My Opinion On DC Rebirth

DC Rebirth IIHello interweb, Nate here.  So Convergence lasted a while, didn’t it?  Well at least Convergence‘s failure woke DC up because this maybe the best decision they’ve made in a while.  DC Rebirth, for those of you who don’t know, is the rebirth of pre-New 52 DC and combining it with the good parts of the New 52.  So yes we’re getting our DC back!  Most long term DC fans hated the changes within the New 52, I included, so the fact that DC is bringing in the old continuity is amazing!  So just like what I did with All-New, All-Different Marvel (I’ll be reviewing some of the comics in All-New, All-Different Marvel when the trades hit shelves), I’ll be going over the on-going titles listed on the DC Rebirth’s Wikipedia page and giving my opinion on each of them.  Now unlike my All-New, All-Different Marvel post, DC Rebirth isn’t alphabetical but is organized by different sections: “Batman” (including Batman, Action Comics, Nightwing, Batgirl, etc.), “Superman/Wonder Woman”, “Justice League”, and “other”.  There’s also “One-Shots” which includes titles that have “rebirth” in the name (I’m guessing they’re just short miniseries for each character) but I’m not going to go over those.  The list is found on the earlier link so check it out if you want.  With that said, let’s get started!


Batman by Tom King

Writer: Tom King

Artists: David Finch and Mikel Janin

First off is Batman by Tom King.  Tom King I’m pretty sure is also writing The Vision over at Marvel and I read the first issue of that comic but it just didn’t grab me.  I’m not quite sure what the story’s gonna be for this comic but I haven’t had a lot of experience with Tom King to really make an opinion based on the creative team.  Based on the cover we can see Batman and Commissioner Gordan with two people I don’t recognize.  There’s also a plane in the background that looks like it’s on fire.  I’m not sure how this will turn out but it may be interesting to check out.

Now one thing I’m curious about is how the New 52 Batman stories is going to fit with the old continuity.  Scott Snyder’s New 52 run many consider to be one of the best modern Batman runs and I’m embarrassed to say that I actually have not been reading New 52 Batman comics (yes, including Court of Owls) so I’m not sure how easily you can simply throw Scott Snyder’s run onto the end of the Batman timeline or if a few retcons are in order.  However I do know the New 52 did change it so Tim Drake, currently known as Red Robin, did not start out affiliated with Batman and the New 52 Teen Titans comics (which were horrible by the way) claimed to have been the first Teen Titans team in the DC universe. This would mean Nightwing never had the chance to be on the team and in the pre-New 52 continuity the Teen Titans has had a major impact on Dick’s history.  So while I’m not sure how many retcons will need to be made in order for the Batman continuity to work, I know Scott Snyder’s run isn’t going to be left out of the DC universe sense it may have been the best part of the New 52.


Detective Comics

Detective Comics DC Rebirth

Writer: James Tynion IV

Artists: Eddy Barrows and Alvaro Martinez

DC Rebirth is bringing back the old numbering for Detective comics so this will actually be titled “Detective Comics #934” which I think is awesome.  They’re doing the same thing with Action Comics which I feel really show that they’re serious about bringing back the old continuity as well as making the older stories that we all love canon again.  Now the writer of this comic is going to be James Tynion IV who I actually haven’t read before.  I have been picking up Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from my comic book shelves but I’m waiting for all six issues to hit shelves before I read them.  So while I don’t have any experience with the author of this story the premise sounds pretty interesting.  It’s a team up book with Batman and Batwoman leading Tim Drake (although I can’t tell whether or not he’s still Red Robin), Stephanie Brown as Spoiler, Cassandra Cain, and Clayface.  Yes, Clayface is with the Batman family.  I’m really wondering how this is going to work.



Batgirl DC Rebirth

Writer: Hope Larson

Artist: Rafael Albuquerque

Next up is Batgirl written by Hope Larson.  So Barbra Gordan is still Batgirl and not Oracle in this which I do kinda dislike and wish she’d be Oracle again since she was always more badass as Oracle but this works too.  Not sure what the premise of this comic is but it looks like there’s a Chinese man and Barbra with hiking gear so maybe this takes place across the world?  Also, is hipster Batgirl still going to be a thing?



