50 Facts About Spider-man

Spider-man (comics)

Hello internet, Nate here.  So the last poll for this series in my 50 Facts about Deadpool, I asked you guys if you wanted to see 50 Spider-man facts or 50 Batman facts and Spider-man won!  So here are 50 Facts About Spider-man!


  1. Amazing Fantasy Vol 1 15


    Spider-man was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and debuted in Amazing Fantasy #15 in August of 1962.

  2. Martin Goodman, then head of Marvel, actually disproved of Spider-man’s concept due to the fact that people hates spiders
  3. Stan Lee actually originally was going to go with a fly or insect before finally picking a spider to base the character on.
  4. Spider-man wasn’t Marvel’s first spider.  A month before Spider-man’s first appearance, Journey into Mystery had a story involving a giant spider that was killed by the end of the story.
  5. Spider-man is the first teenage superhero to not be a sidekick of an adult hero.
  6. Spider-man’s quips that he makes in battle is used for him to distract his villains as well as make it easier for him to relax and not get scared.
  7. Stan Lee specifically placed a hyphen in Spider-man’s name to prevent “Spiderman” and “Superman” to be mixed up as Superman was rather popular at the time.
  8. Spider-man’s first solo title The Amazing Spider-man (Vol. 1) first appeared on shelves in March of 1963.
  9. Volume 1 of The Amazing Spider-man ended December, 2012, on the 700th issue (Why did they end it?  300 issues till their 1,000th issue!).
  10. Spider-man Villains


    Spider-man’s villains are some of the most well known in all of comics and his first villain to appear is the Chameleon who debuted in The Amazing Spider-man (Vol. 1) #1.

  11. Spider-man main enemies debuts as follows in The Amazing Spider-man (Vol. 1) (Note that these are his main villains, not his minor ones):
    • The Vulture in issue #2 on May, 1963
    • Dr. Octopus in issue #3 on July, 1963
    • Sandman in issue #4 on September 1963
    • The Lizard in issue #6 on November, 1963
    • Electro in issue #9 on February, 1964
    • Mysterio in issue #13 on June, 1964
    • Green Goblin in issue #14 on July, 1964
    • Kraven the Hunter in issue #15 on August, 1964
    • Scorpion in issue #20 on January, 1965
    • Rhino in issue #41 on October, 1966
    • Shocker in issue #46 on March, 1967
    • Kingpin in issue #50 on July, 1967
    • Morbius in issue #101 on January, 1971
    • Black Cat in issue #194 on July, 1979
    • Hobgoblin in issue #234 on March, 1983
    • Venom in issue #300 on May, 1984
    • Carnage in issue #361 on April, 1992
  12. Rhino was the first villain that Steve Ditko was not responsible for as he was made by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr.
  13. Morbius was the first villain that Stan Lee wasn’t responsible for as he was made by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane
  14. Fan favorite villain, Venom, originally was a fan creation that was bought by Marvel for $220 (That’s right!  Venom was originally conceived as fan fiction!  Kamala would be so excited to hear that…or maybe not since she lives in the same universe as Venom.)
  15. 6


    Spider-man’s web shooters has three settings to them: a string of webbing that allows him to swing, a web, and a thick liquid. (My question is how does he control the settings?  Is it the amount of pressure he puts on the trigger or…?)

  16. Spider-man’s webs dissolves after 1 hour and is strong enough to restrain the Hulk
  17. Spider-man’s reflexes are so fast that he once webbed up a gun and blocked a bullet after the trigger was pulled but before the bullet was shot (so is his webs faster than a bullet?)
  18. Spider-man can actually use both his spider-sense and reflexes to dodge automatic fire.
  19. Spider-man is weak to the pesticide ethyl chloride.
  20. Spider-man can bench press 10 tons and has a top speed of 200 mph.
  21. Peter Parker has an IQ of 250
  22. Spider-man’s first love interest wasn’t actually Mary Jane nor Gwen Stacy but the Daily Planet secretary Betty Brant
  23. In the comics, Peter actually didn’t meet Mary Jane nor Gwen Stacy until college!  The original love triangle was between Peter Parker, Betty Brant, and fellow classmate Liz Allen.
  24. Gwen Stacy’s death marks the end of the Silver Age of Comics.



  25. Gwen Stacy’s one of the few dead comic book characters to remain dead.
  26. Spider-man’s parents where spies and died in a plane crash before Peter went to live with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben
  27. In 2007, Marvel released a four issue miniseries called Spider-man: Reign where a possible future for Peter Parker reveals that Mary Jane dies from cancer caused by Peter’s radioactive sperm.
  28. In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Peter Parker took a bullet without hesitation and Captain America told him that he’ll be the greatest hero of them all.
  29. Unfortunately, the Ultimate Universe Peter Parker died.  Fortunately, that allowed Miles Morales to take the role of the Ultimate Spider-man.
  30. In the storyline Kraven’s Last Hunt, Spider-man survived being buried alive for two weeks
  31. In the storyline Superior Spider-man, Dock Ock took over Peter’s body and attempted to become a better Spider-man than Peter Parker.  Of course you can never beat the original and Peter got his body back in the end.
  32. During a event where the Human Torch died, Spider-man became part of the Fantastic Four (at the time called the Future Foundation)
  33. Spider-man has been part of superhero teams besides the Fantastic Four such as the Avengers, the Secret Defenders, and the Outlaws.
  34. When Wolverine died in Death of Wolverine, Spider-man replaced Wolverine’s title Wolverine and the X-Men with Spider-man and the X-Men.
  35. Spider-man is the destined teacher of Hope Summers, the ultimate mutant.  This lead into Avengers Vs X-Men.
  36. 36.


