X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer Review and Explained

Warning:  All of what I’m about to say may very well be me speculating and theorizing.  So if I say something that contradicts something that is revealed later than that is why.  Also just to be on the safe side I’m just going to say there are possible spoilers below but I highly doubt there’s anything that will ruin the movie if I mention it.

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So sorry about how late this trailer review and explain is but I’ve been drowning in post-Christmas break homework assignments.  Before I begin this, I should briefly comment about 90’cember since I did promise four posts from it and I failed terribly to deliver.  I feel like at this point I might as well just not worry about it and continue on but I did decide to do a Comixplanation on the Death of Superman storyline.  Not sure when I’ll do it since I also need to get my Ant-man review up and there are a couple of other posts I have yet to reveal that I really want to make but I’ll definitely make sure to do Death of Superman since that post seemed to be the most anticipate of the four.  With all that said, time to crack this nut open and see what we find (did that make any sense?).

So before I begin I feel like I should briefly go over my thoughts on where this film takes place within the context of the other X-Men films.  So this film takes place right after X-Men: Days of Future’s Past reboot of the franchise and more specifically in the 80’s (also as an FYI, DoFP was the only X-Men film I’ve actually seen so don’t ask me about my thoughts on the previous films).  Now I’m pretty sure DoFP made the X-Men films before it irrelevant so I don’t have to worry about those films; but I could be wrong.  The thing I don’t like about the trailer, and to be fair I didn’t like this about DoFP either, is that it didn’t feel much like an X-Men adaptation.  Now it had classic X-Men elements within it, but the feel of the previous film and this trailer just doesn’t scream X-Men to me as much as Marvel/Disney’s Avengers screamed Avengers.  If you really want to see an X-Men story that isn’t a comic book, I personally would point you to the cartoon X-Men: Evolution since that did change a few things from the comics but kept all the important elements in tact (plus it gets really good around season 3).  I know that most people would point you towards the 90’s animated series but I personally haven’t seen that show before and I’ve been having trouble hunting the series down to watch it so I don’t know when I will see it.

So this trailer opens with Jean Grey receiving a vision about the end of the world or at least some sort of mass destruction (0:01-0:20).  Jean Grey is a psychic so it doesn’t surprise me that her of all people would receive these visions.  I’ll talk more about Apocalypse in a second but all of the destruction is definitely foreshadowing him.  I do find it pretty dumb that Professor X isn’t even taking the visions seriously since Jean Grey’s a psychic and he’s a even more powerful psychic.  If someone with psychic abilities came to me about some apocalyptic visions, I’d probably go and warn the Avengers!  Oh wait…

Okay we don’t quite see Apocalypse here but we do hear him so I guess I can start talking about him (0:28-0:36).  For those of you who don’t know, Apocalypse (real name En Subah Nur) is the world’s first mutant and is 5000 years old.  Being the first mutant, he has extremely powerful abilities and as such it makes sense that people would mistake him for a god and follow him.  Basically to get a grasp on just how powerful Apocalypse is here’s a rundown on some of his abilities: immortality, telekinesis on a molecular scale, energy manipulation, super strength, technopathy (can manipulate technology), genius-level intellect, and DNA manipulation.  Basically whenever the X-Men have ever fought him he basically owns them in a fight.  The important thing that you need to know is Apocalypse basically has the belief that only the strong should inhabit the planet so his main goal is to eliminate all humans as well as mutants that in his eyes are weak.  Obviously we don’t like the idea of planet wide genocide so that’s where the X-Men show up and stop him.

The thing I’m kinda seeing that this trailer is saying is that all of the gods in every religion is actually Apocalypse who wants to kill basically everyone.  I’m not sure how far Fox is going with all this religion symbolism but religion is kind of a touchy subject so I would be careful with it.  I am glad that Nightcrawler shows up in this film since he’s catholic, which hopefully means that the overall message in this movie is “religion is evil” but I would be careful.  Although it would be nice if someone of another religion like maybe Dust (whose a Muslim woman) also appeared in the film so the message won’t be “all religion except Catholicism is evil” since that message might be even more touchy.  For the record, I am Christian and ultimately I doubt that that’s where Fox is consciously going with that message but it is something I noticed and I probably won’t be too offended about whatever they make of it.

Again playing into the whole god-like power here and Apocalypse being mistaken for a god (0:36-0:45).  Even pointing out that Apocalypse is the world’s first mutant (0:46-0:53).

And this line seems to be opening up Apocalypse’s philosophy of “only the strong can survive” (0:54-1:09).  Like I said early, Apocalypse is basically going to kill every weak being and basically start the earth over from scratch.  So his mentality is that the world has grown soft so he’s just going to clean it up a bit.

Also several of the characters appear between 0:55-0:59.  It’s kinda funny because the first three characters we see are blue with Beast, Mystique (although she’s shape-shift at the moment to not be blue), and Nightcrawler with Jubilee kinda just placed at the end there.  Nightcrawler is one of my favorite X-Men so I am glad he’s appearing in this film.  I know that this isn’t the first X-Men film he’s appeared in but I haven’t seen that film so I don’t know how well he was portrayed in it.  I don’t really like his tattoos though and I’m pretty sure he’s suppose to have fur but otherwise I’m fine with it.  Jubilee I’m pretty excited for since I love her character.  Jubilee was originally created because Shadowcat left the X-Men to join Excalibur so the writers created another teenage hero to fit in.  Her outfit looks pretty spot onto the comics with the yellow jacket and pink glasses so I’d give her an A for comic book accuracy.

Up to now I am liking what Apocalypse is saying with the whole “blind leaders” line.  At this point, both Magneto and Professor X are kinda developing leaders with somewhat unclear goals so to have Apocalypse point this out is interesting.