Nightwing DC Rebirth

Writer: Tim Seeley

Artists: Javi Fernandez and Marcus To

I think Tim Seeley wrote Grayson which turned Dick into a spy so he’s written the character before.  I never read Grayson because if I’m going to read Dick I want to read him as Nightwing but based on outside sources I heard it was a decent comic.  Not sure anything about the premise to this and I don’t have much else to say so let’s move on.


All-Star Batman

All-Star Batman DC Rebirth

Writer: Scott Snyder

Artists: John Romita Jr., Jock, and Sean Murphy

Heck yeah!  Scott Snyder back on Batman!  Now a while ago DC released a line up of “All-Star” comics which were suppose to compete with Marvel’s Ultimate universe.  All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison is praise as the best of the series and I absolutely loved it.  However, All-Star Batman and Robin by Frank Miller was one of the worst Batman story or DC “All-Star”  story made.  Now I have heard that All-Star Batman and Robin was part of the same universe as All-Star Superman, but I’ve also heard it’s in the same universe as The Dark Knight Returns, The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Batman/Spawn, and more recently Dark Knight The Master Race.  I’m not sure what is true but honestly if the later is true and it’s part of Frank Miller’s little Batman universe thing than the only good comic in it would be The Dark Knight Returns.  So I’m not completely sure if Scott Snyder’s All-Star Batman will be in the same universe as All-Star Superman, the main DC comics, or just it’s own self contained story but either way it’s Scott Snyder and Batman.  How can you go wrong with this?


Batgirl and the Birds of Prey

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey DC Rebirth

Writers: Julie Benson and Shawna Benson

Artist: Claire Roe

If it’s not Gail Simone writing the Birds of Prey than who really cares?


Action Comics

Action Comics DC Rebirth

Writer: Dan Jurgans

Artists: Patrick Zircher, Tyler Kirkham, and Stephen Segovia

Now like I said with Detective Comics, Action Comics is going back to its old numbering at issue #957.  Now like I’ve been saying, the old continuity is going to be combined with the New 52.  Now this does mean that a lot of retcons need to be made but some characters I can see it easily be done.  Green Lantern, Batman, and The Flash can throw their New 52 history to the end of their pre-New 52 timeline and after one or two retcons to make things make sense it could work.  Green Arrow could have his New 52 history be explained as happening in his early years.  However, Superman’s New 52 timeline started at his origin story than went straight to modern times.  So I’m theorizing that (with the exception of the costume based on the cover) New 52 Superman is going to be gone, especially sense Superman was one of the most hated parts of the New 52.  If that’s true, than this would be amazing.  Especially since we got a glimpse of pre-New 52 Superman in Convergence: Superman but nothing really came out of it.

Now let’s get to the actual title.  Dan Jurgans is a pretty good Superman writer so the creative team doesn’t worry me that much.  And based on the cover, it looks interesting since Superman’s fighting Lex Luthor and Lex has the Superman symbol on his chest.  So I’m wondering what this is going to be about and it does make me want to pick up the book.



Superman DC Rebirth

Writers: Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason

Artists: Patrick Gleason and Doug Mahnke

Now Superman and Lois has a child now so I’m wondering if the boy on the cover is their son.  This may show a lot more of Superman as a father figure and it will be interesting how he raises his half-Kryptonian half-Human son.  This definitely peaks my interest and I’m glad to see how these characters are progressing in their lives since Batman had had Damian for quite a few years now and Superman finally has a biological son of his own to raise so we’ll just have to wait and see how that goes.


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman DC Rebirth

Writer: Greg Rucka

Artists: Liam Sharp and Nicola Scott

Wonder Woman!  As with Batman, I haven’t read New 52 Wonder Woman so while I know they changed her origin a little to make her a literal goddess I’m not sure how easy it will be to combine her New 52 history with her pre-New 52 history.  I’ve heard that Brian Azzarello’s run on the character was really good though so I might check it out eventually since I’ve never read a Wonder Woman title before.  Greg Rucka is a really good writer and wrote Batwoman for the New 52, so to see him back on a strong DC superheroine is pretty cool to see and I’m interested in what he does with the character.


