Comixplanations – DC Vs Marvel Comics (90’cember)

DC Vs Marvel #1Hello interweb, Nate here.  Welcome to 90’cember, where I go over the over-the-top craziness that is 90’s comics throughout the month of December to celebrate the over-the-top craziness that is Christmas.  Today we’re going over the DC Vs Marvel comic book line and exploring the crossovers that occurred during the events.

Side note: As most of you know, the second official Batman V Superman trailer recently been released.  So despite the fact that we’re in the middle of 90’cember, I thought I’d post a trailer review of it tomorrow.  You guys seem to enjoy those types of posts so what the heck!


First a little background on the comic.  DC Vs Marvel (#2 and #3 being called Marvel Comics Vs DC for some reason) was a 4-issue miniseries written by Ron Marz and Peter David and drawn by Dan Jurgens and Claudio Castellini.  The story focuses on two entities that embodies both universes respectively discovering that each other exists and decides that only one may survive.  This causes them to select different characters from their own universes to fight each other and the universe with the most wins get’s to survive while the losing universe is destroyed.  Although this takes place outside the main continuities so it truly wouldn’t effect anything.  There was eleven battles in total but the results of five of the battles where voted on by the fans.  The six battles that the writers chose the result of includes the following: Aquaman (DC) Vs Namor (Marvel), Catwoman (DC) Vs Elektra (Marvel), Flash (DC) Vs Quicksilver (Marvel), Robin (DC) Vs Jubilee (Marvel), Green Lantern (DC) Vs Silver Surfer (Marvel), and Captain Marvel (DC) Vs Thor (Marvel).  The five fan-voted battles includes: Superman (DC) Vs The Hulk (Marvel), Superboy (DC) Vs Spider-man (Marvel), Batman (DC) Vs Captain America (Marvel), Lobo (DC) Vs Wolverine (Marvel), and Wonder Woman (DC) Vs Storm (Marvel).


The Six Writer Decided Battles

Thor Vs Captain Marvel (Side note: Thor's design here is totally 90's)

Thor Vs Captain Marvel (Side note: Thor’s design here is totally 90’s)

The first battle in the story was Captain Marvel Vs Thor.  This pair up makes sense considering that Captain Marvel gains his powers from gods while Thor literally is a god.  Like most of the battles during this series, this battle was short and was over fairly quickly.  Thor slammed Captain Marvel into a carnival rides that crashed on top of him.  In order to get out of the debris, Captain Marvel reverted back into Billy Batson who was small enough to slip through the garbage.  Billy attempted to switch back to Captain Marvel but Thor threw Mjolnir to deflect the lightning and this somehow causes Billy to pass out, allowing Thor to claim victory.  Personally I kinda wished the fight ended in a more epic way.  I didn’t really understand why that defeated him and even if it did make sense it would’ve been cooler for Thor to win by slamming Mjolnir into his face or something.  Either way, DC: 0, Marvel: 1

Aquaman Vs Namor (Side note: what happened here?)

Aquaman Vs Namor (Side note: what the heck happened here?)

The next battle was Aquaman Vs Namor.  This fight seems pretty obvious since their both rulers of underwater kingdoms; although I personally know less about Namor than I do Aquaman so I’m not quite sure how they differ power-wise.  The fight seemed evenly matched at first, and Aquaman even points this out, but Namor basically shoots him out of the water through a wave or something (it was hard for me to follow so blame the artist or the writer here).  In the end, Aquaman commanded a whale to jump out of the water and land on Namor allowing him to claim victory. DC: 1, Marvel: 1

Flash Vs Quicksilver

Flash Vs Quicksilver

The next battle was between Flash (I want to say Wally West based on his mask but I could be wrong) and Quicksilver.  They both have super speed and are some of the fastest characters in their respective universes (I’m pretty sure Silver Surfer is faster than Quicksilver).  During the fight, a semi truck almost crashes into the two resulting in Flash to quickly save the people inside.  While distracted, Quicksilver attacks Flash but Flash proves to be faster and manages to land a blow and defeat Quicksilver.  DC: 2, Marvel: 1

