Veterans Day Special – Who is Agent Venom? – Comixplanation

Hello interweb, Nate here.  So I actually forgot all about Veterans Day until now so I thought I’d do something special for today.  While a superhero blog talking about U.S. soldiers may make most people think about Captain America, I decided I wanted to go with a character who I’ve loved recently who has became an American hero in the Marvel universe.  That hero is Flash Thomson, aka Agent Venom.  Now this story is actually based on a real world event where a U.S. soldier amputated their legs during war so I figured this would be appropriate for this day.

Most people remember Flash Thompson as Peter Parker/Spider-man’s High School bully.  While Flash Thompson would bully Peter Parker a lot, he was also Spider-man’s self-proclaimed biggest fan and even created the Spider-man fan club where he would dress up as Spider-man until an incident where Doctor Doom mistook Flash as Spider-man.  Flash Thompson was a huge fan of Spider-man because of how heroic he was and how he used his powers to protect the innocent.  Flash wanted to be that hero and he wanted to protect those who can’t protect themselves.

Flash knew that a hero is not someone with fancy powers, but someone who uses their abilities to protect people.  So when he left college, he went and joined the U.S. military so he can make a difference.  He was sent to fight in Iraq but while there a bomb went off and toppled his vehicle over.  The door was closed shut and it seemed as though no one could open it.  However Flash used Spider-man’s example of never giving up until you can’t fight anymore and managed to break the door open.

However as they managed to get out of the vehicle, the enemy started shooting at them.  It seemed impossible to get past them, but Spider-man has stood up to enemies who seemed impossible to defeat.  So Flash and his fellow comrade Santos got past the enemy attack and slipped into the hide out.

Flash Thompson vs tankHowever the fight wasn’t over and the enemy attacked them from inside.  The enemy was loaded up on drugs and felt no pain so they where able to attack the American soldiers relentlessly.  Flash compared the fight to attacking a tank.  But Flash knew that Spider-man have defeated juggernauts like – well – Juggernaut.  So he fought the enemy until they where all defeated.

Flash Thompson vs sixcHowever there where more coming and a bomb lit up, taking Santos out of the fight but not killing him.  Flash turned around and saw six enemies gunning him down.  Flash knew that one on six seemed like impossible odds, but  not completely impossible as Spider-man have single handily taken down the Sinister Six numerous times.  So he threw himself back while shooting at the enemy.  While his armor protected his chest, his legs got hit by the enemy bullets.

Screenshot_2015-11-11-17-28-58_1He saw the exit and he could’ve escaped alive, but Santos was still there for the enemy to kill.  He could’ve escaped but would Spider-man leave Santos behind?  I don’t think so.  So Flash took some drugs from a dead enemy soldier and took so much adrenaline that he felt no pain.  So he went back and shot up all the enemy soldiers until none remained.  He then swung his crippled ally over his shoulders and left to find help.

Flash Thompson Amputated legsHe later woke up in a hospital on American grounds.  The bullets that hit his legs force them to be amputated.  However Flash still wanted to be a hero.  So the government allowed him to go through a project called Rebirth 2.0.  Flash Thompson Rebirth 2.0Remember the Spider-man enemy known as Venom?  The government managed to find the alien Symbiote the created Venom and allowed it to bond with Flash Thompson.  The Symbiote’s unique shape-shifting powers allowed Flash to regain artificial legs as well as super strength, speed, reflexes, a degree of shape-shifting, wall-crawling,  and unlimited webbing.  Do to Flash’s heroic sacrifices, he was chosen to become: Agent Venom!

Agent VenomI hope you guys enjoyed this brief origin to Agent Venom.  I actually don’t really know what’s going on with Flash currently but he’s still Venom (although I don’t think he’s “Agent” Venom currently) and he’ll appear in the All-New, All-Different Marvel titles Venom: Space Knight and Guardians of the Galaxy.  I guess this entire post is my nerdy way of saying thanks to the brave soldiers who fight to protect this country and keeping me safe.

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