New Super-Man

New Super-man DC Rebirth

Writer: Gene Luen Yang

Artist: Viktor Bodganovich

This looks dumb.  It’s basically Asian Superman.  Isn’t that what Goku’s for?



Superwoman DC Rebirth

Writer: Phil Jimenez

Artists: Phil Jimenez, Emmanuela, and Lupacchino

Don’t know don’t care…



Supergirl DC Rebirth

Writer: Steve Orlando

Artist: Brian Ching

Based on the cover it looks like this is going to be partially inspired by the Supergirl show.  I saw the first few episodes but lose interest in it all together.  The art looks really cute but other than that I’d rather just read something else.



Trinity DC Rebirth

Writer: Francis Manapul

Artists: Francis Manapul and Clay Mann

DC’s Trinity featuring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.  Francis Manapul wrote the New 52 Flash comics and I read the first six trades of his run and I have to say he’s a pretty decent writer.  The New 52 Flash comics had very strong character interactions and showed off Flash’s powers off well so I’m wondering how his writing style may work with the DC trinity.



Aquaman DC Rebirth

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artists: Brad Walker, Jesus Merino, and Phil Briones

Now out of every Justice League member, Aquaman is the character I know least about.  He’s the king of Atlantis and I know he’s a lot more badass than people give him credit for and many people regard him as a very underrated character.  With that said, I’m still not the biggest Aquaman fan and I really have no interest in this title.  If I hear it’s really good later down the line than maybe I’ll check it out but for now I’m not too interested.


The Flash

The Flash DC Rebirth

Writer: Josh Williamson

Artists: Carmine Di Giandomenico and Neil Googe

Like I said earlier, I read the first six trades of the Francis Manapul’s Flash comics in the New 52 and I’m pretty sure there’s seven in total.  Based on what I read, it’ll be okay to throw that continuity at the end of pre-New 52 continuity with a retcon here and there to clean thing up.  Now I’m pretty sure the Flash in this comic is going to be Barry Allen still since Black Wally West is chilling there on the cover next to Captain Cold and someone else.  This comic is also introducing a new villain called Godspeed that looks like a white Zoom (I mean his suit’s white, not his ethnicity although that may be true to) and I’m assuming he has super speed because of his name and costume.  I’m interested to see where this goes.


Green Lanterns

Green Lanterns DC Rebirth

Writer: Sam Humphries
Artists: Robson Rocha and Ardian Syaf

Simon Baz seems to be showing up in quite a few of these titles and I think it’s mainly to compete with Marvel since they have Ms. Marvel and both are Muslim superheroes.  I could be wrong but other than being in the New 52 JLA comics, he really hasn’t done much to my knowledge.  Either way, I doubt I’m going to end up picking this comic up.  I’m trying to work through the trades of Geoff Johns legendary Green Lantern run and so far I’ve only gotten through Green Lantern: Rebirth and Green Lantern: No Fear.  The next trade in the run is Green Lantern Corps: Recharge and I’ve been having trouble hunting it down.  So yeah. doubt I’ll bother with this comics.


Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps DC Rebirth

Writer: Rob Venditti
Artists: Ethan Van Sciver and Rafa Sandoval

And because DC is overflowing with Green Lanterns, here’s another book!  Same thoughts really, moving on…


Justice League

Justice League DC Rebirth

Writer: Bryan Hitch
Artists: Tony Daniel and Fernando Pasarin

I don’t know the premise to this so I don’t really have any opinions on it yet.



Titans DC Rebirth

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Brett Booth

So long as it’s better than any New 52 Teen Titans comic I’m fine with whatever they do.  Also, Donna Troy’s back!



Cyborg DC Rebirth

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Brett Booth

Same creative team as Titans but not part of the team.  Honestly I really don’t care about Cyborg unless he’s on a team and he works best on the Teen Titans.  I don’t know why DC has been trying to replace Martian Manhunter with Cyborg but I kinda want Martian Manhunter back as a founding member with Cyborg as a Titan.