Robin Vs Jubilee

Robin Vs Jubilee

The fourth battle was between Robin (Tim Drake) and Jubilee.  I find this match up kind of odd but I guess it makes sense since they’re both teen superheroes.  Although this was kind of an odd fight since they both met each other and been talking since issue #1 and their fight takes place in issue #3 so the two developed small crushes on each other.  Robin even stated when it was over that he never planned on punching her.  He won by tricking her into attacking his cape (that he hung from some pipes) and than tied her up.  DC: 3, Marvel: 1

Green Lantern Vs Silver Surfer

Green Lantern Vs Silver Surfer

The next fight was Green Lantern (Kyle Reyner) Vs the Silver Surfer.  Neither of them wanted to fight the other but they knew the situation required it.  Green Lantern created armor and some type of metallic dragon thing and the two beings ran right into each other to cause a huge explosion.  The explosion caused GL to go unconscious but Silver Surfer remained unfazed and stated how this was his most regretted victory he ever experienced.  DC: 3, Marvel: 2


Catwoman Vs ElektraThe final battle where the outcome was decided by the writers was between Catwoman and Elektra.  Neither of them have superpowers but Catwoman is very athletic and agile while Elektra is a trained assassin.  Catwoman attempted to hit Elektra with her whip but Elektra grabbed it and threw Catwoman off the building.  I kinda feel like Catwoman should’ve been agile enough to save herself in this situation but either way Elektra defeated her.  DC: 3, Marvel: 3


Fan Voted Results

Lobo Vs Wolverine

Lobo Vs Wolverine

The first match to result in fan votes is between Lobo and Wolverine.  Both of these guys have super strength and similar personalities so I guess it’s a fair comparison.  They’re in a bar and Lobo slams a hook into Wolverine’s chest.  Although thanks to his healing factor it doesn’t do much.  You then see Wolverine extend his claws and pounce on Lobo.  They fall behind the counter fighting and all you see is Wolverine standing up and begins to smoke a cigar.  I don’t know about this, Wolverine is strong but Lobo has gone toe to toe with Superman in the past.  Either way, DC: 3, Marvel: 4

Wonder Woman Vs Storm (Side note: Wonder Woman goes back to her classic costume once she drops Mjolnir)

Wonder Woman Vs Storm (Side note: Wonder Woman goes back to her classic costume once she drops Mjolnir)

Next we see Wonder Woman face off against Storm.  I guess this match up makes since considering that Storm can control the weather and has been considered a goddess in her past while Wonder Woman gains her powers from gods.  Wonder Woman actually start the fight wielding Mjolnir (and given a even more ridiculous outfit) after Mjolnir flew off during Thor’s battle.  However seeing her weapon as being unfair power, she drops it before the fight (is it just me or is this out of character?).  However Storm shoots Wonder Woman with lightning until she passes out.  I know that this was fan voting but I’m surprised by this outcome.  For starters, Wonder Woman is a much better known superheroine than Storm and I always though she was more popular.  Then again the X-Men was at their peak during the 90’s and they even had their cartoon so maybe that did help with Storm’s popularity.  Although I feel like it should’ve taken more than a few lightning bolts to take down Wonder Woman; even without Mjolnir. DC: 3, Marvel: 5

