90’cember Introduction

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So I’ve been thinking about it and there really isn’t much I can do in terms of Christmas specials for this blog and yet Christmas is the one holiday of the year that seems like it should have a special dedicated to it.  So I was trying to think up of something and than it hit me.  What is just as over the top and gimmicky as Christmas?  90’s comics!    So I thought I’d dedicate this month to exploring the 90’s and their over-the-top glory.

If you’re not framiliar with comic book history than I’d suggest watching MovieBob’s Big Picture on the subject of comics in the 90’s.  Yeah, yeah, I know that it seems pretty lazy of me to share someone’s work other than mine to explain why the 90’s is so special when I’m doing an entire month talking about the gimmicks during the decade, but I’m going to be posting one post every Friday for this month.  So do you really want me to waste a Friday explaining what happened during that decade when I could just simply show you where to learn about the information necessary to go over these upcoming posts about the gimmicks of the decade?  That video is basically briefly going over the overall events that occurred while I’m going to be doing more of the specifics.  This is the schedule I have in mind:


Friday 4th: Comixplanations – DC Vs Marvel Comics

Friday 11th: Comixplanations – Amalgam Comics

Friday 18th: Comixplanations – Marvel 2099

Friday 25th: Comixplanations – Death of Superman


So that’s what you have to look forwards to for this month.  Now do I like the 90’s?  Honestly, it’s kind of hit or miss for me.  Some of the things that came out of that decade is pretty ridiculous and I’m glad that comics don’t do those things anymore, but on the other hand a lot of fun things came out of that decade that I find interesting enough to go over.   If you have any questions or suggestions for this month than comment below.  Otherwise, enjoy 90’cember!


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