Justice League of America


Writer: TBA

Artist: TBA

Couldn’t find any info on this comic so I have no opinion on it.


Teen Titans

Teen Titans DC Rebirth

Writer: Ben Percy
Artist: Jonboy Meyers

This team kinda reminds me of the Justice League Vs Teen Titans cartoon that recently came out but replace Blue Beetle with Kid Flash (who I guess is Wally again, where’s Bart Allen?).  Based on my understanding, it’s the Teen Titans where Damian wants to be the leader but no one else wants him to be the leader.  That sounds funny as heck and great potential for character interraction.  This title seems more interesting than Titans and I might actually check it out.  I hope it has better writing than the New 52 Teen Titans books though.  Marv Wolfman and Geff Johns wrote the best Teen Titans stories so I wonder when we’ll get a run with those levels of good writing.


Green Arrow

Green Arrow DC Rebirth

Writer: Ben Percy
Artists: Otto Schmidt and Juan Ferreya

I don’t care about Green Arrow enough to read him anywhere other than Justice League.



Deathstroke DC Rebirth

Writer: Christopher Priest

Artists: Carlo Pagulyan, Igor Vitorino, and Felipe Watanabe

Christopher Priest has sorta been everywhere and he’s pretty hit-or-miss for me so I’m not completely sold on the creative team alone.  I also never read Deathstroke in his own solo series so I’m not sure what a story involving just Deathstroke is like.


Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn DC Rebirth

Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner
Artists: Chad Hardin and John Timms

This is the same creative team who wrote the New 52 Harley Quinn comics (which I loved) so while I don’t know what the premise to this comic is going to be I’m not worried.  I also like the new design of Harley Quinn.  Yeah I realize it’s made to match with her Suicide Squad design but to be honest I really liked the costume they went with there.  I also like her hair here how her tips are dyed blue and pink.


The Hellblazer

Hellblazer DC Rebirth

Writer: Simon Oliver

Artist: TBA

I never read Constantine before and the only thing I know about his character is that he’s what happens when you take Sam and Dean from Supernatural and throw them into the DC universe (than again I’ve never seen Supernatural so idk how accurate that is either).  Also he’s bisexual.  Otherwise I know nothing about his character so I’m just going to move on.


Red Hood and the Outlaws

Red Hood and the Outlaws DC Rebirth

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Dexter Soy

Red Hood and the Outlaws are back?  Wasn’t that infamous for being one of the worst New 52 books when it started?


Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad DC Rebirth

Writer: Rob Williams
Artists: Jim Lee and Philip Tan

Suicide Squad with the movie line up of characters.  Harley Quinn, Katanna, Deadshot, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, and I believe Enchantress but I could be wrong.  Seems interesting enough to check out.


Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle DC Rebirth

Writer: Keith Giffen
Artist: Scott Kolins

Yes!  Blue Beetle is hitting the shelves once again and Jaime Reyes is teaming up with Ted Korde.  Not a fan of Ted, huge fan of Jaime, and I’m excited.  I love the art on that cover so I hope it holds up in the comic, I loved the pre-New 52 Jaime Reyes comics, liked the New 52 comics (strangely enough), and I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.


Super Sons

Super Sons DC Rebirth

Writers: Chris Burns and Dennis Culver

Artist: Jorge Jimenez

Superman and Batman’s children, Damian Wayne and Jon Kent, in the same comic.  No more need for explanations, this is adorable and I want to read this thing now!


Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond DC Rebirth

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Bernard Chang

And we wrap this up with Batman Beyond!  Terry is back as the Batman of the future and I’ve never read a Batman Beyond comic before but I loved the cartoon series.  Although I have heard that Jurgens don’t care about Batman Beyond so I’m not sure if I want to read this.


