Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Trailer Review and Explained

Warning:  All of what I’m about to say may very well be me speculating and theorizing.  So if I say something that contradicts something that is revealed later than that is why.  Also just to be on the safe side I’m just going to say there are possible spoilers below but I highly doubt there’s anything that will ruin the movie if I mention it.

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So before I continue on I feel like I should briefly update you guys on what’s going on with 90’cember.  As most of you probably noticed, I didn’t post week 2 up Friday nor Monday which I said I was delaying it to.  What happened is I had work I needed to do and Friday sneaked up on me so I wasn’t prepared for it.  On top of that, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the Shadows and X-Men: Apocalypse has released their first trailers and I felt compelled to do a Review and Explained post on them since I am a fan of both series.  So here’s what’s happening: Today I’m going over the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer, tomorrow I’ll do the X-Men trailer, and then I’ll post 90’cember week 2 Friday and just extend 90’cember to the first week of January.  Also, I recently saw Ant-man so I’ll try to get a review out next week.  With all that said and done, onto the trailer!

Before I get to the actual trailer, I feel like I should talk about the first movie since this is a trailer to a sequel.  The first movie was bad, but it wasn’t that bad.  It was fun and had the Turtles tone to it so I liked it, but there was problems with the movie.  Like how it was basically an April O’Neil movie featuring the Turtles and I wish it was more of a Turtles movie featuring April O’Neil like a Turtles movie is suppose to be (doesn’t help by the fact that Megan Fox is a bad actress).  But like I said, it was a fun and enjoyable movie and the good parts where done fairly well.  I should probably re-watch and review the first movie before the sequel comes out but in the mean time those are my thoughts on the first movie.

Now the first part of the trailer shows some type of vortex in the sky with these weird platform things coming out of it (0:06-0:20).  This makes me wonder if Krang is going to show up in the movie since he’s the only alien I know in the Ninja Turtles universe.  Krang is actually from an alternate universe called Dimension X so maybe that’s here the vortex leads to.

This is a pretty cool scene here but not really much to talk about (0:22-0:28).  I think the turtles had a slight redesign since the first movie but it’ll be easier to see when they’re standing still or something.

Yet another pretty cool scene (0:31-0:56).  I’m not sure what these people are stealing but they’re probably part of the Footclan.  I don’t know what the song is that plays during this scene (and the rest of the trailer) but it is pretty fun and plays on the tone of the Turtles.

Some shell surfing and a brief appearance from Master Splinter, pretty funny but not much to say or comment on (0:57-1:00).

Okay, this whole scene needs to be look at some more (1:00-1:09).  First off, I really like that line “What are you?  Superheroes?”.  The funny thing is that it’s kinda debatable on whether or not you could count the Ninja Turtles as superheroes.  I do just so I can talk about them on here ( XD ) but they’re definitely vigilantes.

You can see the redesigns of the characters better at 1:01.  I don’t know exactly how different they look but they just look more turtley and natural as the first movie just made them look ugly.  I think the noses look better and they’re outfits look a little different.  For the most part I’m fine with their designs but there are one or two things I’m not a fan of.  Like I wish Raphael was actually wearing a mask rather than a bandanna, I’m not a fan of Donatello’s suspenders (Get it?  Because he’s the nerd!), and the clothes wrapped around Michelangelo’s waist is just annoying, but other than that, they look fine.  I kinda find it funny that they’re all wearing pants but it’s not a serious problem or anything.

Also this is a two and a half minute trailer and April doesn’t show up until a minute in (1:03 to be exact) and doesn’t even have a line until later.  I hope this is an indication that she’ll actually be a supporting character rather than a main character but it could also be that the turtles are more marketable.

Okay, that looked cool (1:06).

And Casey Jones (1:10-1:20)!  First off, I do like how April is mocking her attackers; just a funny moment.  Casey Jones finally shows up in this franchise and is being played by the same guy who does Green Arrow in Arrow.  In fact, when April asks for his name I kinda was hoping he’d say something along the lines of “My name is Casey Jones” as a nod to Arrow rather than just simply “Casey Jones”.  I don’t like Arrow but that would’ve at least been funny.  I do kinda wish he had the long hair since that’s what I associate with the character (besides the ski mask and sports equipment) but as long as he can bring in a good performance I’m fine with it.

The moment here with Michey is kinda of funny and is in character (1:24-1:27).  Although my main gripe with him in the first movie was that he was he was constantly trying to get in April’s pants so any scene between the two was kinda uncomfortable for me to watch.  He can still be into April but I hope they tone down his attitude.