Okay this is one thing I haven’t discussed yet: the four horsemen of Apocalypse (1:12-1:25).  Like the woman explained, Apocalypse will often pick four mutants to be his servants of sorts that are refereed to as his four horsemen.  As we can see here the four horsemen will be Storm, Archangel, Psylocke, and Magneto (1:14-1:17).  I like Storm’s mohawk but other than that I don’t have much to comment on.  The interesting thing about Archangel is that he’s the only one of these four whose been horsemen in the comics.  I’m not even sure if Angel’s appeared in the movies yet actually.  Angel’s mutation is that he was born with white wings on his back (hence the name) that allows him to fly.  He became Archangel when he lost his wings and another villain (Mister Sinister) gave him mechanical ones.  I’m wondering if it’ll be Apocalypse who turns Angel into Archangel.  Psylocke isn’t in costume here which is kinda annoying since they made a huge deal about her costume.  I’ve never been a huge fan of Spylocke but I’ve never disliked her.  Not much to say about Magneto.

Not really sure what to make of this scene honestly (1:27-1:34).  I guess Apocalypse decided he wanted to use Cerebro or something to find more mutants.  Maybe that’s also why he commanded Magneto to take Charles.

So now I guess Mystique’s the new leader of the X-Men while Magneto is mind controlled and Xavier is kidnapped (1:35-1:39).  Should be interesting, but I’m noticing a real lack of blue on Mystique’s end; just an observation.  Also, are they turning Mystique into Emma Frost?

Kinda dumb advice here (1:40-1:45). That’s basically like me handing someone with no experience a machine gun and telling him to just shoot randomly.  I don’t want to be Cyclops to hit me with his laser eyes just because he can’t control them.

Quite a bit to unpack in this part (1:46-2:02).  First let me go over the big part and then get into the details.  So we can clearly tell Apocalypse’s plan since he screams it out.  I don’t like how Apocalypse looks in this film (too Power Rangerey for my taste) but you can definitely tell he’s going to be a huge threat.

First off at 1:47-1:50 we can see what looks like Magneto punching Apocalypse but Apocalypse uses his powers to get huge and just slams him into the ground.  I find that looks really cool and it just shows some of his power off.

Quicksilver appears briefly at 1:50.  His clip is coincidentally pretty quick so it’s hard to get a good look at the visuals but while you can tell he’s running fast, I don’t think he’s as comfortable with his speed as he is in DoFP.  I did like the Avengers: Age of Ultron Quicksilver better (although his *spoilers* was totally stupid and I hated it) but I did like his DoFP scene so I can’t wait to see him more.

Archangel briefly shows up to throw his metal feather projectiles at 1:51 and it looks pretty cool.

It looks like Apocalypse is using Cerebro so I’m wondering if he’s going to use it to find strong mutants (1:58-2:01).

I think Xavier used Cerebro to find Apocalypse and so him sensing his power level (it’s over 9000!…sorry, had to…) must be quick scary and shows that Apocalypse is no push over (2:04-2:11).

And Professor X becomes bald (2:18-2:20).

So that’s the first X-Men: Apocalypse trailer!  Overall I hope this film is going to be good since I love the X-Men but I do think this film would be done so much better in Marvel/Disney’s hands.  Now I’m not going to say the film’s crap until I watch the film but I’m kinda nervous.


End Poll

So what are your thoughts on the trailer?  Excited?  Nervous?


  1. Well, this will be…an experience! I’ve never been a big fan of the X-Men films and this one doesn’t look all that good to me, but I’ll still be checking it out right away just in case it turns out to be epic. If it’s epic…then awesome! Apocalypse’s design is a little..intriguing, but I’m fine with it I suppose. Fox just isn’t at Marvel’s level yet character design wise. As for the religion angle, I’m also a Christian so it’ll definitely be intriguing to see how they handle it. If the film goes overboard with that, it’ll be time for me to make a paragraph in my review just to talk about the religious angle. I don’t think that there’s a need to add that into the film, but I suppose that Fox just reeeeeally wants to hype up Apocalypse. As for Mystique, I think the Hunger Games effect is kicking in. She’s starting to act like Katniss and I could see her staying in base mode a lot more than blue now so that Fox can really cash in on the actress’ popularity.

    1. Well to be fair Deadpool’s design looks spot on to the comics so Fox has a good design there, but for a lot of there other characters I’d have to agree. My problem with Apocalypse’s design is that the comics makes him look so BA and yet he looks more like a Power Rangers villain. With the type of CGI we have I’d expect much better. Although then again this is the same franchise that decided to make Mystique look naked when she’s completely blue instead of giving her white clothes like the comics.

      Honestly I doubt the religion angle is going to be as focused on in the movie as it is in the trailer. Having it be in the trailer is basically attempting to make this movie look “deep” and “philosophical” without actually being deep and philosofical. Although to be fair, I’d absolutely love it if Apocalypse exclaims that he was God only for Nightcrawler to come up with some witty comeback similar to Captain America in Avengers where he said “There’s only one God, ma’am, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that” to Black Widow when he went to fight Thor or Loki (can’t remember which it was).

      TBH I actually meant to comment on Jennifer Lawrence being Katniss and Mystique and how that one scene where Mystique, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Nightcrawler was in all that debris but forgot to say it.

      1. Yeah, that line Cap had was really good for sure. It’s like adding the cherry on top to the fact that the Avengers was already so awesome. I do agree that Fox is going for the “deep” angle even if it’s definitely not working. The Mystique design from the first films was terrible and she should have definitely had a costume. You’re right that Fox can be good with the costumes when they want to be though. I just wish that they were more consistent. Hopefully this ends up being the best X-Men film to date!

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