Batman V Superman Final Trailer Review and Explained

Warning:  All of what I’m about to say may very well be me speculating and theorizing.  So if I say something that contradicts something that is revealed later than that is why.  Also just to be on the safe side I’m just going to say there are possible spoilers below but I highly doubt there’s anything that will ruin the movie if I mention it.

Hello interweb, Nate here!  Wow, the final trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has finally arrived and it is BA!  Although the title is still kinda lame imo.  Before we jump right in, I do want to clarify that I’ll be going over The Death of Superman closer to the release date of this film.  Anyways, onto the review!


So they basically dedicate the first third of the trailer to Batman and give us so much to talk about here (0:00-0:43).  I really like how they gave us so much Batman material here because we already know Superman from Man of Steel so we should have a bit more Batman in these trailers sense we don’t know this universe’s Batman yet.  A lot of people I see online keep saying that they want the movie to focus more on Superman since it’s a Man of Steel sequel, but really it’s less of a Man of Steel sequel and more of a Justice League prequel.  Yes it takes place after the events of Man of Steel but if they do make an official sequel to that film it will be Man of Steel 2: [insert goofy subtitle that’s trying to sound dramatic here].

So let’s talk about the clips between 0:00-0:15, right before the fight sequence.  I’m not sure exactly where this scene takes place but I have a feeling it’s before the events of Man of Steel since Batman is coming out of retirement in the movie.  To support this theory, Bruce even mentions that he’s getting to old to be Batman near the end of this 43 second clip so what I think happened is that this is near the end of Bruce’s time as Batman before he retires and than Superman shows up and Bruce decides that Superman is too powerful to stay unchecked so he becomes Batman again to fight him.  Personally I’m kind of nervous about the idea of Batman just coming back out of retirement to face Superman since his body would probably loose a bit of muscle while he’s no longer fighting crime.  Yeah the Miller-Suit (the suit he’s going to wear that’s inspired after Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns) will help in that aspect and he’ll probably train his body to get back in shape, but I’d much rather see Batman in his prime than when he’s older.

Now the fight scene where Batman faces the dozen guys (0:17-0:36).  This whole scene is brilliantly choreographed and honestly this 20 second clip is probably the best live-action Batman fight I’ve ever seen.  Yeah the Christopher Nolan Batman series was amazing and so far The Dark Knight is my favorite Batman movie (possibly my favorite superhero movie), but they didn’t have the technology they do today so where probably going to have some great action scenes.  I didn’t like Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel but if I can say one positive thing about it it’s the action.  So while the story in this movie makes me nervous, I can at least know the action won’t disappoint.  I thought it was really cool when Batman shot up from the second floor to the third floor like that to surprise everyone there.

This is what I meant when Bruce mentioned how old he was getting (0:37-0:44).  Although Alfred’s response confuses me: “Even you got to old to die young, not for lack of trying”.  What does that even mean?  Lack of trying what?

0:44 thank you Warner Bros!

0:46 thank you DC Comics!

This is just rehashing of what we’ve already heard in previous trailers (0:49-0:57).  He can’t trust Superman so he’s gonna fight him.

Not sure if I talked about this scene in previous trailer reviews but it is worth talking about (1:00-1:20).  I’m not sure what Batman’s trying to do here, but it looks like he drove into Superman with the Batmobile and it just ricocheted into some containers.  The only thing that annoys me about this scene is there’s a moment in a clip that wasn’t in any of the trailers where Superman basically tells Batman to stop being Batman.  During that scene, Batman tells asks him “Tell me, do you bleed?” in which Superman kinda gives him a dirty look and flies off before Batman finishes with “You will!”.  The first time that line was stated, Superman and Batman was staring each other down and it looked like Batman said it to Superman’s face.  It turns out that Batman actually said it here and too Superman’s back!  That just made such a BA moment loose it’s coolness for me.  It was almost like Batman was that kid trying to egg on a guy that’s obviously stronger to a fight.  I’d much rather Batman say that to Superman’s face than to his back.

Now one thing I do want to mention is Batman’s costume.  You can see at 1:06 that Batman’s eyes aren’t going to be whited out.  Most depictions of Batman shows him with completely white eyes and for nostalgic purposes I think I prefer it like that, but Batman has had normal eyes in places such as Geoff John’s Batman Earth One that depicts a bit more realistic Batman.  Considering that a bunch of DC characters have white eyes (the Flash, Nightwing, Robin, Green Lantern, etc.) I wonder if all the characters will have normal eyes or if some will have whited out eyes.  Although I am curious on how characters white there eyes out within the comics.  I know that it’s just how artists draw them but certain characters have referenced them in universe (such as Barry Allen commenting on Wally West’s addition of white eyes to the Flash costume) so I’m curious on if any explanations to how they do it has ever been given.