Here we see a  recasted Shredder and Tyler Perry as Baxter Stockman creating Bebop and Rocksteady (1:29-1:38).  This is pretty exciting since Bebop and Rocksteady has yet to appear in a Turtles movie.  I’ll comment on them more in a second.  Shredder isn’t seen in this trailer with his helmet on so I hope that he’s not going throughout the film without it.  I also hope they don’t do so many blades this time since last time just seemed like too much.  Baxter Stockman is being played by Tyler Perry now so while I don’t know how people are reacting to a Black actor playing a White character (since race swapping characters tends to get kinda controversial) but honestly I’m fine with it since turning the character Black isn’t really the most extreme change to the character over the years.  Heck, I grew up with the 2003 cartoon and based on what I know the 80’s version of the character wasn’t quite as threatening.  Really the Turtles has changed so much from version to version that I feel like changing an established Turtles character is fine since the status-quo of these characters aren’t quite as important as DC or Marvel characters who has decades long continuity and don’t have multiple franchises.

Okay, they nailed Bebop and Rocksteady in their designs (1:39-1:50).  When I heard that they where confirmed for the film I expected them to update the look more but nope, they’re just taking the characters and throwing them into the film.  Also, the interaction between Bebop and Michey is pretty fun.

This moment here with Rocksteady looks awesome 1:57.

And this moment here looks awesome as heck (2:04-2:12)!  The tank going through this stream and them dodging that shot looks so much fun.

And that was my review of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows review.  Sorry if this doesn’t seem as detailed or in-depth as my other reviews to Batman V Superman and Civil War but I feel like I know more about Marvel and DC than I do about they’re universe.  I haven’t read any of their comics (but I am planning on reading and possibly review their current crossover with Batman), I haven’t only seen the 2003 cartoon and I haven’t seen that show in years, and I’ve seen the very first movie that was made in the 90’s and the first Michael Bay produced movie.  So while I know the Turtles, I’m just not as in-depth into their universe as I am with Batman, Superman, Captain America, etc.  However I thought I’d post this and see what you guys thought.  See you tomorrow with some X-Men (now that’s a franchise I know about)!


End Poll

So the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aren’t DC or Marvel based properties but I thought I could do this since they’re still considered to be Superheroes by other fans.  So do you guys want me to review the future Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 trailers or stick with the Marvel and DC based properties?



  1. My favorite part of the trailer was when the two villains said “You got jokes!” before ramming into the turtles. I thought it was a brilliant line to be honest. Beyond that, I can’t say that I’m too hyped for the film after the trailer. I’m sure that it’ll be decent and I’m hoping that it’ll be great, but I still don’t like the Turtles. I’m currently watching the 2003 show and I’m in the final season. It’s been an amazing experience and I’m hoping that the films can reach that level someday. It rocked me to my TMNT core.

      1. Yeah, that was intriguing, I just finished that one myself and am about halfway through Back to the Sewers now. I liked it more than I thought I was going to, but the first seasons were definitely the best ones. Man, that show really nailed the turtles to a T! I’ll definitely still be checking the film out. I saw the first one in theaters, but the sequel could end up being a rental considering how many films are coming out next year. It’s jam packed!

      2. Yeah that show is definitly my favorite version of the Turtles but it eent down hill for me ehen they eent to the future. I actually got bored and recently read the first few issues of the IDW comics and it seems pretty interesting too.

        I hear ya XP Batman V Superman, Captain America Civil War, Deadool, X-Men…there’s a lot.

      3. My library has a bunch of TMNT collections so I definitely plan on jumping into the comics at some point myself, although it’s a bit of a far off goal for now. I’ve got so many comics on the backlog at the moment, but with Christmas coming up, I’ll finally be able to make some progress!

    1. My biggest problem with the first film was that the turtles weren’t the focus, April was. April’s fine as a supporting character but not as the main protagonist. Not to mention that this is probably the blandesr version of her cgaracter I’ve seen.

      This upcoming movie looks interesting and fun so I’m excited. I just hope they focus more on the turtles and do well with Casey Jones’s cgaracter. It kinda bugged me that Casey wasnt in the first film but at least he gets to show up in this one

      1. I can see why the first had issues. I agree that Casey should have been in the first movie just like the classic film. I guess it would have been better to have the turtles have more screen time.

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