My Opinions On Black Teenage Girl Iron Man

Iron Man (Riri Williams)Hello interweb, Nate here.  So first we have female Thor, than we had Black Captain America.  How could we make the Avengers any more PC?  I know!  Make Iron Man a 15-year old black chick!  Yay!

So Tony Stark is hanging up the armor and Riri Williams, a black teenage girl from MIT University, created her own armor in her dorm and decides she wants to be the next Iron Man.  So what do I think of the situation?  It’s stupid.  Pretty simple.  Now I’m actually  lot less mad than I’m letting myself on to be right now because while I find it dumb, I don’t really like Tony Stark.  I like the suit, I like the cool gadgets, and I like the idea that you can be smart enough to create your own battle suit and go around protecting people, but Tony is kind of a jerk.  He’s funny sometimes but in the end he’s just too much of a jerk for my taste.  I remember reading somewhere that Stan Lee created Tony Stark to be the most unlikable person you can read about and force you to like him.  Unfortunately I never did.  So because of that I feel kind of guilty saying I really don’t care about the new Iron Man, but it’s true.  I think it’s dumb and just a way for Marvel to get even more PC, but in the end it’s just getting dumb.

Now Brian Michael Bendis, the creator of Riri, actually commented on this and he stated:

“Thankfully because of my involvement in the creation of Miles Morales and Jessica Jones and some other characters, it’s getting the benefit of the doubt from even the most surly fans. There are fans who say, ‘Show us the new stuff,’ and then there are fans who say, ‘Don’t do anything different from when I was a kid.’ So when you’re introducing new characters, you’re always going to have people getting paranoid about us ruining their childhood.”


Now Jessica Jones was an original character created for the Marvel MAX imprint that are essentially R-rated comic books with her book being “Alias”.  I have no problem with her whatsoever and I feel like there’s no real controversy to her character as far as I can tell (even getting some praise for tackling topics like rape).  I never read Alias, never saw her Netflix series, and I only read her from “Young Avengers” and I think she had a brief cameo in a Deadpool comic.  However she is an original character so really I never saw her as being part of Marvel’s PC movement, I always just saw her as a pretty cool female character.

Miles Morales, on the other hand, I have seen as being part of Marvel’s PC movement as he’s well known for being the Black Spider-man but I honestly find him to be one of the less annoying PC characters; heck, I love the guy!  Now I linked my Character Bio of his earlier but incase you don’t want to read it and don’t know Mile’s story let me sum it up for you.  Miles Morales was originally created for the Ultimate Marvel Universe on Earth – 1610 to replace that universe’s Peter Parker and add more diversity to the comics.  However the biggest difference here is that Miles made a name for himself in an alternate universe so most people didn’t really care.  Even now that Miles is on Earth – 616, Earth – 616 Peter Parker is still around so really I feel no reason to dislike the guy.  Granted his immortality and that recent OP energy blast thingamajig is stupid as heck, but as a character I’ve loved his story since his first comic book run.

Now one thing is this whole PC movement thing Marvel has been doing for their comics has gotten me thinking a lot recently and I’ve made strong opinions about this topic before and some of my opinions have changes slightly after debating a lot of people.  Thor being a woman and Captain America being Black are both things that I was highly against and still am.  The thing is people are interested in Thor for Thor, people are interested in Captain America for Steve Rogers, and people are interested in Iron Man for Tony Stark.  So when people say “Oh Thor’s not really a woman, it’s a different character taking the role” I have to role my eyes because that still means Marvel is getting rid of Thor (hopefully temporarily but the longer it lasts the more worried I get) and giving us a different character with the same powers who just happens to be a lady.  This is the same case, they’re not turning Tony Stark into a black chick, they’re giving a black chick the Iron Man armor and saying good bye to Tony Stark for a bit.  That still means that people who are fans of Tony Stark is going to lose possibly their favorite character and have this imposter flying around claiming to be the new Iron Man.

Now does that mean I would much rather them turn Tony Stark himself into a black girl so fans of the character still gets to keep their character?  No course not!  Besides the fact that that’s just kinda weird and creepy, people who likes Tony likes him for who he is and when you take that away from him than the thing you love about the character is gone.  I brought this up with the last post where I was talking about queer superheroes and while I feel like most straight superheroes should stay straight I feel like it’s okay for the character to come out if it makes sense for the character and the world they live in.  You can be assumed straight your whole life and then come out as gay at some point down the line, but you can’t be assumed White your whole life and then come out as Black.  Now most characters don’t make sense to be straight so when a character is reestablished as queer than it can easily come off as comics being PC and get annoying.  I’m still a little peeved at Iceman coming out as gay since it literally came out of nowhere with no build up whatsoever and comes off as more PC nonsense.  If they would have made Magyk gay than that would be believable since she never been in a relationship before so you could easily see her as just a closeted gay person (which is my current headcannon regardless on whether or not it’s true) so it wouldn’t really come out of nowhere.  Deadpool was outed on social media by Gerry Duggan as being pansexual and that made sense considering Deadpool’s personality and his willingness to “do” anything (granted I would appreciate it if they mentioned it in the comics outside of jokes and remarks that can be interpreted as a straight guy making a joke but hey).

