didn’t read this story Shiklah just kinda pops into his solo-title with no introduction or build up. It seems kind of annoying that you’d have to take a break from the main title to read this one but honestly the story is worth the ride. I enjoyed it and the climax was a blast to read.


“Cable and Deadpool” By Fabien Nicieza and Mark Brooks

Cable and Deadpool Vol 1 1

Time to move away from his solo titles and visit some team up books and miniseries! Now I only read the first trade of this run so I can’t speak for the whole run at hand, but Cable and Deadpool seems to be a popular team up between fans. Now the first trade featured Deadpool dealing with a cult and meeting Cable for the first time. The comic itself was pretty funny and I’ve been meaning to keep reading. I haven’t read enough of the series to get the feel for the entire run yet, but based on the first trade there were a couple gross moments (though I hesitate to call it “gory) and had a couple off-colored jokes. The main dynamic of the series is the polar opposite the two main characters are. Both are 90’s characters and were originally EXTREME as a lot of characters at the time were, but Cable has been toned down a little since then and Deadpool has kinda just turned into a more modern version of his oldest versions (um…duh?). The good cop-bad cop type deal is played out here with Wade’s humor bouncing off Cable’s gruff exterior.

Recommended read:

  • If you want to see Deadpool interacting with other characters
  • Off-color humor and violence is still here

Where to read:

  • Cable & Deadpool Vol. 1: If Looks Could Kill
  • Cable & Deadpool Vol. 2: The Burnt Offering
  • Cable & Deadpool Vol. 3: The Human Race
  • Cable & Deadpool Vol. 4: Bossom Buddies
  • Cable & Deadpool Vol. 5: Living Legends
  • Cable & Deadpool Vol. 6: Paved With Good Intentions
  • Cable & Deadpool Vol. 7: Separation Anxiety


“Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” By Cullen Bunn and Dalibor Talajic

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

I don’t like Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. I find it to be absolutely pointless and the only purpose it serves is murder porn. I mean I tend to not like vulgar stories that are only vulgar for the sake of being vulgar. Daniel Way’s Deadpool comics are vulgar for comedic purposes and so I’m fine with that. This has no humor in it and only features Deadpool running around an alternate Marvel universe killing famous marvel characters left and right. Heck, he killed Spider-man with a head shot! How the heck does someone kill flipping Spider-man with a flipping gun shot when Spider-man can dodge automatic fire at point blank range! I don’t really know why it’s so popular considering that it’s Deadpool but minus everything that makes Deadpool good and just shooting the violence up a couple notches. No humor, no character, just blood guts and violence because: Deadpool!

Recommended read:

  • If you like senseless violence and murder


“Deadpool Secret Secret Wars” By Cullen Bunn and Matteo Lolli

Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #1

I already made a review doe that comic here so I won’t bother going over it. Besides it was a Secret Wars tie-in so not much importance really (although I don’t remember reading Deadpool Vs Carnage which I mentioned in the review).


“Spider-man/Deadpool” By Joe Kelly and Ed McGinnis

Spider-man Deadpool Vol 1 1

Now I don’t know why I didn’t like the original Joe Kelly Deadpool comics but love this one but I do. Maybe Kelly has changed his writing a bit since he first written the character to go with how he has evolved over the years, but I’ve been reading this comic and it is hilarious! The comic is currently being produced and just released issue #6 so as far as I can tell there is not trades quite yet.

The story is pretty simple: Deadpool and Spider-man team up! Peter Parker and Wade Wilson both crack quite a few jokes but Peter is too much of a goody two shoes while Wade…isn’t. Because of this, it’s fun to see the two characters interact with each other and see Deadpool get on Spider-man’s nerves. He still makes the innuendos but the violence is mostly turned down, at least in terms of gore. Although Deadpool does shoot Peter in the head at one point which I still call bull but at least the story around it is funny enough.

Recommended read:

  • If you want something current
  • You want to see Spider-man and Deadpool team up and acting like Spider-man and Deadpool
  • Fun and humor


Well hopefully that gives you guys some fun reads ahead! If I didn’t mention you’re favorite Deadpool title than let me know down in the comments. I’m always open to recommendations! Also, does anyone know any good stories with Vanessa in them? I can’t find any!


End Poll

Was this at all helpful? I’m curious on you’re feedback here.


  1. I’m more DC than Marvel but I’m not big on Deadpool because I don’t like over the top gory violence. Not saying he’s bad character but sometimes it is a little too much.

      1. I don’t mind violence in story if moveso the plot forward. What I don’t like is senseless violence that has no reason. To be there.

  2. Came across this after a review on a rapper named MF SPAID who did a Deadpool song. I dont have much knowledge on him but this in combination with that has left me wanting to pick up a few comics now. Great blog!

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