      1. teams are simple enough:

        10. Birds of Prey
        9. Avengers
        8. Young Justice
        7. All-New, All-Different Avengers
        6. X-Force
        5. Green Lantern Corps
        4.Young Avengers
        3.Teen Titans
        2. Justice League
        1. X-Men

  1. I’m a girl and really looking forward to DC Rebirth especially just so I feel less apathetic to the DC Universe.

    1. I don’t see how being a girl makes you feel apathetic to a certain comic book company but Rebirth will definitely have strong female characters like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Harley Quinn so those might be titles to check out! 🙂

      1. I don’t why I said I’m girl other than to prove that girly girl who loved Superheroes since I was I a little and really hate being called a tomboy.

        But I’m apathetic because it’s so cynical and if Rebirth restores the optimism of the DC Universe I will be very happy.

      2. Alrighty makes since. I hope I didn’t sound too harsh cause I do realize that being a girl and liking comics can be a little tough at times but I just didn’t see why that fact mattered in your comment.

  2. You weren’t harsh at all it was mostly my fault for starting on a tangent but yeah I always loved superheroes and Disney princess movies. I liked playing superheroes with my Barbies when I was little and despise the implication just because I love Superheroes I must be a tomboy.

    Yeah, Rebirth sounds like there are gonna get back to their roots and especially excited for the new Blue Beetle and the New Superman comic since I’m myself both half Hispanic and half Chinese. Although my father is Puerto Rican and not Mexican it still nice to see them bring back Jaime.

    1. Okay, sometimes it’s difficult to “read” the tone of voice someone has in a message so I just didn’t want it to sound irritated or whatnot.

      I’m honestly not interested in the New Super-man book at all but I’m so glad that Jaime has his series again. Jaime’s such a great character that I wish got more recognition (although to be fair I think DC has tried to do that with Young Justice and his appearance in the Justice League Vs Teen Titans movie) and his hispanic heritage definitely brings some diversity to the DC universe.

      Miles Morales is half Puerto Rican too. He just came to my mind for some reason when you brought up your heritage. I’m as white as they come so to say that I’m pretty well represented in comics would be an understatement 😛

      1. Everybody has their own taste and I want Martian Manhunter back as founding member of the Justice League but I guess that’s me asking too much.Since he basically was the soul of the Justice League and was my favorite character on the Justice League cartoon.

        Oh, Dear I only just discovered this blog and I’m chatting with you like we were old friends. I don’t if it’s because the love of superheroes overpowers my real-life shyness or something else.

      2. Yes! Martian Manhunter should definitely reclaim his position as a founding member of the Justice League. Cyborg is a great character but he makes more sense as a Teen Titan, or at the very least a Teen Titan who graduated to a Justice Leaguer but not a founding member of the Justice League.

        I guess when two people like similar things and know quite a bit about it than it’s easy to get into deep conversation without knowing each other well. Personally one of my favorite things about running this blog is disscussing these things with readers (of both comics and this blog). Not many people I know in person keeps up with modern day comics so the internet is the only place I can really get deep conversations about the topic.

  3. Well, most people don’t understand my reasoning on Cyborg should have been kept a Titan and like my reply on your “Characters that were Ruined by the New 52 Lists”. It all comes down to relationships and respect. The relationships that Cyborg had with the other Titans allowed him to grow as a character. As a result taking away all his relationships with the Titans basically took all his character. Which resulted in becoming very generic in my eyes.

  4. Okay since they killed New 52 Superman does that there is hope that DC can recon some of the aspects of Wonder Woman being in love Superman. Although I’m still excited for Rebirth I still that that this event should be called shattered Earth. This way they keep the few good elements of the New 52 and we get our old continuity back. I mean the writers could say that New 52 heroes are living pieces of the pre-Flashpoint heroes and are living on broken piece of the universe and I find a way to bring the main universe back into one whole piece. When they succeed the New 52 heroes will merge with their counterparts and thus become whole again. I’ll be honest I stole this idea from I short story I wrote about girl whose soul is literally shattered throughout the multiverse and must find them as each version represents facets of her personality. I find it an old shame since I wrote when I was 13. But I guess it’s not much of an old shame since I still like the premise even though I didn’t think it through back than.

    1. I think they are combining the New 52 with pre-Flaahpoint continuity. Especially since Wally is still Black and Superman still doesn’t have his trunks. But they have stated that pre-Flashpoint continuity is coming back.