    During the events of Marvel’s Civil War, Tony Stark invented a high tech spider suit dubbed the “Spider-armor” as a gift for Peter when he joined the pro-registration act.  However, Peter quickly abandoned the suit when he left Tony to join Captain America.

  37. Speaking of Civil War, it has been confirmed that Tom Holland will play Spider-man in the MCU and has more than just a cameo in the movie.
  38. The first Spider-man movie in the MCU has been confirmed to NOT be an origin story.
  39. In Sam Raimi’s  Spider-man movies, Spider-man possessed organic web shooters rather than mechanical ones.
  40. Due to Sam Raimi’s films, Spider-man temporarily had organic web shooters in the comics until it was retconned by One More Day
  41. Toby Maguire, who played Spider-man in Sam Raimi’s Spider-man trilogy, insisted on a suit that would allow him to use the restroom without taking it off and going through the long refitting process.
  42. Speaking of interesting movie changes, Andrew Garfield, who played Spider-man in The Amazing Spider-man series, suggested for a pansexual Spider-man at one point to be featured in a live-action film (I don’t know, I feel like a pansexual Spider-man just doesn’t fit the character.  Besides, we already have a Pansexual Spider-man in the form of Deadpool!)
  43. There has been a total of 8 Spider-man cartoons: Spider-man in 1967, Spider-man in 1981, Spider-man and His Amazing Friends in 1981, Spider-man: The Animated Series in 1994, Spider-man Unlimited in 1999, Spider-man: The New Animated Series in 2003, The Spectacular Spider-man in 2008, and the current show Ultimate Spider-man that started in 2012.
  44. Spider-man: The Animated Series actually received heavy censorship from Fox and thus there has only been three punches thrown within the entire season.  In addition, references to killing was not allowed so villains would often say “destroy” instead of “kill” and characters would be sent to alternate dimensions instead of dying.
  45. In Spider-man: The Animated Series, Hobgoblin appeared before the Green Goblin as apposed to the comic books where the Green Goblin appeared first.  This is because one of the creators was more interested in created toys from the series than the series itself and ended up created Hobgoblin action figures first.  As a result, they had to do Hobgoblin first.
  46. Spider-man: The Animated Series shares the same universe with X-Men: The Animated Series on Earth – 92131
  47. Spider-man: The animated series was originally going to feature CGI in the opening, which was new at the time, but was scrapped due to lack of resources.  However we eventually received a fully CGI Spider-man cartoon with Spider-man: The New Animated Series
  48. If The Spectacular Spider-man got a third season, Hobgoblin and Scorpion would’ve made an appearance (Thanks Disney!)
  49. 49.


    Spider-man is President Barack Obama’s favorite superhero.

  50. Spider-man is ranked #3 on IGN’s top 100 superheroes, right behind Batman at #2 and Superman at #1.


End Poll

So with Civil War on it’s way, which side do you choose for my next 50 Facts list?  Captain America, or Iron Man!



  1. I think more comic writers need to read #16. I remember when the Webs actually could hold the Hulk. Nowadays they’re just portrayed as more of a nuisance. Everyone from Tombstone to Green Goblin just tears them up now. It can be argued that Spider Man just isn’t using enough web like he used too, but I’d say that writers simply underestimate him.

    1. I’ve always felt like strong characters like Hulk ahould be able to break out of it, but Green Goblin shouldn’t. Tombstone probably shouldn’t either.

      On top of that, everyone’s strengths tend to change throughout the decades. Some people have gotten stronger, other people have either gotten weaker or is just overshadowed by the new standards of strengths. Silver age Hulk shouldn’t be able to break out, but modern day Hulk should.

      1. Yes, some characters have definitely had a better time modernizing than others. Thor used to always be equal to Hulk in strength without the hammer so it was implied that with it he would win. Nowadays, Hulk is shown to be much stronger. I’d say that Spider Man suffered the Thor treatment as well. Seriously, everyone with the slightest amount of super strength keeps on breaking it in the comics. I do need to get back to them though, I haven’t read a comic in quite a while! My local library had bedbugs that contaminated the graphic novel section so I decided to give it a few weeks. Don’t want to take any chances! On the backburner I still have a few though so I just gotta work on those.

      2. I remember reading about how Stan Lee created Thor and he was trying too creat a character that can face the Hulk and he realized that the only thing that can fight the Hulk would be agod. This: Thor. I think i chose Norse mythology over Greek or Egypt because it was less known

  2. HI Nate, great piece of knowledge here. I think people who only know Spider-Man from the movies would really enjoy reading this.

    The Spider-man universe is far more complex and interesting than what big audiences see in the movies. Hopefully, at some point, we will abandon the Peter Parker classic story and would move onto produce movies based on Spider-Man’s rich comic universe.

    I mean, imagine seen really mature stories like Kraven’s last hunt brought to life:


    Gives me chills. Anyway, read you later mate.

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