DC kinda did something like this with Wally West and many fans (I included) hated it because those of us who love Wally hated to see his character change to that of a Black dude for PC SJWs out there.  Fortunately enough DC Rebirth (which has re-sparked my love for DC) gave us back the true Wally West but is keeping the Black Wally around as a different character; and I’m cool with that because you can have your Black Wally for diversity purposes and I can have my redhead Wally for fanboy purposes.

Now in the end, why is this happening and why is Marvel so bad at this?  Well basically Marvel is going total PC police right now. A bunch of SJWs who don’t even read the comics are looking at the problems with comics (not enough women, not enough people of color, not enough LGBT representation, etc) and criticizing them. And because there are so many SJWs out there, Marvel is catering to these people and is changing the characters to be more PC. the problem is these people don’t actually read the comics and the fans who do read comics are getting screwed over. Are there some comic book readers who agree with these SJWs? Probably, sure! But the majority of fans are hating the PC take over Marvel is going through and I for one is one of them.

I found some comics on instagram a while ago that basically sums up the situation perfectly.  I’m not exactly sure where the originals are from so if you recognize them than let me know where the original source is so I can link you to them and give them the credit for these.

Person 1: Comics have changed lately. Person 2: Really? WW: So you're giving up without fighting, Do you fear justice that much? LL: No, feminists protests on internet...

Feminists comics IIEnd Poll

So how do you feel about Riri?  Love her?  Hate her?


  1. I don’t mind Tony Stark hanging up the suit but I don’t think comic should be called Iron Man if it’s going to be a woman as the lead. Iron Lady or Iron Maiden are more specific and badass. I don’t like female Thor because she’s still called Thor when Thor is his name not his title. I agree on the Wally West thing as both sides are happy. I have been a Superhero fan since I can remember and don’t like these changes. Diversity for Diversity’s is bad as it reduces the characters to being defined by them being a minority. Jaime Reyes, Static Shock, and K. Khan Ms. Marvel work because they are defined beyond on their minority.

    1. I love characters like Jaime Reyes, Static, a Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel, and Miles Morales/Spider-man because they never stole someone else’s identity. They’re either using it simultaneously or taking the name after its been abandoned. Lady Thor took the name from Thor and Riri is about to take it from Tony.

      1. Riri should just go by a Iron Maiden like I said before because she’s a woman (I don’t know if she’s cisgen or transgendered. Either way she’s a woman). Like I said minority characters should be characters first minorities second. Also as a Superhero fan & a feminists I get really pissed off when these women praise these bad attempts at diversity. Especially if they never read a Superhero comic in their lives.

      2. Riri’s probably cisgender, I’m not sure if Marvel or DC has ever taken a crack at genderqueer characters (beyond Loki cause I’m pretty sure he’s gender fluid) but either way Iron Maiden would work.

        I wouldn’t consider myself a “feminist” (although I have no problem with people who identify as feminist, I just don’t like what has been attached to that label in recent years) but I agree that people are too easily satisfied with bad attempts at diversity. Like the new Ghostbusters film, so many of my friends (mostly female but a few males) are excited for it simply because it’s women staring in a movie and Im not against a female Ghostbusters but the trailers look terrible. You can just slap women, POC, and queer people into anything and because it’s “progressive” people will be satisfied regardless of how good the content is.

      3. Well, I’m a gender egalitarian feminists (I want equality but I don’t think it should be done by being jerks or threatening people who don’t agree with you.) Meaning I want diversity but I don’t want to be because of apeasement I want to be because people thought it was interesting to have a minority character. As Linkara is a feminist but the good kind.

      4. I’d be a gender egalitarian but not a feminist. Just treat people like people, don’t worry about gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. Too many problems arise from focusing too much on each other’s gender and double standards start popping up everywhere. The biggest reason I’m not a fan of calling myself “feminist” is that while they want gender equality they put too much emphasis on one gender. Back during the woman’s rights movement that’s fine but I just feel like the label brings more problems now than it solves.

      5. That’s a good point honesty I feel the same way I just had feminist part as a safe gaurd.

      6. Yeah I get it I just get annoyed when some people feel like the label is more important than the belief. Like if you’re around the wrong people and you say you’re not a feminist than everyone flips out.

  2. You know there is a minority that don’t like having two characters named Wally West. As they believe will be sidelining black Wally even though DC said that both will be starring in different books as main characters.

      1. Flash Rebirth, Titans Rebirth, Batman Rebirth, and Superman Rebirth. I think I read Flash #1 and Detective comics #whatever (can’t remember). I’m most excited about the Titans series but Teen Titans also has my attention. Also Detective Comics looks interesting so far. Stephanie Brown is back!!! ❤

      2. So you took up on my reading recommendations? The Justice League comic was okay but maybe because Bryan Hitch is both the writer and artist. Which doesn’t lead to good pacing. The best part of that issue was the parts with our real Superman in it.

      3. Also do you think Martian Manhunter’s founding member status is going to be restored?

      4. Well they did establish that everything that happened pre-Flashpoint still happened in Rebirth. Although this week’s Action Comics has me worried because the tagline for the next issue says Wonder Woman. You know how much I hate the superwonder couple.

  3. I was talking about New 52 Superman. Why can’t they let superwonder die it was dumb idea in the beginning and it’s a dumb idea now.

  4. I’m mostly still chuckling at the concept here, but I don’t think I’ll mind the new Iron MAN. I just think they should switch her name. Of course, with the plot twists involving Tony’s parents, he may not want to keep the mantle anyway.

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