      1. Yeah but I’m iffy about how it will be pulled off because How can we have pre-Flashpoint continuity with new version of certain teams and characters. *cough* Justice League *cough*

  5. Plus it looks like Blue Beetle and Super Sons might appeal younger audiences since they always complained about it but like Linkara said you have to give them characters they can relate to.

  6. I read Rebirth:Superman and it was an amazing read and it displayed everything I love about Superman. He’s kind, empathetic, and doesn’t look down on you. The way Peter J. Tomasi wrote it was just beautiful and it brings back good memories of reading “All-Star Superman”.

      1. I didn’t get my DC Rebirth one-shot yet because the shipping was slow. But luckily a friend of mine let me read his copy so I know what was going on. It will be interesting to read Superman as a Daddy. We all want or at least I want a Father like Superman. I’m also happy because after 5 years I finally finished community college. I’m still full of glee because my favorite Superheroe couple is back. Long Live Lois & Clark.

  7. I didn’t get my DC Rebirth one-shot yet because the shipping was slow. But luckily a friend of mine let me read his copy so I know what was going on. It will be interesting to read Superman as a Daddy. We all want or at least I want a Father like Superman. I’m also happy because after 5 years I finally finished community college. I’m still full of glee because my favorite Superheroe couple is back. Long Live Lois & Clark! Also to the naysayers saying that our Superman is boring and uninteresting you are an entitled elitist snob who doesn’t think that hope and optimism doesn’t make good stories. P.S. can delete that other comment I made while wasn’t logged in it was accidentally.

      1. Okay I admit that entitled elitist snob was unwarranted but I was sick of people telling me that I’m stupid for liking Rebirth and being happy about the return of the Superman I know and love. Dark Stories have a place but they can’t oversaturate entertainment without some more hopeful stories to balance everything out. That was basically the whole meta-commentary of Rebirth and these people didn’t get it.

  8. Just to let you know I’m not usually like this and I try to be rational. However, I got angry because I see so many blogs hating on Jonathan Kent II. Most of them were Wonder Woman/ Superman shippers while others just didn’t think that interesting stories could be done since Superman is married and has a family. Geez, I must be in the minority who likes it when Superheroes have kids and think good stories can come from that.

      1. Me too, I’m gonna put Super Sons on my pull list. Hope is back in style. Heck, it was never out of style and I cried while reading the Rebirth One-Shot you know the scene I’m talking about.

    1. Ah ok. I was excited to see Wally return but I only saw some out of context panels so idk the story behind it or what. I know Black Wally West is still around so I’m assuming it was explained in the One-shot

      1. Forgot to say finally got my Rebirth One shot that 2 week wait was worth it.

  9. The Detective Comics Issue that just came out was really enjoyable for me. It had a really sweet moment between Clayface and Batman that I liked.

    1. Cool 🙂 haven’t gotten the chance to go to my comic shop yet for this week’s new stuff but I’m excited. Action Comics, Detective Comics, and Flash Rebirth (the one shot not the graphic novel) that I’m thinking of it, when u suggested Flash Rebirth to me earlier were u talking about the new one shot or the graphic novel?

      1. What part of the U.S. (assuming you live here that is) do you live in?

        I live New York City and just wanted to what timezone you’re in.

      2. So you live in the Midwest City or suburb? The only question is how will the DC Universe get back its 10 years.

  10. Out of Curiosity are you going to read the trade paperback of the Superman: Lois & Clark miniseries that lead to Superman Rebirth. If you haven’t already that is?

      1. Well, it might help you understand things a little better but in the end it’s your choice. It’s by Dan Jurgens who is currently writing Action Comics.

  11. The Superman issue one had such a suspense ending I hope Wonder Woman and Batman end up remembering all the good times they had together with the real Superman. I hope the romantic love she had for Superman gets reconned as her being under a spell.

  12. New52 Superman wasn’t that hated (until Truth came out), there’s actually quite a number of people who liked him, even some of this run like Morrison’s run and Unchained are quite popular

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