Spider-man Vs Superboy

Spider-man Vs Superboy

Next up is Spider-man Vs Superboy.  This match up seems kinda odd at first but this is actually then Ben Reilly Spider-man.  Long story short, Ben Reilly is a clone of Peter Parker and Superboy is a clone of Superman.  I guess this was taking place during the Spider-man Clone Saga but I have to admit I actually don’t really know that much about that and never read it.  Either way, Superboy starts by attacking Spider-man with his tactile telekinesis but Spider-man dodges the attacks.  While Spider-man’s not looking, Superboy travels under the docks their fighting at and attack from underneath.  Superboy than decides to throw himself right at Spider-man but Spider-man dodges and web’s him up to electrical wires causing him to be electrocuted.  What is up with all these strong characters being defeated by electricity?  I know that Spider-man has always been more popular so this voting result isn’t a surprise, but I feel like they could’ve came up with something else.  Either way, DC: 3, Marvel: 6

Superman Vs Hulk

Superman Vs Hulk

Next Superman face off against the Hulk.  Both of these characters have immense power so this is an ideal fight.  The Hulk takes first blow and punches Superman into a nearby rock.  Superman than gets up and shoots heat vision at Hulk to stun him.  The two than attacks with all their strength before Superman overpowers Hulk.  I’ve always personally felt like Hulk would take down Superman since he has limitless strength but I can see this as a possible outcome.  I feel like the battle would normally be longer but all of these battles are short anyways so it’s not like it’s an unfair fight.  DC: 4, Marvel: 6

Captain America Vs Batman

Captain America Vs Batman

Captain America faces off against Batman.  Captain America is superhuman in strength but Batman still has skills in strategy.  The two battle out in the sewers but stops to conclude that they’re evenly matched.  Suddenly a wave of sewer water hits Cap as he throws his shield causing the shield to miss.  Batman throws a Batarang and hits Cap in the head, claiming victory (although Batman does bring Cap up to the surface alive).  DC: 5, Marvel: 6




So in case you didn’t notice, the writer decided battles ended in a tie (3 to 3) specifically so the fans would vote for Marvel or DC to win.  Marvel won by one battle (3 to 2) so the Marvel universe was destroyed…right?  Well actually no, in a last ditch effort to survive the two entities fused into one and combined their universes into one universe with fused characters.  This universe was went under the name Amalgam Comics and we’ll talk about that more in-depth next week.  Yup, a cliffhanger!  See ya next week!

End Poll

So I originally planned to end 90’cember by going over the Death of Superman since that story line is probably one of the most iconic story lines of that specific decade and I needed a DC oriented post since I’m also planning on going over Marvel 2099.  However, since Doomsday plays a major part in that story and he’s been confirmed to be showing up in Batman V Superman, do you guys just want me to go over him instead?  Either way I’m going to end up talking about him but depending on which is voted higher I’ll either talk more in-depth about Doomsday (including his origin, Death of Superman, his comic book appearances after Death of Superman, and his appearances outside of comics which will probably include more of my opinions on him appearing in Batman V Superman) or just the story line Death of Superman (including why the story was made, what happened during then story, what resulted from the event, and real world effects of the comic).



  1. This is the big DC vs Marvel crossover that I have still not read so that’s a shame. I really want to read this someday, but my library doesn’t let it get checked out yet since it’s a reference copy.

    From the fights I definitely disagreed with Thor beating Shazam. It’s a little iffy, but I still consider Shazam to be slightly stronger. I do like the way that Thor stole his thunder, but I agree that it shouldn’t have caused him to randomly be defeated. A quick surrender there would have worked.

    I’d definitely pick Aquaman to stomp Namor in the New 52, but Pre 52…it’s a little murky. Namor’s been shown to fight on par with heavy hitters like the Hulk. I don’t think Aquaman was quite that strong and the Whale is heavy, but Namor could have just dodged in theory. I guess he couldn’t react in time?

    Yeah, Silver Surfer’s definitely faster than Quicksilver. Quickie’s not even in the top 10 Marvel characters in speed anymore, but that’s because the comics got so extreme. Flash still is and will always be the fastest comic character. (coughasidefromsupermancough) Did you see the comic where Flash entered the Marvel Universe and beat all of their characters in a race? It was an awesome issue that I have not read, but read about. It was a homage to Barry’s death over in DC.

