Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2 Review and Explained

Warning:  All of what I’m about to say may very well be me speculating and theorizing.  So if I say something that contradicts something that is revealed later than that is why.  Also just to be on the safe side I’m just going to say there are possible spoilers below but I highly doubt there’s anything that will ruin the movie if I mention it.

Hello interweb, Nate here!  So, this happened!  And this review is a tad late to the party.  Sorry about that but I’ve been feeling kinda ill all of last week  so while every nerd in the world was celebrating Spidey’s first MCU appearance, I was lying in bed trying not to throw up.  But hey I’m better now and this trailer needs an overdue review so why don’t we get started!

So the trailer opens up to a prison containing Bucky (0:01-0:15).  I’m wondering if this is when you see Cap and Falcon go after him as seen in the first trailer but then why is he in a dome like that and not trapped under the stuff from the previous one?  Although I do love the quote given here: “This job, we try to save as many people as we can.  Sometimes that doesn’t mean everybody, but you don’t give up”.  I think that was Steve Rodgers talking there and it is a really nice quote since I feel like most superheroes try and do that everyday.  The reality is that while superheroes can’t save everybody, the do they’re best to save as many people as they can.  So that is a really nice quote to set the tone for the trailer and it feels like something Captain America would say!

Here we see some combined damage that the Avengers have had a hand in creating in one way or another (0:20-0:35).  At the top right of the screens you can see the deaths caused by each and honestly they aren’t that bad.  74 deaths in NYC from Avengers, 23 deaths in Washington D.C. I think from Captain America: Winter Soldier, and 177 deaths in Sokovia from Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Overall these seem like small amounts of deaths compared to overall populations but that fact that this destruction is happening and the Avengers are partially at fault does show why the government would push the SRA.

I do like this moment here (0:33-0:36).  The destruction of Sokovia obviously traumatized her since that’s where her brother, Quicksilver, died.  And Steve is a pretty sensitive guy by his character so he saw her discomfort and decided it was best to shut the presentation off.  They got the point, they don’t need to see any more.

“People are afraid”, queue explosion (0:37-0:42)!  Still don’t know the information behind this explosion like why it happened or who set it off, but you can see T’challa there right before Iron Man shoots up.  T’challa, whose also Black Panther, kinda intrigues me the most out of everyone in just his role within the film.  T’challa is the king of Wakanda, Africa, so he shouldn’t care about American politics.  So he must have some unknown motive or goal for why he’s part of all of this.  As a side note, the creates actually stated that they gave T’challa a “Wakandan accent” so I’m curious on what he’s going to sound like.

Now this is when we begin to see the political differences take shape (0:43-1:01).  So Tony Stark feels like the Avengers could be too much of a public hazard if left unchecked and thus wants the Avengers to have limitations put onto them by the government.  However Steve Rodgers feels like limitations would only limit the amount of people they can save and he’s unwilling to let an innocent die if he can help them.

Negetive zoneLet’s go back to 0:50.  Around here we can see a circular fortress coming out of the waters.  In the comics, Iron Man and the rest of the Pro-Act superheroes would take criminals and superheroes who refused to comply to the new law and toss them into the negative zone which (to put simply) is pocket dimension prison.  The problem with that is that because the negative zone is tied so much with the Fantastic Four, 20th Century Fox has the rights to it and not Marvel/Disney.  So I guess this make-shift Alcatraz prison is where they’re planning on throwing them instead.

Captain America chasing down Black Panther chasing down Winter Soldier (1:01-1:08).  Pretty BA action going on right there.

We saw this in the first trailer where Bucky attempted to kill Tony (1:10-1:12).  Just to be clear, Bucky had all intentions to kill Tony there.  If Tony didn’t have his Iron Man glove, he would be dead.  Considering that Bucky plays a huge part in starting the war and Steve is defending Bucky, I’m just assuming here that this moment is either going to make Steve question himself or if he was unaware of it make Tony mad that Steve is defending him.

Okay right here, it’s edited to look like Bucky shot down War Machine and possibly killed him (1:15-1:25).  But look really closely when War Machine gets shot in the chest.  It looks more like Vision’s laser beam than a bullet.  Did Vision accidentally shot down his team member?  Or maybe this was from something else.  While it looks like Bucky did it I really don’t think so.  It would make sense but just the way it’s edited makes me think they’re trying to make it look like the wrong person shot War Machine down.

Now this line really got to me the first time I saw this trailer: “I was wrong about you.  The whole world was wrong about you” (1:22-1:29).  Like I’m not going to lie, this whole trailer made me a little teary eye when I watched it the first time, but that line…wow!  After all they went through, Tony just told Steve that he was wrong about him.  I mean what can I really say that isn’t obvious?  Captain America, The First Avenger, Hero of America…the world was wrong about him!  Said one of Caps closest friends and teammates.

After this is just some cool action but I do want to point out Tony’s sling at 1:38.  Now in the comics Spider-man actually broke Tony’s arm when they fought right before he switched to Cap’s side.  And we already see at the end of the trailer that Spider-man’s on Iron Man’s side to begin with.  So does this show a turning point for the wall crawler?

Now I’m wondering where they’re at here in this scene (1:39-1:44).   Seems pretty cold and mucky to me.  I have seen theories that that’s Quicksilver behind them in that tube but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.  Also that “You just started a war!” line was kinda lame (Get it?!  Cause it’s the name of the movie!!!!)