Now we’re at the part of the trailer where they spit a bunch of different clips at us.  At 1:20-1:21 you can see Superman shove Batman into a building and super high into the air.  So that suit will definitely be able to stand a lot of damage.

Okay DC, c’mon (1:24).

Happens really quickly but you can see two clips of Batman throwing/shooting at someone and than at Superman (1:25-1:26).  The first clip you can see him holding a Batarang so I think he disarmed someone with it.  I’m curious on how they’re going to handle the Batarangs in this franchise.  I’ve always loved the Batarangs from the Nolan trilogy and how they where like tiny little shurikens.  I think he’s shooting Superman with something in the second clip but I can’t make out what.  Maybe another Batarang but I feel like it’s something else.  Maybe a grappling hook?  In the animated movie Justice League: War, Batman shot a grappling hook at Superman flew over and caught it.  In the same movie, Batman tried to taser him and he was unaffected so maybe it was that. I don’t know if they’re going to allow electricity to harm Superman sense it seems like sometimes he invulnerable to it and sometimes it hurts him.

Again very quick but you can see a split second of Batman kicking Superman in the face at 1:30.  Like I’ve been saying, this movie is taking inspirations from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and there’s a panel where Batman stomps Superman’s head.  I never really liked The Dark Knight Returns but I do respect it’s cultural significance within comic book history.  Without it, comics might not be taken as seriously as they are today.

Now we finally get to hear Wonder Woman speak (1:33-1:43)!  Three trailers and we haven’t heard a line from Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman until just now (there’s a joke somewhere in there but I’m just not going to touch on it).  I do have my complaint’s about Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and how she looks less like an Amazonian warrior and more like some type of fashion model, but I’m not sure if there’s anything here to really help with that.  The line’s okay but it’s not as BA as “Tell me, do you bleed?  You will!” or “If I wanted it, you’d be dead already”.  Also I’ve recently heard that Wonder Woman won’t be able to fly in this series and will be restricted to jumping.  I find that dumb and it kinda ticks me off but…actually no buts, it’s dumb and it ticks me off!  Moving on!

At 1:44 you can see Batman standing on a ledge with people below him shooting.  I have a feeling they’re shooting at a door and trying to shoot Batman but Batman is just waiting above their heads until they run our of bullets.  Although it does look like he’s making hand motions but I don’t know what he’s doing.  Batarangs maybe?  Although that would give away his position.

And then nothing that hasn’t been shown in previous trailers until 1:57 where Batman blocks Superman’s punch!  I’m not sure if Superman was trying with that punch or not but he definitely looks surprised so I bet he was planning to do a bit more damage with that punch.  I see a lot if people saying that a fight between Batman and Superman should end up with Superman winning, and while I agree (Batman’s only human) I feel like Batman would at least put up a fight.  Batman isn’t going to go into this without something to help him defeat Superman.  While this film is taking inspirations from The Dark Knight Returns, I doubt that the fight will be exactly the same.  Batman had some help from  Green Arrow in the comics but I highly doubt Green Arrow’s showing up here.


End Poll

So the question of “Batman V Superman” seems to me less if “who would win” and more of “is it possible for Batman to defeat Superman”.  So what do you guys think?  Is it possible for Batman to defeat Superman all by himself?


  1. This movie is perfect for me because it doesn’t matter who wins. I literally play both sides and will defend whoever loses while also defending whoever wins. They’ve both got the edge in my opinion. Superman through logic and facts, Batman through prep time and intellect. So, for the first time in years I actually may not yell “Plot Hax!” at the screen during the climax….well, maybe just a little. We’re almost there now!

      1. Fair enough, that does seem pretty likely. I do think that many fun debates will be had on who was “winning” though before they stop. Who do you have your blog money on? I’m going with good ole Superman B)

      2. Why doesn’t that surprise me XP. I’d say Batman because 1. He’s my favorite and 2. A mortal defeating a god (or uber powerful alien) is far more interesting than a god defeating a mortal. Basically the point to Dark Knight Returns (even though I’m not a fan of that comic, or Frank Miller in general)

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