    I think Robin should definitely beat Jubilee although I didn’t care for the romance. From his perspective though, she’s just a human with a spark gun so he’s dealt with many criminals like that before. It should be easy enough to stop her attacks.

    Green Lantern should destroy SS imo. No matter which Lantern it is…well, okay, only the big 3 could beat SS. Stewary, Jordan, and Reyner. I’m fine with SS beating anyone else, although the fight sounds like it played out rather oddly.

    Elecktra was trained by the Hand so I’d consider her to be more talented, but just falling and hitting a building? Definitely anticlimactic and I agree that Catwoman’s athletics are better than that.

    The fan voted battles are where everything went to chaos and inaccuracy. Lobo would destroy Wolverine with a punch and Wonder Woman would laugh off the lightning bolts. Superboy would probably overwhelm Spidey, but I’m honestly not too upset with that one since I think Spider Sense is borderline overpowered. Superman and Batman won their battles as they should though so that was good. In the end I agreed with 5 and disagreed with 6. Not too shabby actually.

  2. Hehe, tbh I kinda expected you to have a few thoughts on these battles considering your blog.

    Thor Vs Captain Marvel (I personally refuse to call him “Shazam”) is quite a interesting battle. Considering how differently Marvel and DC treats gods in there universes it is up for debate. Although I kinda agree with you since Thor has the power of…well…Thor, while Captain Marvel has the strength of Hercules, speed of Mercury, etc. More gods is better than one, right? Also, I totally missed the “Thor stealing Captain Marvel’s thunder” pun until you pointed it out 🙂

    I really don’t know much about Namor and that might have something to do with his connection to the Fantastic Four and my lack of interest in that particular team but honestly I just don’t know. I like that Aquaman won due to my own personal bias and the fact that Aquaman was a lot more bas@$$ than most people give him credit for (and this was before they amped him up in the New 52).

    I agree with you on Flash and Quicksilver and I think most fans would agree. I actually never heard of that particular comic but I don’t not believe it happened.

    Robin beats Jubilee hands down, no debate. The romance didn’t play that large of a role in the story and could’ve easily cut it out but I do admit it was kinda cute imo.

    I’d agree with Hal Jordan and maybe John Stewart but at this point in time not Kyle Reyner. Maybe later after Kyle becomes a white lantern and all that jazz but at this point in time I don’t really see Kyle puting up much of a fight against Silver Surfer.

    I have no problem with Elektra winning, I just don’t like how it was done. They could’ve though of anything from stabing Catwoman with her weapons or something of that nature but instead they just tossed Catwoman off a building. It was just lame stupid.

    Lol, fan voted battles are obviously going to be based off of popularity of the characters rather than who is logically capable of defeating the other. Lobo and Wonder Woman definitely should’ve one their battles but I guess the 90’s X-Men cartoon allowed them to win in the end. Wonder Woman ticks me off the most considering that all Storm did was throw a few lightning bolts at her. Somewhat insulting honestly.

    I’m curious, other than Quicksilver Vs Flash have you done any of these battles on your blog? If not than maybe here’s some inapiration for ya!

  3. For my vote for Doomsday or Death of Superman, I would like to say both, but overall Death of Superman. I agree with what you said about the fights that they were badly matched and the endings to them were poor. Yet, normally when the companies work together in no way does the story do any character justice. Thanks for your review and looking forward to the rest of 90cember.

    1. Honestly regardless of whether I talk about Doomsday or Death of Superman I’ll have to talk about both since you can’t really talk about one without the other. Trying to do that would be like trying to talk about Bane without mentioning Knightfall or talking about Knightfall without mentioning Bane, it’s just impractical. But depending on how he voting goes (so far it seems like I’ll be doing Death of Superman) I’ll wither end up talking mainly on the comic or the character more.

      I think the main reasons the battles are poorly done is that neither companies wants their characters to look bad so they come up with weak ways to end battles instead.

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