Now we get more Black Panther action (1:47-1:49).  Black PantherT’challa is the king of Wakanda which is a fictional city in Africa and T’challa is actually the richest superhero in comics.  His entire city is made up  of vibranium and, if you remember back in Captain America: The First Avenger, Vibranium is suppose to be so rare that in the 40’s they took every bit of the stuff they had and turned it into Captain America’s shield.  Black Panther’s entire suit is made of vibranium so that’s why he’s bullet proof here.  He’s also styled off of a panther so he has vribranium claws too.  I also know that he’s faster and stronger than a normal human but I’m not sure if it’s to a superhuman degree like Cap or if he’s just really well exercised.

Scarlet Witch and VisionScarlet Witch versus Vision at 1:50.  The real interesting thing here is that these two actually have been married in the comics before so I wonder if this is hinting towards a future relationship.  It looks like Scarlet Witch is using her powers to shove Vision to the ground and Vision is resisting.  This really shows the full extent of her powers since Vision is a really strong character.  Vision’s capable of altering his density so he can be way heavier than even the Hulk and increase his strength with his weight.  So the fact that Scarlet Witch can keep Vision down like that is impressive.  Of course the comics Scarlet Witch once single handily almost ended the mutant race so she is a powerhouse herself.

Avengers Vol 1 223Hawkeye does a fastball special with Ant-Man (1:52-1:55)!  In case you don’t know, the fastball special was popularized by Wolverine and Colossus where a strong superhero would through the other one at a villain.  Here Ant-man seems to be inside one of Hawkeye’s trick arrows where he’s being shot at Iron Man.  I wonder if he’s going to mess with Tony’s suit like he did with Falcon’s suit in Ant-man.  This move between the two was done first in Avengers #223 and was once adapted into an episode of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Iron Man V CapThis moment where Iron Man threatens Captain America and Cap refused to give up just shows how stubborn Cap can be when he believes in something (1:58-2:03).  That line reminded a lot of people about Steve Rodgers prior to becoming a super soldier but honestly it remind me more in the comics during the midway battle where you see a mostly beaten up Captain America still trying to fight.  Either way it does show the stubbornness of his character and it’s really nice to see Cap refusing to back down from a fight.

Civil War Comic WarNow this spot here where the two teams are running towards each other is suppose to be  the big screen equivalent of a double page spread fight you’d see in a comic book (2:05-2:08).  My biggest problem with this is that the teams are just too small and they have them to spread apart.  A two-page spread fight in a comic usually shows all the characters close together and ready to fight.

And now he’s here (2:14-2:20)!  Spider-man!  Spider-man!  Does whatever a spider can!  This took the internet by storm and I’m just as excited about it as you guys are.  So the costume is actually probably the best live-action Spider-man costume so far!  It looks a bit too CGI for my taste but hopefully that’s fixed later in production.  You can see the web-shooters around each wrist like a watch and he even has a utility belt to reload the webs!  Steve Ditko Spider-manSpider-man usually wears a utility belt for his web fluids but it’s usually under his clothing so people don’t really think of it has an iconic part of his costume.  The chest symbol is a little small for my taste but my favorite feature are the eyes.  The costume itself reminds me of a 60’s Steve Ditko design and the eyes being able to squint and show emotion is really cool.  People are saying his eyes are lenses which would make sense.  Overall, I love this Spider-man costume!


End Poll

And that wraps up this trailer.  So what did you guys think of Spidey’s new costume?


  1. I definitely agree that Winter Soldier isn’t the one who blasted War Machine. The blast was just way to different unless he takes out an energy ray or something like that. I’m assuming that it’s Zemo or one of his goons and they’re going to frame Winter Soldier. It also leads to my theory that Winter Soldier is working for Zemo and just using Cap. Still on Team Iron Man all the way at the moment!

  2. Interesting analysis and breakdown. I agree with dreager1 about War Machine and getting shot. I felt that he wasn’t shot by Bucky or Steve but someone differently. It could be Zemo or Crossbones. With these two sides fighting each other, there must be someone pulling the strings. The bad guy is the one manipulating everything. I personally like the Spider-Man suit. It look like the classic suit from the 60s.

    1. I feel like Crossbones may be the likeliest person for the shot. The trailer looks like they want you to think it was Bucky but there will be a twist in the moviw.

      As for Spider-man’s suit, my thoughts exactly! I’ve been kinda geeking out over the eyes since I’ve never liked the live action Spider-man eyes in previoua movies and the ones in the trailer not only look like Steve Ditko’s design but they also squint and emote like the comics.

      1. Yeah I agree. I am starting to think somebody is pinning this on Bucky and it’s causing Steve and Tony to fight.
        I noticed that too in the comics and cartoons, Spider-Man’s eyes do move. I think that they did an excellent job on the eyes. At least they kept the Steve Ditko’s design. This should attract the classic fans.

      2. A lot of comic book characters emote through their masks even though it realistically shouldn’t be possible. I usually like art to be semi realistic but mask emotions are one of the few things I love to see for some reason.

      3. Yeah that is cool. Even with a mask, it is pretty cool to see it show expressions. I am impressed on how they did it for this Spider-Man.

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